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Friday, December 03, 2004

December 3 Events in Iraq

16:42 LONDON. North Sea Brent falls to under $39.00 per barrel.

16:39 WASHINGTON - Bush to receive Iraqi President al Yawar on December 6. Ghazi al Yawar will meet at the White House with President Bush on December 6 to discuss the security situation in Iraq. Al Yawar will be travelling with Industry Minister Hajem al-Hassani, Defense Minister Cheikh Hazem Chaalane, Transportation Minister Luaï al-Aris and Minister for Public Works Nesrine al-Barouari.

16:14 NEW YORK - Oil prices decline. Oil prices fall another 1.5% to $42.60 per barrel.

15:17 KIRKUK - A roadside bomb exploded near Kirkuk, northern Iraq, killing a US soldier and wounding another ten.

13:19 MOSSUL - Two separate attacks kill 6. An attack by rebels on the governor's residence killed 5 and wounded 17. An attack on a US patrol in the restive Yarmuk district kills a passerby and wounds his son.

13:08 WASHINGTON - Rumsfeld admits underestimating chances of rebellion. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tells Fox News that he underestimated the possibility of an insurgency in Iraq.

12:20 KARLSRUHE - Three arrested in plot to kill Allawi. Three Iraqis suspected of planning an assassination attempt on Iyad Allawi were arrested in police raids in Berlin, Augsburg and Stuttgart. The three are thought to be members of Ansar al Sunna. Allawi is in Germany for talks with Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer.

11:00 DUBAI - A group linked to Abu Mussab Zarqawi claims credit for this morning's series of bombings in Baghdad, which claimed the lives of at least 26 people.

10:38 KIEV - Ukrainian parliament votes to pull troops out of Iraq. 257 out of 450 representatives voted for the pullout. The Ukraine has a contingent of 1,600 troops in Iraq.

08:27 BAGHDAD - Carbomb kills 14. A carbomb exploded in the ad Aadhamiya district of Baghdad in the north of the city, a haven for Saddam loyalists. The bomb targeted a Shi'a mosque and claimed 14 victims.

08:14 BASRAH - Firebomb destroys elections office in Basrah, no injuries reported.

08:03 BAGHDAD - Raid on police station kills 11. Eleven police were killed in an hour-long rebel raid on the imposing Seydiya police station in the Al Amela quarter in the south of the capital. Six others were wounded. The building was attacked from all sides. As police fled the building, they were shot by snipers located on nearby rooftops. Hundreds of shell casings were seen on the ground. Following the raid, the area was sealed off by a massive deployment of security forces. Two police vans were set ablaze

07:08 BAGHDAD - Raid on police station, reports of wounded. A rebel raid on a police station in the Amil district of west Baghdad wounds several police. Police vehicles were also set ablaze.


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