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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Iraq Timeline for Thursday

Iraq Timeline for Thursday

Fallujah: Insurgents substitute fiction for reality in the battle for Fallujah. The Shura Committe of the Fallujah Mudjahedeen announced the downing of two F-16's, 11 combat helicopters, 5 drones and on Chinook helicopter with 60 soldiers on board. The communique also said insurgents took 126 US soldiers, 123 Iraqi troops and 15 British soldiers prisoner. The communique mentions the destruction of 11 Abrams tanks, 9 armored vehicles and 13 Humvees. The text claims 400 US and 140 Iraqi killed in action as well as a US defector who is fighting alongside the insurgents.

United States: Clinton says Iraq has alienated the United States from the rest of the world during Presidential Library inauguration in Arkansas.

Syria: Claims of foreign fighters infiltrating into Iraq are exaggerated. The government daily as-Saoura says that since only 24 foreign fighters have been captured in Fallujah, claims of massive infiltration by foreign fighters are demonstratively exaggerated.

Reporters without Borders demand release of al Arabiya journalist. RWB demands release of TV journalist Abdel Kader al-Saadi held in custody by the US military.

Warsaw and Bratislava unhappy with withdrawal statements. Presidents Aleksander Kwasniewski and Ivan Gasparovichave have issued a joint communique declaring recent announcements of pullout by other coaliton countries preceding the January elections as dangerous. Poland has announced that it will replace Hungarian troops to be withdrawn from Iraq by order of parliament on 31 December.

21:41 Baghdad. Dozens arrested by Iraqi National Guard. Iraqi police have conducted a number of raids in Haifa Street in Baghdad, arresting dozens of people.

19:09 Fallujah Al Zarqawi headquarters found. US troops enter an imposing building and find writing on wall inside saying "Al Qaeda Organization."

19:03 Terrorist group threatens attacks during elections. Ansar al Sunna threatens to disrupt Iraqi elections in January.

16:39 Fallujah: Red Cross demands humanitarian relief corridor. Food, water and power are unavailable in Fallujah. Red Cross demands permission to enter the city in order to estimate humanitarian needs.

15:55 Zarqawi letters found. CNN reports al Zarqawi correspondence found.

13:09 DNA test to identify Margaret Hassan. British evacuate corpse to a third country for DNA tests to determine identity.

09:18 Baghdad carbombing: Police station in Yarmouk quarter bombed. Two dead, five wounded.

09:08 US bombs Fallujah.

09:06 Explosion in Kirkuk. Two workers and dead and another seriously wounded as they moved a car near a US military base.

09:00 Fallujah. Insurgents kill one marine and an Iraqi soldier.

08:55 Mossul. Three Iraqi national guardsmen and two police wounded in Mossul bombing.

08:45 Bajii and Samarra. Seven Iraqis killed in US raids.


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