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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

2 November 2004 Events in Iraq

21:27 Baghdad. Kidnappers threaten to trade Margaret Hassan to Al Zarqawi. Al Jazeera reports that the kidnappers of Margaret Hassan may transfer their hostage to a group headed by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

20:27 Doha. New video showing Margaret Hassan but Al Jazeera does not broadcast it. Irish PM Bertie Ahern tells parliament that Al Jazeera declined to broadcast Margaret Hassan for humanitarian reasons.

19:39 Kirkuk. Sabotage halts Kirkuk oil exports. A series of acts of sabotage on pipeline has halted petroleum exports.

18:25 Ramadi. One dead, four wounded in Ramadi in clashes between US forces and insurgents.

18:09 Dublin. Plea from Irish capital for hostage Margaret Hassan. Irish PM Bertie Ahern pleads for release of Margaret Hassan.

15:52 Basrah. Police chief escapes assassination. Gen.Mohammed Kazem Al Ali escaped an assassination attempt which wounded three of his escort in Kout Al Hajaj.

15:38 Mosul. Al Zarqawi group claims credit for Mosul bombing. A group linked to al-Zarawi has claimed responsibility for a Mosul carbombing which killed two Iraqi National Guardsmen and wounded four others.

15:36 Baghdad. US solider wounded in carbombing. A US soldier was wounded along with 2 Iraqis in a carbombing which targeted a US patrol.

15:31 Baghdad. US denies kidnap of US soldier. US denies a report from Iraqi police that a US soldier was kidnapped last night in Samarra while on patrol.

14:21 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib carbombing. A car explodes near Abu Ghraib killing 4 Iraqi troops and wounding 2.

14:01 Baghdad. Beheading video. A group linked to Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi has issued a video showing the beheading of Shosei Koda.

13:46 Samarra. US soldier kidnapped while on patrol in Samarra.

12:52 Mosul.Two carbombings in city. Blast kills two Iraqi National Guardsmen and wounded 11.

12:45 Baghdad. At least six die in blast. Death toll rises to six in Ministry of Education bombing in the Aazamiyah quarter. At least 21 are wounded.

11:54 Kirkuk. Three oil pipelines near Kirkuk sabotaged.

10:00 Strasbourg. EU approves 30 million Euros in reconstruction aid to Iraq.

09:00 Amman. Saddam's family fires lead attorney. Saddam Hussein's wife and daughters fire lead defense attorney Jordanian Mohammed Rachdane.

08:51 Samarra. Member of Iraqi national guard killed.

08:37 Baghdad. Two Iraqi hostages released. Two hostages kidnapped from the offices of Saudi Arabian Trading and Contracting Company in the Mansur district have been released.

08:10 Baghdad. Five are dead in carbombing. Carbomb exploses in front of Ministry of Education.

08:03 Baghdad. Kidnapped Asian is Nepalese. An Asian reported kidnapped yesterday at the Saudi Arabian Trading and Contracting Company is a Nepalese national.

08:01 Fallujah. US airstrike on city. Hundreds of residents flee city. 65% of Fallujah's 250,000 residents are thought to have left the city.

07:59 Baghdad. Car explodes in front on the Ministry of Education.


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