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Friday, November 12, 2004

12 November 2004 Events in Iraq

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Tegucigalpa. Honduran President excludes further troop deployment to Iraq. Honduran President Ricardo Maduro says his government will not make further troop deployments ot Iraq. At the request of the US, Tegucigalpa had sent 370 troops to Iraq in 2003 but withdrew them when the Spanish contingent pulled out in June.

Tokyo. Japanese criminal gangs run extorsion racket. Japanese criminal gangs have been threatening parents with the kidnapping and sale of their children to Iraq. A mother in Akita province received a phone call demanding 3 million yen for the return of her son. The woman phoned the elementary school and received confirmation that he son was in class.

Amsterdam. Holland will withdraw its 1350 troops in Iraq in March 2005, says Netherlands Defence Minister Henk Kamp. The US and Great Britian had pressured the country to extend their deployment but the cabinet has excluded the possibility.

New York. Hundreds of protesters demonstrated against the war in Iraq and the US offensive against Fallujah on Thursday evening. United for Peace and Justice were the organizers of the demonstration.

Kirkuk. Unknown assailants set fire to three Iraqi police checkpoints on the road between Kirkuk and Tikrit (Nord) and stole their weapons and police vehicles.

Ramadi: Violent clashes. US troops began house-to-house searches at dawn along the main street in Ramadi. Insurgents responded with mortar fire, RPGs and machine gun fire.

Baghdad: The Iraqi media authorities urge the press to adhere to the government version of events. On Thursday, the Iraqi media authorities told reporters to adhere to the government version of facts [fact-versioning two point oh] in their coverage of the Fallujah offensive or risk jail time, as habeas corpus has been suspended for 60 days while the state of emergency declared by the caretaker government lasts. The Iraqi Media Commission told media organizations to "instruct their reporters in Fallujah...not to report unrealistic points of view nor to refer to the insurgents, who are criminals and terrorists, as "nationalists". The Commission, created by Paul Bremer, is by charter free of government interference and has as its mission the promotion of investment in the Iraq media and the prevention of government control over the media.

18:20 Fallujah. 15 foreigners arrested. 10 Iranians, 1 Saudi, 1 Egyptian, 1 Syrian, 1 Jordanian and 1 French speaker were arrested in Fallujah by US forces, says PM Allawi.

17:49 Fallujah. US and allied Iraqi forces announce Fallujah casualties: 22 dead and 170 wounded.

17:37 Washington. Bush: "Violence in Iraq could rise".

17:33 Washington. Bush: "Substantial progress in Fallujah."

17:07 Taji. US helicopter shot down. A Black Hawk helicopter was shot down by insurgents in Taji, a suburb of Baghdad. The crew survived the crash but were wounded.

16:56 Washington. Pentagon: 23 US soldiers die in Fallujah offensive. Elsewhere a soldier of the First Cavalary Division was killed when his tank flipped over as he was about to refuel; a member of Task Force Olympia was killed by gunfire during an uprising in Mosul.

16:35 Baghdad. Marines find two cadavers and two prisoners. The prisoners are Iraqi brothers; one of the prisoners had his throat slit.

16:21 Paris. "No news concerning kidnapped reporters." Hervè Ladsous, a French Foreign Ministry spokesman, says there is no news concerning reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot.

16:01 Baghdad. Sunni imams harangue crowds over Fallujah operation. Throughout Sunni mosques in Baghdad, the US was denounced for its actions in Fallujah.

14:57 Baghdad. US convoy attacked: one US soldier killed. A US soldier was killed and three others wounded in an attack on their convoy south of Baghdad. The three wounded are 2 US soldiers and a civilian interpreter.

13:52 Fallujah. US military says resistance in Fallujah quashed. Capt. Robert Bodisch announced that dozens of insurgents have been killed or captured in Fallujah.

13:05 Hawijah. Five Iraqis die in clashes in Hawijah with US troops. Five are killed and six others wounded, including women and children, in Hawijah, 200 km north of Baghdad.

12:07 Mosul. US troops routed from Mosul. Agence France Press says US infantrymen withdrew from Mosul at dawn. Air strikes have been called in. However, the US military spokesperson in Mosul, Angela Bowman, said US troops had withdrawn from city bridges to permit access to mosques for morning prayer and still control Mosul.

12:00 Mosul. Director of anti-crime unit assassinated. Mouaffak Mohammad Dahlam was assassinated in his home in southeast Mosul and two of his bodyguards killed.

11:49 Baghdad. US arrests three Ulema committee members. US troops raid the Ibn Taymiya mosque in Baghdad and arrested 23 people and three members of the Iraq Ulema.

11:17 Mosul. bombardment continues. US warplanes conducted high-density bombings on Mosul.

10:38 Baghdad. Humanitarian agencies demand entry into Fallujah. Humanitarian agencies working in Iraq, in particular the Red Crescent, plead with the US military to let them enter Fallujah with medical assistance, food and water for the city.

10:18 Mosul. US soldier killed.

10:07 Fallujah. Battle in Fallujah near mosque in Jolan quarter.

09:51 Baghdad. Street clashes in capital. Police and insurgents battled this morning in Baghdad in the Adhamiya quarter of Baghdad near Abu Ghraib prison.

09:25 Baghdad. Chauffeur released. The driver for two missing French reporters, Mohammed al Joundi, was found handcuffed in an unidentified location and release by US troops.

08:43 Baquba. Clashes in Baquba, an Iraqi is killed. One rebel was killed and three other were arrested after a clash with Iraqi national guard.

08:07 Baghdad. American is kidnapped. An American of Lebanese origin, Dean Sadek, working at Baghdad Airport was kidnapped by the 1920 Revolution Brigade.

07:36 Fallujah. US military says rebels trapped. US forces say rebels are surrounded in the southern part of the city.


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