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Monday, November 22, 2004

Iraq Timeline for Monday 22 November

19:35 Powell will brief Quartet at Sharm el Sheik. US Secretary of State Colin Powell is to brief Quartet members on his trip to Tel Aviv and Jerico tomorrow at Sharm el Sheik.

19:07 Arab countries in favor of postponement of elections. Egypt, Jordan and Arab League let it be known that they prefer a postponement of elections beyond 30 January 2005 to permit higher voter participation.

18:47 Bulgaria does not intend to cancel Iraq debt. Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Ghergana Granciarova and government spokesman Dimitar Tzonev say Bulgaria will not cancel debt.

18:39 Sharm, draft declaration prepared. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit has announced that countries bordering on Iraq have approved a declaration to be released tomorrow. 19 foreign ministers are participating in the conference: Iraq, G-8, Iraq's neighbors, Egypt, China, United States, the UN, the EU, the Arab League and the OIC. The Quartet will also be meeting: Colin Powell for the USA, Kofi Annan for the UN, Xavier Solana for the European Union and Serghiei Lavrov for Russia.

17:09 Egyptian Foreign Secretary opens Sharm el Sheikh conference.

16:32 Marine killed in Fallujah. 29 year-old Ivy League alumnus Lance Cpl. Dimitri Gavriel quit his job as an analyst for a Wall Street investment bank to join the Marines; he was killed in an explosion in Fallujah over the weekend. Gavriel's remark, Locked, cocked and ready to rock, before the assault on Fallujah was quoted around the world

16:29 Fallujah, first humanitarian convoy enters city. US forces have permitted a Red Crescent convoy to carry food and medical supplies to a hospital inside Fallujah.

16:27 Sharm, meeting of Iraq's neighbors.

14:24 Oil pipeline sabotage slows oil exports. An blast in an oil pipeline in southern Iraq supplying the Basrah terminal has reduced oil flow to 750.000 barrels per day. The blast occured at 9:00 am this morning.

13:26 Baghdad, US soldier killed in a rebel attack outside the city.

13:17 Bagdad, child killed by morter shell. A mortar rounded landed in the Bab al-cheikh residential quarter of Baghdad, killing a child and wounding four adults, including a woman.

13:09 Iran to host security summit of Iraq neighbors. Iran will host talks for security ministers on 30 November in Teheran.

13:08 Quartet to meet tomorrow in Sharm.

12:23 UK: Troops to stay throughout 2005. UK troops to deploy to bases outside metropolitan Basrah and will remain through 2005, says Gen. Sir Mike Jackson.

11:59 Mosul, four more bodies found

11:24 Mossul, Ulema committee member assassinated. Sheik Faidh Mophammad Amin al Faidhi was assassinated as he left a mosque in the Rifak quarter of Mossul

11:10 Ba'ath Party: Sharm conference useless. The clandestine Ba'ath party dismisses Sharm al Sheik conference.

09:55 Shootout in Baghdad, one dead and two British nationals arrested. Shootout between British nationals and forcesof the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior.

09:22 International community meets in Sharm el Sheik

09:19 Zarqawi group takes credit for anti-American bombing. Group claims reponsibility for yesterday's attack in the Doha quarter of Baghdad which caused no casualties.

09:13 Alleged Sunni rebel commander captured. Marines capture six persons in Haqlaniya, claiming one of them is a Sunni rebel leader.


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