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Sunday, October 24, 2004

24 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 The Hague. UN refuses request to form prosecution team for Saddam Hussein. The United Nations has rejected a request from the Iraqi caretaker government to put together a team of 30 judges and prosecutors for the trial of Saddam Hussein. The request was refused because Iraq permits the death penalty, said a UN spokesman. The request was sent to Carla del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The rejection came from Kofi Annan, who said the UN has no mandate to train Iraqi judges. Some judicial assistance may be offered through a Security Council resolution.

22.00 Kerbala. CD shop blown up. A shop selling CDs and pornographic films was blown up in Kerbala on Saturday night.

21:50 Baghdad. 160 Arabs to go on trial in Iraq. 160 Arabs from Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Egypt, Marocco and Lebanon will be charged by Iraqi authorities in relation to bombings throughout the country, says Iraqi Justice Minister, Malek Dohane al-Hassan. The minister also announced a program for new prison construction, one in Nassiriya to hold 4,000 prisoners and another in Khan Bani Saad east of Baghdad, which will hold 3,000. Hassan also said that the detainees were being held outside the legal system due to instability within the country.

21:40 Baghdad. UN elections experts to arrive in Iraq. The UN approved the dispatch of 25 elections advisors while Great Britain promised two or three as well as the European Union, says UN spokesman Carlos Valenzuela. The total number will remain far below the 250 needed to organize the elections. A mandate for the UN to organize the elections has not been formally issued.

19:59 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims credit for police recruit massacre. An internet site linked to al-Zarqawi claims credit for massacre.

19:54 Baghdad. Explosion heard in east part of city. Blast is heard near Wathiq square.

18:26 Karbala. Bulgarian soldier dies. Truck bomb in Kerbala injures Bulgarian soldier, who expired while being transported to the hospital.

17:34 Karbala. Truck bomb wounds three Bulgarian soldiers. Bulgarian Defense Ministry reports three troops gravely wounded in truck bombing.

14:11 Baladruz. Corpses of 44 recruits and 5 drivers. The recruits were returning from a 20-day training cours in Camp Amara and Camp Kut in the eastern desert near the Iranian border. During the drive towards their base in Kirkush, 90 km northeast of Baghdad, the recruits were ambushed between Baladruz and Badra.

13:03 Kerbala. Shi'ite dignitary and police officer assassinated. Sheikh Muslim al-Tai was travelling with a police officer when unknown assailants opened fire near al-Hour, a short distance north of Kerbala. The dignitary was a member of the Kerbala municipal council and a representative of the Holy City Hussein al-Sadr.

12:44 Mosul Two Iraqi civilians were gravely wounded by a carbomb in Mosl. The intended target was a US convoy.

12:34 Fallujah. Insurgents deny holding Margaret Hassan.
12:20 Baghdad. US diplomat killed. A US diplomat was killed by a mortar attack near the airport. The official is Ed Seitz, the first American diplomat to die in Iraq. In Beijing, Powell described Seitz as "a courageous American dedicated to his country and to a better future for the Iraqi people."

11:55 Kirkuk. Two beheaded corpses found. A body dressed in Western clothing floated to the surface of the Tigris near Kirkuk. In Hawija, 200 km north of Bagdad, another body was found.

11:30 Fallujah. US warplanes struck a street leading to the southern part of the city, killing 5.

10:54 Baghdad. Police raid Sadr City. Police raided several residences in Sadr City looking for unconsigned weapons.

10:44 Baladruz. Soldiers killed while returning from training. New recruits returning from training course held in Camp Amara and Camp Kut in the central desert near the Iranian border to their base in Kirkush, 90 km northeast of Baghdad, were ambused between Baladruz and Badra.

10:30 Mandali. Corpses of 49 recruits found near Iranian border. 49 recruits were executed by pistol shot near Mandali, not far from the Iranian border.

10:20 Baghdad. French reporters to be released. Fadel al-Roubaïy, representative of the High Committee of National Forces Against the Occupation and spokesman for Movement of Iraqi Intellectuals, announced that French reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot will be released soon.

10:19 Baghdad. Al Sadr: "I will assist the Sunnis of Fallujah". Moqtada al Sadr says he is ready to assist the Mujaheddin of Fallujah, the Sunni bastion west of Baghdad now surrounded by US troops. I condemn all assaults on Iraqi cities. I pray to God that your city may be safe and sound and I am readly to intervene to ensure this is achieved., reads a leaflet distributed in Baghdad and Najaf.

10:16 Samarra. 2 children killed; 4 others wounded. Two boys, one 11 and one 17 year of age, were killed and four others wounded in clashes between US troops and rebels in Samarra, north of Baghdad. The killings occurred in the northern suburbs of the city during a clash that damaged a US Humvee.

10:12 Washington A Washington Post investigation reveals that US intelligence violated international law in removing several political prisoners from Iraq to third countries for interrogation. The Post, citing a CIA source, says the intelligence service hid these prisoners form the Red Cross and other authorities.

10:00 Fallujah. French news photographer briefly kidnapped in Fallujah. French independent photographer Corentin Fleury and his Kurdish interpreter was held briefly in Fallujah on Saturday. Both have returned to Baghdad. Fleury intends to return to Fallujah.


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