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Sunday, December 26, 2004

December 26 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Lawyer for Tarek Aziz to demand release of his client. Bady Aref Izzat, lawyer for Tarek Aziz, will ask for the release of Aziz on grounds of insufficient evidence. No charge has been brought agaist him...the law required that a charge be filed against him personally.

Armenian Parliament approves deployment. The Armenian Parliament has approved a request by the government to deploy 43 non-combat military personnel to Iraq. The vote was 91 to 23. Armenian youth organizations have protested the decision, saying that the 20,000 Iraqis of Armenian origin might suffer consequences because of the decision.

Washington. Bush to request $80 billion for Iraq in February.

London. British Intelligence reorganized. The Director of MI-6, John Scarlett, has announced a reorganization of British intelligence and intends to separate intelligence gathering from analysis.

Baghdad. Iraqi Electoral Commission rejects a proposal by the United States to guarantee a certain number of seats in the national assembly to Sunni Arabs, even if Sunni political parties do no do well in the January elections.

Baiji. A man and his son were killed by a roadside bomb and a Turkish truck driver was ambushed and killed by unknown assailants.

Damascus. Syria denies accusations that it is behind the Iraqi guerrilla movement. Threatening statements by certain American and regional Arab officials against Syria are part of a concerted effort by them and Israeli media to demonize our country. reports the government daily, Al-Baas.

Mossul. Identity of suicide bomber revealed. Ansar al-Sunna has produced a video showing an explosion inside what appears to be Camp Maretz and footage of the bomber, identified as Abu Omar Al-Mussuli, being cheered by militants.

Chorgat. A city councilman of this town, south of Mosul, was kidnapped from his home between Saturday and Sunday.

Baghad. A member of the National Democratic Party was shot dead by unknown gunmen. Party leader Mithal al-Alloussi says the victim had been threatened after participating in an anti-Syria demonstration.

Karbala. A family of seven was killed in the explosion of their home.

Karbala. Two arrests. One man was arrested for possession of 3,000 mortar rounds. Another was arrested for possession of detonators.

Baghdad. Allawi : The vote is more powerful than bullets. Premier Allawi promises transparent and open elections next month in Iraq in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Iraqis will have a unique opportunity to close the chapter on tyranny, which lasted decades, and to take the first steps towards the future.

Baghdad. Pachachi. Sunni politician Adnan Pachachi announced yesterday that he has refused to join Mr. Allawi's election list, saying that he wishes to keep his political party independent. Allawi had invited the Movement of Independent Democrats to join his slate. Pachachi indicates that it was impossible to agree on the number of candidates to run and on the order in which their names would appear on Allawi's slate. Pachachi also denied that some of his party's candidates had joined Allawi's list.

15:42 Baghdad. Six dead between Baghdad and Samarra. Six people died in separate incidents this morning.

13:31 Mossul. Three US soldiers wounded in bombing. A roadside bomb blew up a US military vehicle in the Masaref district, wounding three soliders.

09:04 Baghdad. Police official assassinated. Col. Yassin Ibrahim Jawad was assassinated my masked gunmen as he was being driven to work. His two bodyguards were wounded.


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