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Sunday, December 05, 2004

December 5 Events in Iraq.

United Nations negotiator Lakhdar Brahimi tells the German business newspaper NRC Handelsblad that it is impossible to hold elections in Iraq under the current conditions.

Mossul: US troops raid mosque. Sheik Abdel Sattar Mohammed, imam of the mosque, says US forces destroyed two walls during the raid. There is a report that 2 US soldiers and 6 rebels were killed in a clash outside the mosque grounds.

Fallujah: US marines order Red Crescent personnel out of Fallujah.

Baghdad: UNICEF report contested. Iraqi Health Minister Alaa Abdessahab al-Aluane contests the UNICEF finding that child malnutrition is on the rise in Iraq.

Moscow: Allawi visits Russia. Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has arrived in Moscow for a 2-day visit to include talks with President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin hopes to renew certain lucrative contracts made with Iraq during the Saddam era in exchange for the cancellation of $8 billion dollars in debt.

Baghdad. Sistani collaborator arrested by US troops. US forces have arrested Mohammad Hachem al-Yehya, coordinator for the six-person Marjaiya Committee, the highest Shi'ite authority. A spokesman for al Yehya in Najar promised "grave consequences" if he is not released. Al Yehya had been working on the Shi'ite slate of candidates planned for the January 30th elections.

17:30 Damàir Shaker, member of the Sulemaniya provincial kidnapped on Thursday by rebels, was found dead near Baija, 200 km north of Baghdad.

17:00 Baquba, Saddam-era intelligence officer assassinated. Zaid Hassan al-Karchi was assassinated by unknown gunmen.

16:46 Latifiya: Iraqi national guardsmen killed, four others wounded. Rebels attack US-Iraqi convoy with RPGs on the highway linking Baghdad with the south of the country.

15:00 Mahmoudiyah, rebels pamphlet town. Rebels affixed Ansar al Sunni flyers to shopwindows and government buildings in Mahmoudiyah, threatening death to collaborators.

14:20 Elections, Sunni parties request postponement. The Sunni political parties have asked for a 6-month delay in the elections scheduled for 30 January. Another petition was presented to the caretaker government today.

12:35 Al Sadr to join Ayatollah Al Sistani's mega slate. The radical Shi'a leader Moqtada al Sadr will participate in the January elections by adding his list of candidates to the mega-slate proposed by Ayatollah Sistani, says Sadr spokesman Sheik Ali Smeisen, indicating that representatives of both sides had reached an agreement.

10:45 Mosul, attack on US troops kills two. Two US soldiers were killed and four others wounded when their vehicle was ambushed by rebels. The victims, all part of Task Force Olympia, were shot.

10:08 Ambush in Tikrit, 17 civilians killed, 13 wounded. 17 Iraqis were killed and 13 wounded when the bus that was transporting them to their worksite, a weapons collection center, was ambushed by rebels. The victims were all employees of a US firm.

09:15 Four Iraqi national guardsmen killed. At least four national guardsmen were killed and fourteen wounded when a carbomb targeted their convoy in Baiji. The local commander and his 3-man escort were also killed.

09:14 Iraqi national guard general escapes assassination attempt. General Anwar Ahmed Amin, Commander of the Kirkuk national guard escaped assassination. A roadside bomb hit his vehicle as he was travelling towards the northern oil fields 25 km west of Kirkuk. No injuries reported.


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