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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Iraq Timeline for Saturday 20 November

21:20 Baiji, four wounded in clashes with US troops. Four Iraqi civilians, including a woman, were wounded in clashes with American troops in the main market square of Baiji.

19:20 Kirkuk, natural gas pipeline attacked.

17:07 Rebel leader wounded in Fallujah. Rebel leader and military strategist Omar Hadid was wounded but was able to escape from Fallujah, say insurgents.

16:38 Al Zarqawi claims credit for attack on police barracks in Baghdad. A commando raid on a police barracks in the Sunni suburb of Al Adhamiyah was organized by a group linked to Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.

16:15 Ramadi, five dead and ten wounded in US raid on city. US carried out house-to- house searches in Ramadi in which 5 civilians were killed and 10 wounded.

14:38 Mosul, 15 rebels killed.

14:11 Polish humanitarian worker freed. Teresa Borcz has been released, says Polish Premier Marek Belka.

13:53 Police barracks attacked, 10 are dead. Death toll rises in insurgent raid on police barracks this morning in al-Aadhamiyah. Four police and seven rebels were killed. A dozen bystanders were wounded and three police vehicles destroye.

13:31 Bagdad, ministry official assassinated. An official of the Ministry of Public Works was assassinated in Baghdad. Amal Abdel-Hamid al-Maamalji's car was ambushed in the al-Qadisiya by an armed gang. His driver and secretary were also killed.

12:57 Baghdad, US soldier killed. A US soldier was killed and nine others wounded when their patrol came under coordinated attack in Baghdad.

12:28 Two Iraqi military officers killed. Col. Ahmad Farouk was assassinated in the village of Heb Heb by unknown gunmen. Abboud Salboukh, an officer of the National Guard, was beheaded in al Kut, 175 km from Baghdad.

12:18 Explosion in Baghdad. A car bomb went off in downtown Baghdad, killing the bomber and a passer-by.

11:58 Two Kurdish hostages killed. Ansar al-Sunna guerrillas killed two Kurdish hostage and uploaded the video to the Internet. The Kurds were members of the PUK.

11:26 Powerful blast in Baghdad. Police barracks in Aadhamiyah attacked, three police killed.

10:40 $3000 dollar bounty per US soldier. Insurgents offer $3,000 bounty for any US soldier killed in Fallujah, Ramadi or Tikrit. Bounties of $2000 and $1000 were also offered per Iraqi solider or radical Shi'ite fighter killed, respectively.

10:37 Mossul, 9 bodies found. The bodies of 9 Iraqi security men were found shot and burned in Mossul. They had been travelling to join US troops preparing for an assault on Mossul.

10:36 Ex hostage says French reporters are in Latifiyah. Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot are in Latifiyah, says an Egyptian national taken hostage then released.

10:35 US offensive in Ramadi

10:32 Three Iraqi police killed. Rebel commando attacks police barracks in the Sunni suburb of Aadhamiyah, northwest of Baghdad. Violent combat ensued as the area was sealed off and US helicopters hovered overhead.


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