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Thursday, November 04, 2004

4 November 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 Rome. Allawi flies to Brussels. Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi flies to Brussels to meet with EU leaders. Jacques Chirac will not attend the reception due to Allawi's recent insulting language directed at France.

22:12 Fallujah. US photographer wounded. A US news photographer and two marines were wounded were wounded by a roadside bomb near Fallujah.

21:40 Fallujah. New US airstrikes, residents abandon city [No news on where they are going...that's tens of thousands of war refugees!--Nur]

19:42 Iskandariyah. Ambush of UK troops, translator killed. A local translator accompanying the British was killed and 8 British troops wounded.

19:08 Iskandariyah. Three British troops killed in ambush. Undersecretary of the Armed Forces Adam Ingram reported to Commons that three members of the Royal Black Watch were killed in central Iraq. The ambush came when the patrol was in rebel-dominated territory in central Iraq, more than 20 miles south of Baghdad. A 'Warrior' armoured fighting vehicle suffered a direct hit from a roadside bomb. The force of the blast rocked the 30-tonne vehicle, ripping the front four wheels off and leaving its three crew and complement of troops stranded. The vehicle's commander radioed for help but, as a second Warrior in the patrol sped to the disabled vehicle to rescue the troops in the darkness, insurgents insurgents fired a huge mortar that exploded just feet away. Black Watch soldiers managed to get the second Warrior out of the ditch and motored to safety to regroup.

15:19 Dujail. Carbombing in Dujail. A carbomb exploded in front of the municipal council building in Dujail, 75 km north of Bagdad, killing three persons and wounding another eighteen.

15.15 Rome. Allawi meet in Rome with Italian Defense Minister, Antonio Martino.

14:00 London. Elevated risk of terror in UK. Terrorism official John Bunn says there is a very high risk of an act of terrorism in Great Britain.

11:18 Baghdad. Doctors Without Borders quits Iraq. NGO closes down operations in Iraq due to "enormous personal risk" for its staff. The organization had run clinics throughout the country. It also provided ambulances for Sadr City and medical support in Fallujah, Najaf and Kerbala.

10:11 Rome. Premier Berlusconi meets with Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi and asks for assistance in finding the remains of reporter Enzo Baldoni.

10:05 Iskandariyah. A carbombing occurred 48 km south of the capital targeting a convoy of Iraqi National Guard, killing 3 and wounding 4.

09:36 Baghdad. Video shows three Jordanian hostages. An insurgent group calling itself "Army of Islam Counterattack Brigades" released a vide showing three Jordanian hostages.

09:07 Fallujah. US resumes airstrikes on city.

09:00 Baquba. Village leader assassinated. The leader of a village near Baquba was assassinated

08:30 Kirkuk. Corpse discovered. A bullet-ridden corpse of an Iraqi was discovered near Kirkuk.

08:11 Damascus. US closes embassy in Syria. Embassy to stay closed for four days.


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