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Monday, December 06, 2004

December 6 Events in Iraq

Jeddah: US Consulate attacked, 12 dead. Five consular employees, 4 members of the Saudi security forces and 3 gunmen were killed in an attack on the US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A group of five radical Islamists armed with machine guns and explosives broke through a compound barrier in an old car, killing four compound guards. Once inside, the attackers detonated explosives, setting fire to one of the low-rise buildings in the compound, and took 18 consular employees hostage. After a violent gunbattle, Saudi forces killed three of the group and surrounded the other two. Five were wounded in the incident, including police and Sudanese workers.

Ramallah: PLO supports Iraqi resistance. Farook Kaddumi, PLO Foreign Minister has expressed his support of the Iraqi insurgency and hopes they defeat "the occupier".

United Iraqi Alliance. Mainstream Shi'ite political parties supported by the influential chieftain of Sunni Shamaar tribe (the uncle of Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar) as well as by Kurdish and Turkmen parties, have forged a common slate of candidates for the 30 January elections. Dubbed the United Iraqi Alliance, the slate was approved by Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the most influential Shi'ite dignitary in Iraq. Also, Sistani's office announced the release of Shi'ite electoral committee coordinator Mohammed Hachem al-Yehya, arrested yesterday by US forces.

48 political movements, 18 political parties and 30 persons have registered more than 600 candidates for the January elections, says the spokesman for the Iraqi Electoral Commission, Farid Ayar.

Canada reviews case of conscientious objector. Canada will examine the request for asylum sought by US paratrooper Jeremy Hinzman, 26. Hinzman is in Canada with his Laotian wife, Nga Nguyen, and their son, Liam. Hinzman, serving in the 82nd Airborne Division, has already served in Afghanistan. He fled to Canada in early 2004 after the rejection of his status as conscientious objector.

Damascus: Syrian President meets with Iraqi VP. Syrian President Bachir el-Assad met yesterday in Damascus with Iraqi Vice President Ibrahim al-Jaafari to discuss bilateral relations. Al-Jaafari's visit was unannounced.

In the Shi'a heartland, 600 notables from five provinces have announced the intention of forming common political institutions, laying down the groundwork for regional autonomy comparable to that enjoyed by the Kurds in the north of the country. The provisional constitution recognizes the federal character of Iraq and provides for considerable autonomy to the Kurds, who live in three provinces in northern Iraq.

20:14 World Bank approves three reconstruction grants. Three reconstruction agreements for a total of $145 million were granted by the World Bank to the Iraqi caretaker government.

17:01 US troops sue US Government. Eight American soldiers serving in Iraq and Kuwait sue US Government, which has obliged them to serve overseas beyond their contractual time limit.

16:25 Berlin: Further raids. German police raid residence in connection with an investigation of a foiled assassination on Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

16:04 Hilla: Three Iraqi soldiers killed, eleven wounded. Three Iraqi national guardsmen were killed when their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb in the village of Jabella. Eleven others were wounded.

14:54 Ansar Al-Sunna claims credit in Tikrit attack. Ansar Al-Sunna has admitted carrying out yesterday's attack in Tikrit targeting a bus transporting 30 Iraqi workers to their place of employment, run by a US firm. The attack killed 20 workers.

11:24 Border crossings to Jordan reopened. Jordanian police report that border crossings into Iraq have reopened following the detonation of a truckbomb at Trebil on Saturday which killed two US soldiers.

11:17 Iraqi national guard confiscates tons of weapons. The Iraqi National Guard says it has found "tons of weapons" from clandestine factories in Baghdad, Latifiya, Falluja, Tarmiya and Habibiya over the last few weeks.

10:54 Turkman Front militant kidnapped. Anji Tarek, a verterinarian and Turkman Front member was kidnapped in front of this home by armed men.

10:47 Al Anbar police official kidnapped and slain. An Iraqi police lieutenant was kidnapped last night from the city police station and was found dead this morning, his body shot through of holes.

10:03 Karbala: Attack on elections office, one dead and two wounded.un morto e due feriti a Kerbala. A group of insurgents attacked an elections office at dawn in the Shi'ite city of Karbala. A watchman was killed and two wounded in the destruction of the office.

09:33 Baghdad. Iraqi collaborator with US military killed. An Iraqi civilian was killed in Haifa street in downtown Baghdad by insurgents following clashes with US troops. The man was suspected of collaborating with US forces. Guerrillas were also spotted near the Green Zone.

09:02 Three marines killed in separate incidents. Three marines of the First Expeditionary Corps were killed in separate incidents. No details available.

08:43 Samarra: Oil pipeline sabotaged. Rebels dynamite oil pipeline near Samarra. The flow of petroleum was interrupted in order to put out the resulting blaze.

08:15 Baquba. Assassination attempt on police official kills 9 year-old child. A 9 year-old child was killed and two adults wounded in when unknown gunmen opened fire on Col. Abdel Jalil Ibrahim as he left his home for work. His driver was wounded. Also, two ex-Saddam era army officiers were murderd during the night.

07:52 Zebari: "Violence will not halt elections" Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari tells BBC in an interview that elections will be held 30 January as scheduled.

07:35 Baghdad: US troops make arrests. US troops have arrested 14 Iraqis suspected of leading terrorist cells in the north of the country. They will be transferred to a US military facility and interrogated.

07:22 Clashes west of Bagdad, two marines killed. Two marines were killed in al Anbar province.

05:14 Ottawa: Canada prepared to send elections observers to Iraq. PM Paul Martin says the Canadian government is ready to send elections observers to Iraq, if necessary.


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