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Sunday, November 28, 2004

28 November Events in Iraq

Other News

Petition to delay elections encounters legal technicality. The 15 Iraqi political parties which had petitioned for a postponement of the Iraqi elections scheduled for January backed down when it was realized the delay would have caused a legal vacuum, voiding the legitimacy of the caretaker government. Article 2 of the provisional Iraqi Constitution states that elections must take place before 31 January 2005.

3 Americans killed in Masnaa, Lebanon. A truck with Kuwaiti plates crossing from Syria into Lebanon rammed a minibus carrying Americans returning to Lebanon from Jordan, killing three and wounding three others. In the accident two Lebanese, two Jordanians and the Syrian truck driver were also killed. The Americans who perished were children: Samuel Charles McKenzy, Abigail Charles McKenzy and Dayle Mary.

After Star Wars, US military turns to H. Rider Haggard. The US has dubbed an Iraqi commando squad which it has trained as the Black Scorpions. (Missed the chance to call them the Phalanx of the Vizier, Assassins of the Casbah or Legion of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed).

Three rebels killed in clashes south of Baghdad. Three rebels were killed and several wounded in clashes with US, British and Iraqi troops. Two US marines were killed in the same operation.

Two US soldiers were wounded on Sunday by a booby-trapped car on the Baghdad airport highway.

Baquba, three dead. Three Iraqis including an elderly woman were wounded in a mortar attack on a police station.

Rabat, Morocco. 45 thousand demonstrate against US occupation of Iraq.

Son of Kofi Annan implicated in Oil for Food scandal. Kojo Annan, son of Kofi Annan received $2500 per month for four years from the Swiss corporation Cotecna, a UN contractor for the UN Oil for Food program.

Iyad Allawi to fly to Jordan to meet Iraqi political opponents in exile.

Iran willing to train and equip Iraqi border guards. Ali Asghar Ahmadi, Vice Interior Minister in Charge of Security Affairs, says Iran is willing to prepare and to arm Iraqi border guards.

Japan requests protection of its contingent by British troops. The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shiimbun writes that after the pullout of Dutch troops from Samawa scheduled for March 2005, Japan will ask for protection of its contingent from the UK.

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durao Barroso, pleads for money from member states for Iraq reconstruction.


19:40 Baghdad: Five US soldiers killed over three days. Two US soldiers died on Friday and three others today in al Anbar province.

19:02 Southern pipeline ablaze. Smugglers managed to divert the flow of oil from a southern pipeline connecting the Rumailah fields with the port of Basrah. The pipeline subsequently caught fire and oil flow is now shut down.

17:31 Italian general visits troops. Gen. Giulio Fraticello, chief of Italy's general staff, visited Camp Babylon and the "strategic" bridge over the Euphrates at Nassiriya.

17:18 US soldier dies in road accident. A soldier of the First Infantry Division was killed when his truck plunged into a canal near the city of Sadiyah.

16:43 Mossul: Al Zarqawi claims responsibility for the death of 17 members of Iraq's security forces.

15:18 Sunday Times has video of French hostages. Video dates from beginning of November.

14:28 Samarra, carbomb death toll rises. Six dead and five wounded in Samarra carbombing.

12:11 Sammara carbombing. Three dead and five wounded in carbombing near high school.

11:07 Japanese defense minister renews troop commitment. Japanese Defense Minister Takahiro Ono says Japanese troops to remain in Iraq until the end of 2005.

10:50 Carbomb explodes on road to airport; two wounded.

10:07 Mossul: 17 bodies found. Another 17 corpses, likely to be Iraqi National Guardsmen, have been found in Mossul by US forces.

07:48 Baghdad: carbomb explodes. No reports of deaths but the wounded were evacuated for hospitalization by helicopter.

07:08 Blast heard in downtown Baghdad. A column of smoke was seen rising from the Green Zone.


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