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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

10 November 2004 Events in Iraq

Iraq is the "Prey of the Pacifiers."

Fallujah won its reputation as a city-symbol when in 1998 its imams refused to glorify the reputation and deeds of Saddam Hussein.

Damascus. Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk el-Chareh condemns assault on Fallujah.

London. Robin Cook calls Fallujah assault a tactical success but a strategic failure.

Baghdad. Two Royal Black Watch guards are wounded in separate incidents including a helicopter pilot.

Baghdad. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari confirms elections will be held in January 2005.

Copenhagen. Danish Intelligence forms bleak assessment. Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, or "FE", expects increasing violence in Iraq in 2005.

Baghdad. Charles Duelfer escapes assassination. Duelfer's convoy comes under attack, killing his two bodyguards.

London. Annual British Government report on human rights slams US on Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib.

Tokyo. Junichiro Koizumi extends mission of Japanese contingent after winning support of the Buddhist party New Komeito.

Jacques Chirac will not attend Sharm al Sheik conference and will meet with Iraqi President Ghazi al Yawar in Paris on 22 November.

Baghdad. Drug addiction rises in Iraq. Government accuses Iran. 2,029 have registered for treatment with the Iraqi Health Ministry. Most are from central and southern provinces, says ministry official Sirouan Kamel. Iraq accuses Iranians of selling drugs while on pilgrimages to Najaf and Karbala.

23:21 Baiji. Clashes in Baiji, 11 dead. Clashes between US troops and their Iraqi allies against insurgents left 11 killed in Baiji, a town 200 km north of Baghdad. According to Dr. Hussein al Jubury of Baily Hospital, "11 civilians have been killed, including three women, and 26 wounded including 2 police, 5 children and a woman. The battle broke out in the shopping district. Two delivery vans, two trucks and an home were set ablaze.

21:31 Los Angeles. USA, the "Al Qaeda American" identified. US authorities have identified a young man from California as having threatened the US with further Al Qaeda attacks. Adam Gadahn, 26, known as 'Azzam the American', is sought by the FBI. Gadahn, born in Riverside under the name Adam Pearlman, left the United States to go to Pakistan where he converted to Islam and began working for Abu Zubayda, an Al Qaeda member arrested by Pakistani security. In the video, Gadhan, whose face is masked, brandishes a gun and tells Americans "what happened on 9-11 is only the beginning of a global war on the USA.

21:16 Washington. Bush: "We are making progress in Fallujah"

20:04 Cairo. Iraq Conference, Powell to participate. Colin Powell will participate in the international conference on Iraq in Sharm el Sheikh on 22 and 23 November.

19:37 Nassiriya. 21 Italians killed in Iraq. Italian contingent counts 20 dead, including 2 civilians, and 69 wounded since beginning mission.

19:13 Fallujah. Rebels take 20 Iraqi national guards prisoner.

18:24 Fallujah. US military bombs mosque. The Khulafa al-Rashid mosque was bombed

18:21 Baghdad. Carbomb targets police in Baghdad, 7 are dead. Bomb kills 7 and demolishes nearby cars in the Zayouneh district near the Ministry of Culture.

18:07 Falllujah. "Fallujah rebels fire from mosques." In violation of international law, Fallujah rebels use the mosques of the city as operations bases and weapons stores., says US Command.

17:49 Baghdad. US soldier killed in capital. A US soldier was killed yesterday while on patrol in south Baghdad.

17:47 Ankara. 127 guerrillas in Fallujah hospital. US troops capture 127 guerrillas in the hospital, says Iraqi Minister for Provinces Wael Abdellatif from Ankara.

16:26 Fallujah. Place of execution of hostages found in northern part of the city.

16:16 Baghdad. Amnesty for Fallujah rebels if they surrender their weapons. Iraqi government offers amnesty.

16:09 Baghdad. Baghdad Airport closed for an additional 24 hours due to state of siege.

15:03 Fallujah. Member of Committee of Iraqi Ulema killed in Fallujah. Sheik Abdel Wahab Ismail al-Janabi was killed by US forces.

14:53 Mosul. Five dead in Mosul. Five people died in clashes with US troops in Mosul

14:48 Mosul. Curfew imposed in Mosul. Governor of the city announces a curfew to last indefinitely.

14:34 Baghdad. Turkish truckdriver killed. Armed men held up a truck, killed the driver and set fire to the rig.

13:34 Baghdad. Armed men occupy bridges and streets in Baghdad. Masked men armed with rocket launchers occupied a bridge and a major street in west Baghdad today, followed by clashes.

13:11 Paris. Le Monde: "French suicide car bomber." A French member of Islamic Jihad, Abdel A., 18, died in a suicide operation in Fallujah.

12:42 Fallujah. 11 US troops and 2 Iraqis die since assault on the city.

12:28 Baghdad. Armored vehicle struck by gunfire. A US soldier is in serious condition after being shot by a sniper.

12:21 Mosul. Guerrillas force Iraqi police to leave city. Guerrillas took over several street and forced police to barricade themselves inside the Post Offie.

12:16 Samarra. Bomb kills policeman. A roadside bomb killed an Iraqi policeman and wounded two others in Samarrra.

11:49 Baghdad. Ansar Al Jihad: We will behead Allawi family members if our demands are not heeded. Ansar Al Jihad issues 48-hour ultimatum.

11:41 Baghdad. Islamic group claims responsibility for kidnapping of Allawi family members. A cousin of the Premier, his wife and daughter have been kidnapped by insurgents.

11:22 Baiji. Death toll rises. Eight Iraqi civilians were killed in clashed in Baiji in the last 24 hours. Iraq's largest refinery is located in Baiji. 25 are wounded.
11:17 Fallujah. US troops announce: "Full control within 48 hours”.

10:37 Doha. Al Jazeera: Half the mosques in Fallujah are destroyed. US artillery and war planes have destroyed more than half the mosques in Fallujah.

10:33 Samarra. Clashes in Samarra and Baquba, four dead and several wounded. Four are dead, including one child.

10:04 Mosul. Explosions as helicopters overfly the city. Residents barricade themselves indoors.

09:42 Fallujah. US forces control 70 per cent of Fallujah

09:30 Baghdad. Three members of Allawi's family kidnapped.

09:18 Baiji. Clashes kill 5 civilians and wound 20. It was not clear how the clashes began. A convoy of trucks protected by U.S. forces came under attack from gunmen on a road further south, police said. Two trucks were set ablaze in the attack, near the village of Ishaqi, and their Iraqi drivers killed.

08:05 Fallujah. US forces in center of city: "We do not have control"

07:58 Balad. US soldier killed by bomb in Balad. A roadside bomb kills on US soldier and wounds another in Balad, north of Baghdad while the 1st Infantry Division was on patrol.

07:55 Touz. Six Iraqi guardsmen killed in Touz. Six Iraqi National Guardsmen were killed in Touz, 60 km south of Kirkuk in an explosion of a homemade bomb. The car in which they were travelling was demolished. The unit commander was also killed.

07:48 Baghdad. Three Jordanian truck drivers released. Ata Haddad and two co-workers held hostage were released.

07:47 Artillery resumes in Fallujah.


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