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Sunday, November 07, 2004

7 November 2004 Events in Iraq

Gratitude. The big plan for a flattened Fallujah. $43 million is earmarked for Fallujah reconstruction and indemnites of $2500 will be paid to families for each incident of death, wounding or property damage. Compared to what Israeli settlers in Gaza are getting, $2500 is pretty paltry. In fact, it's probably an insult to anyone outside of Papua New Guinea. The US also plans to engage captured insurgents in construction job, but it is unclear if this implies forced labor.

Escape to Auckland. New Zealand is swamped with US immigration requests since Tuesday's electoral victory by George W. Bush. The New Zealand immigation website has registered 13,000 individual hits. The telephone lines to its consulates in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland are overloaded.

Mideast roadmap. Walls and Cops. US builds berm along Syrian border. US troops and engineers are engaged in building a 130-km barrier along the Syrian border. The berm will be 10 feet high. Meanwhile, two border crossings are closed for three weeks.

23:43 Iskandariyah. Zarqawi releases video showing attack on the Black Watch. An Islamic website has a video showing a suicide carbombing of a Black Watch checkpoint south of Baghdad. The driver is filmed waiting on line for search and inspection while the driver shouts "Allah Akbar" as his vehicled draws up on the checkpoint.

23:30 Fallujah. US airstrikes on city. US warplanes bomb Fallujah. Combat rages on bridge over the Euphrates.

21:50 Haditha. Al-Zarqawi claims credit for raid. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi claims credit for the insurgent raid in Haditha in which 21 police were kidnapped and executed.

19:37 Basrah. British civilian killed in Basrah.

19:31 Fallujah. US forces: "Fallujah is isolated"

18:19 Fallujah. Destructive bombing raid on suburb southeast of Fallujah. Tanks, artillery and helicopters batter Garma, southeast of Fallujah.

14:50 Fallujah. Kuwait killed. A Kuwaiti militant, Obaid D., was killed by US forces in Fallujah.

14:36 Baghdad. Carbomb targets Finance Minister, 2 killed. A bodyguard and a policeman were killed in a carbombing of the residence of the Iraqi Finance Minister.

14:32 Baghdad. Martial law proclaimed. Iyad Allawi declares martial law throughout Iraq, except Kurdistan. Habeus corpus suspended and curfews imposed. The law permits wiretapping and postal inspection.

14:20 Baghdad. Credit claimed in attack on US convoy. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claims credit for an attack on a US convoy near Baghdad Airport. On this blessed day, a lion of the martyr's battalion threw himself against an American convoy on the road to Baghdad Airport. Your mujaeddin brothers are combatting ferociously in our cities; pray for us.

14:19 Baghdad. Carbomb targets Minister's residence. A carbomb exploded in front of the Minister of Finance, Abdel Abdul Mahdi, in the Karrada district in the center of Baghdad.

14:00 Baghdad. Allawi: State of emergency to last 60 days.

13:08 Baghdad. US soldier killed west of Baghdad. A US soldier travelling in a convoy west of Baghdad was killed. Earlier in the day, an American Humvee was destroyed by a roadside bomb on the road to the airport.

13:03 Baghdad. Government declares state of emergency. Announcement made by Thaer Naqib, spokesman for premier Yiad Allawi. Kurdistan is not affected by the decree.

11:07 Kirkuk. Four corpses recovered. The bodies of for Iraqis working for the US Army were found 40 km south of Kirkuk, along the road to Tikrit. The victims, all between 25 and 35 years of age, worked in the US base at Tikrit. One was a woman.

10:59 Fallujah. Battles were fought this morning in the Askari district but in the center of town shops remained open for Ramadan feast of Iftar. It is estimated that half the city population has fled.

10:50 Haditha. Policeman are killed in raid by 200 armed men. 200 armed men conducted a dawn on a police staiton in Haditha. After 90 minutes of gunbattle, the insurgents captured 21 police, who were then disarmed, restrained, and executed. The insurgents then set fire to the station. Following the Haditha raid, the insurgents assaulted a police station in Haqlaniya, 10 km to the east.

10:48 Baghdad. Three Iraqi officials found dead near Baghdad. Three officials of Diyala Province were found dead southwest of Baghdad. Vice Governor Jassem Abed, City Councilman Shehad Makki and Deputy Mayorn Duraid Fadel were on a pilgrimage from Baquba, 65 km northeast of Bagdad, to Karbala, 110 km south of the capital. Their bodies were ound in the area of Latifiya. There three were members of SCIRI, the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

10:30 Baghdad. Ansar al Sunna announces two kidnappings. Ansar al Sunna had kidnapped two Iraqi interpreters for US marines.

10:00 Baghdad. Powerful blast in capital.

09:55 Baghdad. Jordanian truck drivers face beheading. An Islamist group threatens Jordanian hostage with beheading unles their employer ceases deliveries to US bases in Iraq.

09:53 Fallujah. 10 insurgents killed by US troops. Battles in Fallujah kill 10 Iraqis.

09:35 Baghdad. Suicide carbombing in capital. A suicide carbomber drove his vehicle into a US convoy, destroying a Humvee. No reports of casualties.

09:18 Haditha. Assault on police station, 21 dead. This morning's dawn raid on Haditha kills 21 police.

08:20 Haditha. Police shot in cold blood.

08:18 Haditha. 21 police killed execution style in Al-Anbar Province. Dawn raid by insurgents on police station in Haditha, 200 km west of Baghdad, kills 21.

08:16 Ramadi Assault on police station. Police in Ramadi report attack on police station in Haditha.

08:00 Fallujah. Wave of US airstrikes.

07:30 Baghdad. Rebuilding resumes in Sadr City. US resumes sewer and power repairs in Sadr City.

07:00 Washington. No guilt in Palestine Hotel incident. The Pentagon finds no negligence on the part of a tank crew which fired on the Palestine Hotel in April 2003. Taras Protsiuk, a Reuters cameraman, and Jose Couso, a Spanish TV correspondent, were killed when a tank crew fired on journalists filming the scene on a hotel balcony.


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