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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December 1 Events in Iraq

Amman: Iyad Allawi met with dozens of Sunni Iraqi tribal dignitaries, politicians and businessmen in a heavily fortified hotel in downtown Amman, Jordan, to encourage their participation in the 30 January elections. Nearly 100,000 Iraqi exiles live in Jordan.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK, a Leninist movement led by Jalal Talabani) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP, nationalist movement led by Massud Barzani) have set aside their rivalry to form a united slate for the upcoming elections. The two parties, which control northern Iraq, hope to win a block of seats in the new national assembly in order to assure the federal character of Iraq in the constitution which the assembly will draft.

Teheran: A ministerial conference on security in Iraq met for two days (30 November -1 December) in Teheran. The closing resolution called for greater regional cooperation in defeating the rebels but little in the way of concrete action. Iran proposed the drafting of a joint communiqué calling for the complete withdrawal of US troops following the January elections but this was opposed by representatives of the Iraqi caretaker government. The interior ministers of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt insisted on wording guaranteeing the independence and territorial integrity of Iraq and the right of the its residents to stability and security. Conference participants also pledged to combat money laundering linked to terrorism, smuggling, drug running and weapons trafficking. The resolution also called for the respect of religious sites, which was included as a concession to Iran by the Iraqi delegation, given Teheran's vociferous complaints concerning the destruction of Najaf and Karbala by US forces.

Abu Ghraib. US high command informed of torture. The Washington Post writes that a secret report written by Col Stuart Herrington (Ret.) on the activities of Task Force 121 (Special Operations and CIA personnel) inside the prison was given to the chiefs of staff one month before the scandal broke.

24:00 Fallujah, 71 marines killed in action in the city during the month of November.

19:58 Baquba, 3 children killed and 5 adults wounded in mortar attack.

19:46 Gold climbs to 16-year high. The price of gold reached $455.20 per ounce, the higest price since 1988.

19:03 Price of petroleum falls to $46,30 per barrel, $2.83 lower than yesterday at the close.

18:53 Samarra: 4 Iraqi national guard killed.

18:22 Washington: US to deploy more troops to Iraq. One thousand additional troops departed Fort Bragg for Iraq. Also, at least two brigades scheduled to return home will remain in Iraq until after the elections.

17:00 Baghdad: 2 civilians killed in bombing of Duluhiya bridge.

15:42 Baghdad: al Yawar confirms 30 January election date. Despite calls to postpone elections, Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar says date will not change. "We have the moral and legal duty to hold to that date."

15:36 Body found in Fallujah not Margaret Hassan. Dental chart comparison proves body of western female found in Fallujah is not kidnapped hostage Margaret Hassan.

14:35 Baiji: 2 Turkish truck drivers ambushed and killed.

14:27 Dubai: Ansar al Sunna claims responsibilty for executions. Ansar al Sunna claims responsibility for the excution of three “collaborators” working for the US Marine Corps."The mujaheddin brothers captured three men in civilian attire along the strategic Baghdad-Ramadi highway who had been working for the marines at their base in al Asad." The three men, all Iraqis, were killed by pistolshot.

13:18 Iskandariyah: carbombing at a coalition checkpoint. A suicide carbomber drove his car into a coalition checkpoint near Iskandariyah, 50 km south of Baghdad. The blast killed one person and wounded another.

11:53 Iskandariya, Marines and Black Watch conduct raids as part of Operation Plymouth Rock. Hundreds of US marines and Black Watch guards conducted raids on farmhouses on the western bank of the Euphrates using tanks and armored vehicles. They were looking for Ba'athist insurgents. 15 persons were arrested.

11:18 Latifiya, checkpoint bombing kills 1, wounds 7. A suicide carbomber crashes into a checkpoint in Latifiya, south of Baghdada, and kills 1, wounds 7

11:10 Kirkuk pipeline sabotaged, attack on repair crew. Engineers working to repair damage caused by sabotage to a pipeline in Safra, 80 km southwest of Kirkuk, were attacked by rebels. One was wounded.

09:30 Carbombing on highway to Baghdad Airport , 3 wounded. A suicide carbomb this morning on the road to Baghdad Airport wounded three civilians. US troops sealed off the area after the blast.

08:09 Kabul: Insurgents down aircraft killing 6 Americans. The wreckage of a plane carrying 3 US military personnel and 3 civilian crewmembers was found in the Province of Bamiyan in the Hindu Kush. The plane crashed on Saturday after takeoff from Bagram Air Base outside Kabul headed for a secret destination. It is believed the plane was downed by rebel fire.

06:10 US senator demands resignation of Kofi Annan. Senator Norm Colemen demands resignation of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan over the involvement of his son, Kojo Annan, in the Oil for Food scandal.


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