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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

19 October 2004 Events in Iraq

20:00 Baghdad. Allawi sacks progressive jurist. Criminal court judge Zouhair al-Maliki, respected in the human rights community, is sacked by Allawi without explanation. Al-Maliki had been instructed by the Americans in April to investigate corruption and brutality in the Iraqi security services. Al-Malaki says security services use torture, illegal detention and payoffs.

19:52 Baghdad. US general says thousands of weapons turned in in Sadr City. General Peter Chiorelli says that thousands of arms have been turned in, including grenade launchesr, ammunition and mortar shells.

19:42 New York. Annan: "Do not alienate public opinion". Kofi Annan concerned that US offensive against insurgents will alienate public opinion.

19:25 Habbaniyah. Suicide boming of US convoy. A car pack with explosives rammed a US convoy in Habbaniyah, west of Baghdad.

18:46 London. Blair: "We will do everything." Tony Blair says he will do everything possible to obtain the release of Margaret Hassan.

18:45 Rome. Frattini: "Najaf was not destroyed by bombs thanks to Italy". Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini tells the magazine, Chi, that Italy intervened to prevent the US from destroying Najaf and thus averted a bloodbath.

18:01 Iskandariyah. 120 arrests in two days. US raids Iskandariyah (40 south of Baghdad) and arrests 87 persons suspected of anti-Iraqi activities. In Youssoufiyah, 20 km south of Baghdad, another 10 were arrested. On Sunday 30 rebels were taken into custody between US raids between Iskandariyah and Latifiyah

17:50 Abu Ghraib. Trial begins for three US soldiers. Sgt. Ivan Frederick appeared before a court today in Camp Victory. Sgt. Javal Davis and Charles Graner will be tried before the end of the week.

15:58 London. IISS, US not finding support. John Chipman, Director of the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, says the US is unsuccessful in garnering international support for its ongoing operations in Iraq.

15:33 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts video of kidnapped aid worker. Al Jazeera shows a brief video of Margaret Hassan, held hostage by an unknown group of kidnappers.

13:29 Mashahidan. Iraqi National Guard barracks bombed, scores of casualties. National Guard barracks in Mashahidan, 40 km north of Baghdad was hit by mortar fire, killing four and wounded more than 80.

13:08 Baghdad. US civilian killed. A US contract employee was killed and 7 other people wounded, including a US soldier, when a US military installation was hit by mortar fire.

13:00 Dubai. Al Arabya, CARE official in Bagdad is kidnapped. Margaret Hassan, who heads CARE International in Baghdad, was kidnapped.

12:44 Rome. Martino: "Troop redeployment does not concern Italy". Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino, says Italy has no plans to redeploy its troops in Iraq.

12:19 London. IISS, War in Iraq raises risk of terrorism.

10:33 London Straw: "We can't abandon the Americans." Straw says redeployment of British troops to US sector will be decided by commanders on the ground.

10:00 Kirkuk. Insurgents sabotage oil pipeline.

09:45 Riyadh. Saudi Arabia pleads for truce during Ramadan

09:38 Samarra. Two Iraqis killed by US troops.

08:36 Fallujah. Police chief released. US forces free arrested Fallujah police chief.

08:22 Washington. KIA reaches 1100

07:53 Washington. US warns Iran not to assist al Zarqawi [Richard Boucher. The usual suspect.]

07:42 Nassiriya. Iraqi policeman kidnapped and executed. Islamist group executes Mohannad Kamel Tohmeh by a shot to the head.

07:38 Fallujah. US bombardment continues.


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