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Saturday, November 06, 2004

6 November 2004 Events in Iraq

21:57 London. UK refutes Annan: "Assault on Fallujah necessary" British Interior Minister David Blunkett rejects Kofi Annan's affirmation that the assault on Fallujah would be counterproductive and have a negative impact on the January elections.

21:51 Fallujah. Bombs fall on city. US bombs the central city quarters of Chouhada and Askari.

19:31 Baghdad. Two hostages found dead. The bodies of two hostages held by insurgents were found executed on the banks on the Euphrates.

19:28 Baquba. Saddam ex-officer assassinated. Four carloads of armed men shoot down Colonel Abdel Sattar al-Luhaybi on a city street in Baquba.

19:20 Fallujah. US missiles destroy hospital. Two missiles destroyed Nazzal Hospital in Falluja. Construction on the Saudi-financed hospital had just finished. The hospital had no patients, although medical supplies, surgical equipment, and beds had been installed.

18:21 Nassiriya. Italians sequester hundreds of bombs and mines. A large-scale security operation was conducted by Italian troops in the Province of Dhi Qar. 230 mortar rounds, 400 mines, 205 rocktts, 1800 14.5 mm projectices, 4 RPGs, 2 kalashnikovs, 40 grenades and other weaponry was confiscated.

17:55 Baghdad. Explosions in capital. A salvo of mortar rounds was fired the from the Green Zone into downtown Baghdad.

17:30 Fallujah. Artillery fire and rockets strike city. US troops target city.

17:04 Baghdad. Four explosions in capital.

17:04 Fallujah. Insurgents request embedded reporters. Iraqi guerrillas invite foreign journalists to record battle with "the crusaders." The communiqué was issued by the Shura of Mujaheddin.

16:59 Fallujah. US military bombards suburbs.

16:14 Colomba. Sri Lanka to work towards hostage release. Deputy Foreign Minister Wiswa Warnapala tells the family of hostage Dinesh Rajaratnam that the government will do everything possible to release hostages.

15:56 Baghdad. Three American troops wounded on road to airport. A roadside bomb exploded when a US convoy passed nearby, killing one Iraqi and wounding three US soldiers. A second Iraqi was seriously wounded.

15:17 Ramadi. 20 US soldiers wounded in Ramadi. A suicide carbomb targeted a US base in the al-Furiyah quarter at the entrance to Ramadi. There are Iraqi victims.

14:53 Fallujah. Elite Iraqi troops mutiny. Members of the US-trained Shahwanis, specialists in urban warfare, refused to be deployed to Fallujah.

14:15 Mosul. Convoy attacked. A US convoy was targeted south of Mosul. Three trucks were destroyed in the explosion, as well as an escort vehicle.

14:10 Baghdad. Blast on airport road. A explosion occurred in the Amriya area along the route to Baghdad airport. Reuters reports seeing a wrecked Humvee.

14:04 Fallujah. Clashes north of city. A intense battle between US troops was fought along an expressway north of Fallujah.

13:11 Baghdad. Explosion in capital. A blast was heard coming from a road leading to Baghdad airport. Smoke and flames were seen coming from a check point.

12:50 Ramadi. Fourteen US soldiers wounded in Ramadi.

12:40 New York. New York Times, 4000 missiles missing. At least 4000 surface-to-air missiles are missing from a Saddam-era depot.

12:25 Khartoum. Sudanese hostage freed. Government newspaper Al-Anbaa reports Nureddine Zakaria has been freed.

12:17 Kufa. Carbomb in Kufa, security chief assassinated. A suicide carbomb targeted the convoy of Security Chief, Abdel-Aal al-Kufi.

11:08 Riyadh. Saudi Ulema call for holy war in Iraq. 26 Saudi ulema have called on the Iraqi people to resist the "invaders" as a duty of Sharia law.

10:49 Samarra. Fourth carbombing in city. A fourth carbomb exploded in Samarra, killing 10 police. Death toll climbs to 37.

10:48 Samarra. 27 dead and 50 wounded. Three carbombs exploded in Samarra, killing 27 and wounding 57. US troops fired in the mayhem, wounding several people.

10:30 Fallujah. Towns swamped with Fallujah refugees make plea to Ulema. Alarm over the condition of refugees from Fallujah was raised by Sheik Khaled Hammud, who implored the Iraqi Ulema to render assistance. In a letter to the Committee of Iraqi Ulema, Hammud requested aid for 12,000 people seeking shelter in a touristic complex in Habbaniyah, 20 km west of Fallujah. We need tents, a medical team, ambulances, beds, food rations, water pumps and a reserve of potable water.

09:07 Samarra. Wave of violence. A series of three carbombs exploded in Samarra, targeting city hall, a checkpoint and a US convoy. Heavy toll of victims.

09:04 Samarra. Third carbomb. Suicide carbomber targets US convoy.

08:47 Samarra. Casualty toll rises. At least 14 persons are dead and over 40 wounded in Samarra.

08:00 Samarra. Two carbombings in Samarra: eight are dead.

08:00 Iskandariyah. Zarqawi claims credit for death of British soldiers. Zarqawi takes credit for ambush on Black Watch patrol.

07:59 Ramadi. Four airstrikes west of Baghdad in 24 hours. US warplanes strike Fallujah and Ramadi.


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