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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wednesday 24 November Events in Iraq

Also in the news
Two high ranking Sunni clerics assassinated. Sheik Ghaleb Al-Zuheir was assassinated Tuesday 23 November in the town of Mikdadiya, 100 km northeast of Baghdad. The sheik was a member of the Committee of Iraqi Ulema and had called for a boycott of elections. The day before, Sheik Mohammed Al-Feydhi, brother of the spokesman for the Committee of Iraqi Ulema, was assassinated in Mossul.

US advisor calls for assassinations. Jim Steele, an advisor to Iraqi commando forces, recommends targeted assassination of suspected insurgent leaders (including clerics, apparently).

Flyers in Mossul: US troops are passing out flyers in Mossul reading, "Reward for information concerning terrorists." Street reaction: "I've had enough of the Americans. I am a Muslim and I will not squeal on a Muslim brother.", says Mosul shopowner Hashim Mahmud, 33, while sweeping the floor of his establishment, damaged during clashes between insurgents and US troops.

Iraqi National Guardsman and a civilian were killed Tuesday night in Mossul at a voter registration office in Mossul. Meanwhile unknown assailants looted and burned a warehouse where voter registration forms were stored.

Impeachment motion drafted in House of Commons. 23 MPs have drafted a motion of impeachment against Prime Minister Tony Blair, the first such action since 1806. It is not expected that the motion will be permitted to come to the floor for debate.


23:04 Shootout in Baghdad. US official killed:

21:38 Blind, autistic Iraqi jailed in Copenhagen. A blind, autistic 24 year-old Iraqi was jailed in Copenhagen on Wednesday for having made 165,000 phone calls to northern Iraq, a world record. The presiding magistrate in his hearing says the man hacked several payphones and mobile phones resulting in the blocking of Copenhagen's emergency switchboard. He was sentenced to 27 days in a Danish psychiatric hospital.

20:48 Oil closes in New York at $49.45 per barrel

20:31 Amman: Zarqawi's brother-in-law arrested. Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi's brother-in-law was arrested for the second time in four months by Jordanian authorities.

19:15 Egyptian helicopter brought down. An Egyptian military helicopter crashed into a hillside in the Sinai peninsula. The cause was pilot error.

18:50 Plane carrying Egyptian drug interdiction team shot down by small arms fire.

16:27 Mossul assassination attempts. Five persons, including one civilian,were killed in the attempted assassination of an Iraqi general and the region's deputy governor. Iraqi General Rachid Flaih escaped an assassination attempt. US troops killed four of the assailants. An earlier attempt was made on the life of the Vice Governor of the Province of Nineveh, killing one of his bodyguards.

15:55 Saddam get Red Cross visit.

15:44 Turkman notable assassinated. A Turkman fertilizer executive was assassinated today by unknown assailants in Kirkuk.

11:34 Carbomb in Baghdad: 3 dead. Carbomb targets Kharkh district in west Baghdad, killing 2 foreigners.

08:34 US casualty toll in Fallujah: Pentagon reports 51 KIA and 850 wounded in Fallujah assault.

08:16 US dollar value falls against euro. Euro climbs to 1.3115 dollars.

08:04 Pentangon announces number of wounded. The Pentagon announced that 9326 US troops have been wounded in Iraq since March 2003.

08:00 Samarra: Three are killed. An Iraqi national guardsman and 2 civilians, including a 4 year-old child, were killed in clashes in Samarra.

07:00 US launches military operations in Latifiya, Mahmudiya, Yussufiya, Iskandariya, Haswa and Mussayyeb.

06:54 Zarqawi dismisses Iraqi Ulema as traitors. Website broadcasts message to Iraqi Ulema from al-Zarqawi: "You have abandoned your faith and you revel into the pleasure of life while your Mujahedeen brethern conduct Jihad and sleep amidst flames. If you do not join the war as knights for God, you will have relinquished all to the women. You will have lost your masculinity."


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