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Thursday, December 02, 2004

December 2 Events in Iraq

Amman: Sunni tribal leaders say they again requested a delay in the elections scheduled for 30 January to permit all Sunnis to vote.

Fallujah: US military condemned to perpetual autocracy. Since the assault on Fallujah, municipal administrators are nowhere to be seen. City officials show no desire to cooperate with the Americans in governing the city following the siege.

Fallujah: Rebels are infiltrating back into city. Insurgents are filtering back into the districts which the US military has already cleared of arms and personnel. As a result, house-to-house searches must be repeated.

200 000 residents fled assault on Fallujah. The UN has published a report saying that 2/3 of Fallujah's citizens fled the city before the start of the assault. None have returned to the city, which continues to lack power, water and other essential services and utilities.

Samarra, one killed and six wounded. A carbombing of a checkpoint near Samarra kills one Iraqi and wounds 6 others, including three national guardsmen.

New York. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroöder and French President Jacques Chirac have publically supported Kofi Annan to counter a demand by US Senator Norm Coleman that Mr. Annan resign.

Ankara. Iraq and Turkey may soon reach an agreement to stop Kurdish rebels in Turkey from using Iraq as a sanctuary. Iraqi Vice President Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in Ankara for talks, says he is making every effort to find a solution.

Beirut: Moqtada al Sadr has refused to join Ayatollah Sistani united Shi'ite slate but has not decided whether to boycott the January elections. Sadr spokesman Abdel Hadi al-Daraje says he believes the elections will be rigged.

20:16 Beirut: Shi'ite leader may boycott Iraqi elections. During an Arab-Islamic conference in Beirut, Iraqi party leader Sheik Jawad al-Khalisi, founder of the secular, interfaith National Foundation Congress, set conditions for the 30 January elections to select a 275-seat national assembly. Al-Khalisi had demanded international observers and a specially-appointed, transparent, elections committee.

20:00 Beirut, Iraqi Association of Muslim Scholars to boycott elections. After meeting with Premier Iyad Allawi, Muthana Hareth al-Dari, spokesman for the Sunni-led Iraqi Association of Muslim Scholars, says his group will not participate in elections as long as the United States continues to occupy Iraq.

15:56 Tikrit: Containers with toxic chemical substance found in Tikrit. Iraqi forces found 2 containers of a toxic chemical substance in Tikrit, north of Bahgdad.

15:24 Baquba, two city councilmen assassinated. Hachem Kazem, 60 and Abdel Rassoul Mohammad, 65, both Baquba city councilmen, were assassinated by shotgun-wielding rebels.

13:47 Carbomb in Baiji, one dead and two wounded. A suicide carbomber blew himself up at an Iraqi national guard checkpoint near Baiji, north of Baghdad, killing a civlian and two guards.

13:45 Mossul: Iraqi forces kill 10 insurgents. Iraqi security forces kill 10 insurgents in the al-Isla quarter of Mossul. Two police were wounded.

11:20 Tikrit: Provincial council member kidnapped. Damàir Shaker, member of the Sulemaniya provincial council was kinapped. A carload of rebels forced her car over to the side of the road and forced her from the car at gunpoint.

9:55 Clashes in Mossul between insurgents and Iraqi security forces.

09:50 Baghdad: Mortar rounds strike Green Zone, two dead. A rebel mortar attack in the Karrada quarter near the Green Zone struck the Iraqna Telephone Company offices. One civilian was killed and 11 wounded.

09:41 Mortar rounds fired at Green Zone.

09:39 1500 fresh US troops to be deployed to Iraq for election security.

09:19 Baghdad: Roadside bomb kills US soldier. A roadside bomb explodes in Baghad as a US patrol passed nearby, killing 1 US soldier and wounding 4 others.

06:48 UN rebuffs call for resignation of Kofi Annan. The UN rebuffed a call by US Senator Norm Coleman for the resignation of Kofi Annan for reasons of corruption.


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