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Saturday, November 13, 2004

13 November 2004 Events in Iraq

23:07 Fallujah. Guerrillas: "Fallujah still resists" Resistance says the reports by the US military that a victory has been won in Fallujah is untrue. Abu Saad al-Dlimi of theMujaheddin Shura of Falluja says insurgents have killed 150 US troops and wounded 270.

21:48 Ramadi. Curfew. The Iraqi caretaker government has imposed a curfew in Ramadi, Baghdad, Samarra, Fallujah and Mosul.

20:58 Baghdad. Baghdad Airport closed for an indefinite period. Civilian traffic was halted 6 days ago.

20:42 Baghdad. Capital comes under mortar fire. Mortar rounds land in Green Zone.

19:22 Baghdad. Communist party leader assassinated. Saadun Mohammad, a leader of the Iraqi Communist Party and member of the provisional assembly was assassinated in a town north of Baghdada. Mohammad was ambushed along with three bodyguards on a highway connecting Jebel Himrin with Kirkuk, 160 km north of Baghdad. Mohammad was heading towards Suleinamiya in Kurdistan.

18:59 Balad. Two Turkish truck drivers killed in separate incidents. Adil Abdullah, who had been a hostage earlier this year was slain in Balad, 75 km north of Baghdad. He had promised his captors not to returrn to Iraq Another Turk was killed outside Samarra. He had been severly beaten then shot to death.

18:24 Baghdad. Extremists threaten further action. Several extremist Islamic groups, include that of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, promised to bring the insurgency to every corner of Iraq in a video released today.

18:05 Mosul. US troops ordered to Mosul. A US army unit has been deployed from Fallujah to Mosul.

18:02 Mosul. Allawi promises intervention in Mosul. PM Iyad Allay says an assault on Mosul will be launched in the next 24 to 48 hours.

16:51 Baghdad. Four Sunni religious leaders arrested. US troops have arrested four Sunni clerics in Baghdad. It was reported that Sheik Hgaleb al-Tarbouli was beaten by US forces.

16:15 Baghdad. Allawi: "Fallujah is not the end of the battles." Allawi says assaults on insurgents to continue.

16:00 Ramadi. Two killed in clashes. At least two people were killed and three others wounded in clashes between US troops and insurgents in Ramadi.

15:49 Baghdad. Fallujah offensive ends. Kassem Daud, Iraqi Minister for National Security, says Fallujah offensive has ended successfully.

15:49 Baghdad. Allawi: "Italian contingent will not be redeployed" The Italian contingent will not be moved from Nassiriya.

15:32 Baghdad. Zarqawi evades capture. US troops fail to capture Abu Mussab al Zarqawi or his senior aide, Abdallah al Janabi.

14:41 Fallujah. Iraqi soldier kidnapped. An Iraqi national guardsman was kidnapped outside Fallujah.

14:29 Washington. Fallujah assault terminated.

14:20 Fallujah. One thousand insurgents killed.

13:54 Baghdad. Allawi: "Assault on Fallujah will not last long."

13:33 Nassiriya. Allawi commemorates Italian dead. Iyad Allawi travels to the Italian contingent's Camp Mittica to commemorate victims of the suicide car bombing of 12 November 2003.

13:32 Fallujah. Red Crescent convoy arrives in Fallujah.

13:24 Baghdad. Allawi: "Italian troops needed until after the election."

12:52 Fallujah, US troops block Red Crescent Convoy

12:17 Baghdad. Allawi in Nassiriya.

11:46 Mosul. Abandoned US base sacked. Locals looted a building in US which had served until this morning as the US headquarters in Mosul. Trucks loaded with people pulled up and looted food, clothing and equipment abandoned by the US military.

10:26 Baghdad. USA: "Helicopters return to base. Four US helicopters damaged by insurgent fire returned to base.

10:24 Baghdad. Baghdad airport closed.

10:23 Nsjaf. Nighttime curfew imposed. Iragi General Ghaleb Jazairi declares midnight to 4 am curfew. Muslims celebrate the feast of Aid al-Fitr this weekend, which lasts 2 to 3 days.

09:29 Fallujah. Twenty mortar rounds fired at rebels. US forces fired mortar round at rebel position in northwest Jolan district of Fallujah.

08:57 Baghdad. Guerrillas raid hotel. Rebels engaged fire with hotel security guards in a hotel in the Karrada district of Baghdad.

08:56 Fallujah. Four US helicopters shot down. In two separate attacks, guerrillas shot down four US helicopters using small arms fire.


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