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Monday, November 29, 2004

29 November Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Debate on elections continues. The debate concerning the postponement of the elections scheduled for January 30 continues. Moderate Sunni politician Adnan Pachachi, the originator of the petition to delay elections, has repeated his opinion that the present atmosphere of insecurity will dissuade many Iraqis from voting. Mr Pachachi's close collaborator and vice chairman of Pachachi's Independent Democrats Movement, Saad Abdelrazzak, is quoted as saying, There is the undeniable reality that the climate of security in Iraq is not conducive to holding elections. Fuad al-Rawi, member of the Iraqi Islamic Party led by Muhsin 'Abd al-Hamid, which had joined with Mr. Pachachi in petitioning for a delay, insists that the petition for a six months' delay is realistic. In London, after meeting with Iraqi Vice Premier Barham Saleh, Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that the vast majority of Iraqis want to chose their own government within the framework of free elections. It will be a difficult task, nevertheless the Iraqi people are accustomed to overcoming obstacles. Foreign Minister Jack Straw has recognized that it will be difficult to organize the elections for the scheduled date, 30 January 2005. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that he sees no reason why elections should be delayed.

Iran, accused by both Washington and Baghdad of working to destabilize Iraq, will open a ministerial conference Tuesday on Iraqi security issues to which Iraq, its neighbors and Egypt are invited. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Assefi affirmed that the Teheran conference would result in concrete actions to stop infiltrations of terrorists into Iraq.

General Abizaid warns Iran that the US military is not overdeployed and hints at a nuclear option. Genereal John Abizaid warned that the US military was not overdeployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. That the Iranians would want to act against us in an overt manner obliging us to deploy our air or naval power astounds me. We are capable of unleashing more military power per square centimeter than any other nation on earth and everyone knows it. If you consider our nuclear capabiity, the world must clearly understand that no power on earth can match us militarily.

Indonesian Islamist group says it will send fighters to Fallujah. The Defenders of Islam Front has opened a recruiting office in Indonesia and has already signed up 300 volunteers, says organizer Machsuni Kaloko.

Turkey, US and Iraq to discuss security for truck drivers. Representatives will meet tomorrow in Ankara to discuss increased security measures for Turkish truck drivers. More than 60 Turks have been killed in ambushes and kidnappings in Iraq.


21:56 Raid on mosque: imam arrested. US troops and Iraqi forces raid the Sunni mosque in Amiriyah, near Fallujah, and arrest Imam Shawkat al Ani while he was in the process of distributing humanitarian aid and food rations to the citizenry, says Abdul Salam al Kubaisi.

19:16 Costly month for US forces in terms of lives. 134 US troops have been killed in action during the month of November.

19:09 Baghdad, thirteen marines wounded. Thirteen US marines were wounded and two civilian wounded in a mortar attack on a US base south of Baghdad.

18:55 Cairo, message from al Zawahri. Egyptian physician and radical Islamist Ayman al Zawahri said al Qaeda had no interest in outcome of US elections in a tape sent to al Jazeera.

18:05 Baghdad carbombing kills seven police. Seven Iraqi police were killed and nine wounded in a carbombing of a checkpoint in al Hit, west of the capital.

16:57 Kidnapped French reporters. Mohammad al-Joundi, the driver for two French reporters kidnapped in Iraq makes a public plea for their release while on a visit to France.

15:44 Pipeline sabotaged in Samarra. An oil pipeline in Dura, near Samarra, is sabotaged with two bombs, causing an oil spill.

15:41 Carbombing in Baghdad. Four Iraqi national guard were killed and three wounded in a carbombing of a checkpoint in Motassem, al Anbar Province.

14:27 Two US soldiers killed in Baghdad. Two US soldiers were killed and three others wounded by a roadside bomb on a Baghdad street.

11:27 Ramadi carbombing. Hospital sources in Ramadi reported 12 deaths and 10 wounded in a carbombing of a police station where officers had queued to receive their monthly salary.


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