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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thursday 25 November Events in Iraq

Other News
Iran accuses US of funding Iranian counter-revolutionary groups. The Peoples' Mujahedeen, the PUK (Iran), and the Komala (Kurdish Maoists) are funded by the US, says Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi, commander of the Guardians of the Revolution. The US has also recruited 20,000 Bassidjiis (Iranian militants) to foment instability in Sistan-Baluchistan, an Iranian province on the Afghan frontier.

Two-thirds of Japanese oppose presence of national contingent in Iraq. A survey conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) indicated that 61% of Japanese disapprove on the continuing Japanese mission in Iraq.

Member of Turkish parliament calls Fallujah assault "genocide". Mehmet Elkatmis, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, assails US military action in Fallujah.

Iraqi Government to meet with rebel representatives. The Iraqi caretaker goverment will meet with representatives of the insurgents in Amman, Jordan, including representatives of the outlawed Ba'ath Party.

General Geoffrey Miller relieved of command. Gen. Miller, appointed 7 months ago to command US detention centers in Iraq, has been relieved by General William Brandenburg.

17:39 Baghdad: Assassination of American official. A group linked to al Zarqawi claimed reponsibility for the assassination of Jim Mollet, a 48 year-old Dept of State employee, as he was driving his car near the Green Zone.

16:33 Mossul: Zarqawi lieutenant arrested. Abu Said, said to be a close collaborator of al Zaqawi, was arrested in Mossul.

16:29 Fallujah: 2,085 killed in US assault. Iraqi Minister for National Security Kassim Daoud, says 2 085 people killed and 1 600 taken prisoner in Fallujah assault. Most are not identified. The minister declined to indicate if the victims were civilians or insurgents.

16:21 Carbomb in Samarra kills three and wounds 13.

16:07 Fallujah, chemical lab found. US troops claim they have found a chemical laboratory and a manual on the cultivation of anthrax spores.

15:56 Jordan, Zarqawi nephew arrested. A 22 year-old nephew of al Zarqawi was arrested in Jordan.

15:10 Baghdad, explosion in downtown area. Reuters reporters say smoke rising from a quarter north of the Green Zone. Residents near the airport say other explosions were heard near the location where thousands of US troops were eating Thanksgiving dinner.

15:00 Carbombing in Samarra, 10 wounded. Four civilians and six police were wounded in a carbombing in Samarra.

14:01 Kirkuk: pipeline sabotaged.

12:30 Baiji: pipeline sabotaged. Pipeline sabotaged near Baijii, despite the deployment of 2,000 national guard to protect infrastructures.

11:20 Arrests in Baghdad. The Black Watch arrests 55 people in south Baghdad, confiscating weapons, money and video cassettes.

09:30 Basrah: insurgents arrested. Two Saudis, two Tunisians and one Libyan were arrested in Basrah. They are alleged to have fled from Fallujah and were preparing several bombings targeting Iraqi troops.


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