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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

9 November 2004 Events in Iraq

23:06 Karbala. Policeman killed by bomb in Karbala. A bomb was tossed out a car window and killed a policeman and wounded five others in the holy Shi'ite city of Karbala.

21:52 Washington. Bush: "Fallujah operation is against terrorism".

21:34 Baghdad. Three Jordanian hostages freed. Three truck drivers are freed.

20:47 Baghdad. Plea to Allawi: Fallujah truce to evacuate wounded. The leader of the Sunni Waqf, Adnan Mohammed al-Doulaimi, has pleaded with PM Iyad Allawi for a five-hour truce to evaculate the wounded. Give us the time to come to the aid of the wounded. Civilians are dying in Fallujah and you bear the responsibility before God, says Al Doulaimi.

20:44 Baghdad. Ulema tell Iraqi faithful: "Do not vote on 27 January" The Committee of Iraqi Uleman call on Sunnis to boycott election. Secretary General Harith al-Dhari, who has been instrumental in gaining the release of foreign hostages, made the announcement.

19:52 Baghdad. "Insurgent leaders have likely fled Fallujah", says U.S. Gen. Thomas Metz.

19:36 Fallujah. At least 10 US troops killed in attack on Fallujah.

18:55 Fallujah. US tanks patrol streets

18:23 Gevena. Concern for 300,000 refugees. The UN HIgh Commissioner for Refugees has expressed grave concern for the thousands of refugees fleeing Fallujah.

17:07 Fallujah. 6 US troops killed in assault.

16:51 Mosul. US base attacked. Rebels shell US military installation.

16:30 Fallujah. Allawi names military governor. General Abdul Qader Mohan to be military governor of Fallujah.

16:00 Baghdad. Attack on Police Station. 50 men attack police station in Dura quarter of Baghdad.

15:37 Fallujah. US airstrike on city, dozens are dead.

15:34 14 US troops killed in action in Iraq. 5 in Fallujah; 9 in Baghdad and elsewhere in the country.

15:17 Baghdad. Allawi message to Fallujah guerrillas: Lay down arms and receive amnesty.

14:52 Fallujah. Pace of combat slows, US troops enter city.

14:45 Baghad. Zebari, "Fallujah offensive to last days" Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari.

14:01 Baquba. Al Zarqawi claims credit for Baquba bombing which killed 45.

13:54 Washington. Pentagon: Light resistance in Fallujah.

13:26 Ramadi. Guerrillas control center of Ramadi.

13:22 Baghdad. Allawi imposes curfew on capital from 10:00 pm to 04:00 am.

12:34 Fallujah. US military: City center taken. US troops control center of Fallujah.

12:26 Fallujah. Powerful blast north of city.

12:22 Fallujah. Iraqi forces desert. Massive desertion plagues Iraqi forces.

12:14 Fallujah. Clashes in suburbs. Fighting is intense in Jolan.

12:01 Beijing. China expresses concern for civilian casualties. Following a statement by Russia, China expresses concern for civilian victims in Fallujah.

11:42 Moscow. Russia tells US to not exaggerate in use of force. Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Yakovenko say use of force must be proportional to threat.

11:10 Baghdad. Islamic party pulls out of caretaker government. Islamic party quits government after US assault on Fallujah. Meanwhile, Hajem al-Hassani quits party to continue as Minister for Industry and Minerals.

10:49 Fallujah. We have liberated district. Col. Craig Tucker says central district in Fallujah "liberated".

10:48 Baghdad. Mortar attack on downtown Baghdad. Mortar rounds fall in Green Zone.

10:19 Fallujah. US forces enter Fallujah. US forces arrive in the Hay Naib al-Dunat e al-Naziz district.

09:45 Baghdad. Hospital is bombed. 13 are dead and 60 wounded in emergency wing of Baghdad hospital.

08:48 Baquba. 45 are dead in raid. Rebel attack on police barracks kills 45.

08:44 Fallujah. US troops encounter resistance in Fallujah.

08:29 Kirkuk. Two Iraqis killed in carbombing. Carbomber attempts to penetrate the Kaiwan Iraqi national guard base 20 km from Kirkuk.

08:25 Baghdad. US forces deny helicopter shot down in Fallujah. Reuters journalists report that rocket hits helicopter.

08:15 Baghdad. Powerful blast in capital. Explosion in southwest Baghdad near residences of government officials.

07:32 Fallujah. US troops less than kilometer from Fallujah city center.

07:30 Fallujah. US helicopter shot down. Reuters journalist Fadel al Badrani reports seeing rocket hit helicopter.

07:13 Baquba. 25 police killed. Attack on police barracks in Baquba kills 25.

07:08 Fallujah. US troops advance on city.

07:03 Fallujah. Hospital bombed. US warplanes destroy clinic in Fallujah treating wounded insurgents.

07:02 Fallujah. US troops close in on city.

07:02 Fallujah. Airstrikes continue. US warplanes bomb Fallujah as hundreds of marines attack city.

07:01 Najaf. Al Sadr spokesman condemns Fallujah assault. Sadr spokesman condemns offensive and encourages Iraqi troops to reject being used as "an instrument of the occupiers".


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