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Monday, December 27, 2004

December 27 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Minister for Human Rights admits that 353 foreigners and 10,000 Iraqis are held in US and UK prisons throughout Iraq.

Yussufiya. Fifty persons arrested. US troops have rounded up more that 50 people suspected of links to the rebels.

Ramadi. The bodies of six executed Iraqis accused of collaboration were found in and around the city.

Damascus. Syrian Foreign Minister Farook el-Chareh says expat Iraqis in Syria will be permitted to vote in the 30 January elections.

Fallujah. Approximates 8 000 residents of Fallujah have inspected their property, says a US military spokeman. A few have decided to stay but most were unable to remain due to the damage to their homes and property. [The figure of 8,000 is 6,000 above figures seen elsewhere.--Nur]

Beijing. In an interview with the New China News Agency, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the January elections may be postponed in certain regions of the country. Mr. Zebari is on a four-day trip to China.

19:20 Baghdad. US soldier killed. A US soldier was killed and another injured by a roadside bomb in Baghdad.

19:04 Cairo. New Bin Laden tape. Tape said to confirm that Abu Musab El Zarqawi is the head of al Qaeda in Iraq. Bin Laden also called for a boycott of the 30 January elections in Iraq.

18:26 Samarra. 12 Iraqis die in separate incidents. Four National Guardsmen were killed in clashes with guerrillas while three more were killed by a bomb blast. Four civilians were killed in Baiji when they were caught in a crossfire between US troops and insurgents. The body of a 12th victim, an interpreter for the US military, was found by police in Chorgat.

11:56 Baghdad. Sunni party to boycott elections. The Iraqi Islamic Party will not participate in the 30 January elections, says party chief Mohsen Abdel Hamid.

10:43 Baghdad. SCIRI headquarters bombed. 13 are dead and 66 wounded in a carbomb targeting the Baghdad offices of Shi'ite leader Abdel Hazim Hakim. Mr. Hakim survived the assassination attempt but the building sustained serious damage. Mr. Hakim blamed Sunni and Ba'ath Party elements for the bombing but said there would be no retaliation. SCIRI is expected to do well in the upcoming elections.

07:49 Baghdad. Powerful blast heard in the south of the city.

07:25 Samarra. US solider killed by roadside bomb and a second is wounded.


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