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Sunday, October 24, 2004

25 October 2004 Events in Iraq

20:56 Ramadi. Eight dead and 20 wounded. US convoy comes under RPG and mortar fire near the al-Anbar provincial governor's residence after a roadside bomb was detonated. Two vehicles were damaged. Three Iraqis were killed by US snipers.

19:51 Ramadi. 3 dead. Clashes took place in the al-Zeiyout quarter and in Malaeb Street in downtown Ramadi.

19:36 Baghdad. Iraqi government denies end of negotiations. The Iraqi caretaker government insists that negotiations continue with the rebels of Fallujah.

18:32 Fallujah. Rebel negotiator says caretaker government has cancelled talks. Sheikh Khaled al-Jumaili tells al Jazeera that negotiations have been called off by the caretaker government.

17:37 Tallinn. Estonia will continue its mission in Iraq. Prime Minister Juhan Parts says troops to stay in Iraq.

16:53 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims credit for attack on Australians. One of our lions of the Martyr's Brigade threw himself against a convoy of Australian forces this morning near the Green Zone in the Karrada quarter in Baghdad. Two Australian soldiers were wounded in the attack.

16:32 Ramadi. Several rebel groups in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, have united under a single banner. "The Koran and the Prophet Muhammed are our guides."

16:04 Baghdad. Explosion in Baghdad kills Estonian soldier. One Estonian died and five are wounded by a roadside bomb in Baghdad. The victim, Arre Illenzeer, 28, was on patrol with his unit, Estpla-9.

15:53 Baghdad. Disabled demonstrate in Baghdad for release of Margaret Hassan. Hundreds of disabled, most of them in wheelchairs, put on a show of solidarity for hostage Margaret Hassan, who has directed CARE in Iraq since 1992.

15:22 Baghdad. US military arrests 9 imams. US arrests 9 imams from the Ishaki area northeast of Baghdad.

13:36 London. Blair, redeployment of British troops for a limited time. PM Tony Blair says British troops will be deployed in Baghdad for a limited time but might go to Fallujah should a request be made by the Iraqi caretaker government.

12:17 Mosul. Carbomb kills tribal chieftan. A carbomb targeting the regional government offices in Mossul and killed a tribal chieftan and two of his escorts.

11:53 Ramadi. Clashes between rebels and marines, 3 dead. Two people were killed and 21 wounded in fighting between rebels and US marines.

11:27 Baghdad. Carbombing wounds two Australians. A carbomb went off near a school a short distance from the Green Zone, killing 3 civilians and wounding two Australian soldiers. The bomber parked his car and detonated the bomb by remote control. Several school children were injured in the blast.

11:24 Mossul. Second carbomb. A carbomb exploded in the parking lot of the Nineveh governmental palace killing one person. A first carbomb exploded at the command headquarters of the Iraqi forces and damaged two vehicles. The target was General Motaz Faqaa, who survived an assassination attempt four months ago.

11:23 Abu Ghraib. Diaries of military police found in Abu Ghraib. A complete chronicle of events inside Sectors A1 and B1 of Abu Ghraib Prison, where detainees posing a security risk were incarcerated, has been found. The Washington Post has come into possession of a copy of a light green notebook with the title, MI Wing. There are entries for every day between 19 October 2003 and 18 January 2004 detailing the activities of the 372nd Military Police Unit from which several members have been charged with torture and abuse.

10:50 Mossul. A carbomb targeting Iraqi General Motaz Faqaa wounded two of his bodyguards.

10:50 Baghdad. Bomb kills three civilians, wounds 6.

10:31 Baghdad. Recruits massacre, investigators say there was an informer. An informer within the ranks of the Iraqi National Guard passed information to the group which executed the recruits in the province of Diyala. 49 guards and 3 drivers were killed.

10:10 Baghdad. 380 tons of explosive missing from warehouse. Explosives missing from the al-Qaqaa military center.

10:09 Baquba. An Iraqi national guard was killed as he attempted to defuse a bomb in Baquba.

09:59 Khaldiya. A suicide bomber drove his car into a US convoy near the eastern city of Khaldiya. Several vehicles were damaged and there were US casualties.

09:38 Paris French hostages: talks restart. French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier says contact has been restored with kidnappers of French reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, kidnapped in Iraq on 20 August.

08:05 Baghdad. A roadside bomb targeting a US patrol went off killing two and wounding several. Among the wounded were children attenting the Al-Horriya School. TV images were broadcast showing a US vehicle which absorbed the impact.

07:36 Baghdad. Explosion near school. Casualties reported.

07:18 Amman. King Abdallah want full participation in conference. King Abdallah II of Jordan believes that all parties concerned by the Iraq crisis must participate in the meeting scheduled for 22-23 November in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

07:17 Baghdad. Explosion reported in downtown Baghdad.


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