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Thursday, November 11, 2004

11 November 2004 Events in Iraq

Hundreds of US troops afflicted with Leishmaniasis. Approximately 660 soldiers deployed to Iraq have been afflicted with Leishmaniasis. The parasitic disease causes fever due to invasion of the visceral organs ("Dum-dum" fever) and cutaneous infection ("Aleppo boil").

Abu Ghraib Scandal: Trial venue moved to the United States. The court-martial of Corporal Charles Graner, facing a 28-year sentence, Sgt. Javel Davis, and Corporal Sabrina Harman has been moved to from Baghdad to Ford Hood, Texas. Another 45 persons implicated in the scandal are still to face trial.

The Grand Mufti of Arabia denounces the departure of young Saudis to fight in Iraq. Sheik Abdel Aziz al-Sheik, chairman of the Committe of Saudi Ulema, has denounced sermons urging young men to fight the "occupiers" in Iraq. Last week 26 Saudi Uleman called for resistance to the occupiers of Iraq.

00:19 Washington. Rumsfeld: Hundreds of insurgents killed in Fallujah.

19:42 Baiji. Clashes were reported in Baija, an oil city in northern Iraq, between Iraqi security forces and insurgents. Three national guard soldiers were killed. The city contains Iraq's largest oil refinery and the pipeline to Turkey passes nearby.

18:51 Baghdad. Allawi expresses sadness at death of Arafat. Prime Minister Iyad Allawi laments passing of Palestinian President Yassir Arafat. Iraq will be represented by Vice President Shwais at tomorrow's funeral in Baghdad.

18:34 Fallujah. 18 US troops killed in action. US military reports 18 KIA and another 69 wounded in the Fallujah offensive. Iraqi troops serving with the Americans have registered 5 dead and 34 wounded.

18:27 Baghdad. US raids mosque. US raids the Sunni mosque of Ibn Taymiya and arrested Imam Mehdi al-Sumaidi and others.

18:04 Ft. Hood. Abu Ghraib, court martial moved to the USA. The court martial of Charles Graner, Sabrina Harman and Javal Davis has been moved from Baghdad to Fort Hood, in Texas.

17:28 Mosul. US airstrike.

17:16 Hilla. Curfew in Hilla and Hawijah. Following three rebel attacks In Hilla, Province of Babylon, which left 16 wounded, a curfew has been imposed from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am. In Hawijah there have been clashes between US troops and insurgents in which 8 persons were wounded and a curfew has been imposed there as well.

16:56 Fallujah. Powerful blast in city. A large fireball was seen in northwest Fallujah.

16:51 Washington. Pentagon, 13 soldiers killed in Fallujah. Eyewitnesses in Germany report a "major" influx of wounded to the US military hospital in Landstuhl.

16:50 Fallujah. Jolan district under control. The northwest part of the city is under control, says US Capt. Robert Bodisch.

16:49 Fallujah. Myers, operation is a big success. Myers says hundreds of rebels were killed.

15:31 Nassiriya. Commemoration of bombing tomorrow. The Italian contingent will honor troops and civilians killed in bombing last year.

15:30 Fallujah. US troops meet sparse resistance. US says it controls 75% of the city.

15:20 Ramadi. Renewed clashes in Ramadi, three dead and seventeen wounded. Clashes began after the funeral of an Iraqi combattent killed in Fallujah.

15:09 Kirkik. Attempted assassination of Kirkuk governor, 14 wounded. A carbomb explosed in the Imam Kassem quarter of Kirkuk as the convoy of governor Abdelrahman Mohammad passed by. Four guards and 10 bystanders were wounded. The governor was unharmed.

15:05 Washington. Pentagon, 600 insurgents killed in Fallujah.

13:55 Fallujah. Two US helicopters hit by rockets. Craft make emergency landing, crew unharmed.

13:53 Camp Pendleton. Torture, Marine major found guilty. A court martial panel in Camp Pendleton, California, finds Clarke Paulus guilty in the death of an Iraqi prisoner. Paulus had ordered a soldier under his command to strip and drag a prisoner out of his cell, leaving him outside for several hours, where the prisoner died.

13:27 Baghdad. Three more explosions in downtown Baghdad.

13:24 Baghdad. Carbomb hits US convoy. A US convoy travelling down busy Sadoon Street in the commercial district was targeted by a carbomb, which killed 9 and wounded 29.

13:12 Baghdad. 17 die in carbombing.

11:32 Mosul. Rebels assault police stations. Rebels assaulted six police stations in Mosul, looting the armory and setting fire to the buildings.

11:30 Baghdad. US forces say Fallujah to come under complete control by Saturday.

11:16 Fallujah. Three hostages found alive. Three hooded, starving hostages were found in a Fallujah basement.

10:39 Baghdad. A carbombing in Nasr Square destroys shops and cars.

09:34 Baghdad. Carbombing in capital; casualties. A carbomb went off in Rusafa Street in Baghdad, killing several people.

09:16 Kirkuk. Provincial governor escapes assassination attempt. Gov. Abdelrahman Mohammad escapes death in attempt on this life.

08:30 Artillery resumes in Fallujah. US marines resume artillery fire in Fallujah after a brief night-time truce. Fire is concentrated on the northwest side of the city.


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