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Thursday, February 24, 2005

February 24 Events in Iraq

New York. Oil for Food Scandal. The director of the UN-administered Oil for Food program, Cypriot Benon Sevan, has demanded a period of grace to respond to charges of malfeasance. Sevan was informed by letter that he would face UN disciplinary action. Mr. Sevan has retired from the UN but still enjoys diplomatic immunity.

Kirkuk. Kurds determined to hold onto oil. The prime minister of the regional Kurdish government, Nechirvan Barzani, says Kurds will not support the new government unless the oilfields around Kirkuk are given over to them. Meanwhile, Mr. Barzani has for the present refused to endorse a candidate for Iraqi Prime Minister.

Baquba. Iraqi government announces arrest of a lieutenant of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. Meanwhile one police officer was shot dead by unknown assailants.

Baghdad. Negotiations continue to find consensus on the selection of a Prime Minister for Iraq. Outgoing premier Iyad Allawi continues to vie with Ibrahim Jaafari for the Prime Minister's slot. The Minister for Electric Power says Allawi will step aside if guarantees are given that the Constitution will be secular.

21:24 Rome. Italy to quit Iraqi when it is ready to "go it alone." Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino says Italian contingent to stay in Iraq.

19:51 Baiji. Bodies of interpreters found. Adnan and Hussein Salman, 40 and 43, were found shot to death near Baiji. They worked as interpreters for the US military in Iraq.

19:35 Damascus, Syria denies giving training to rebels. The Syrian government news agency SANA says broadcast confessions of Iraqi rebels who said they had been trained by Syria were unfounded and absurd. In three consecutive broadcasts, al-Iraqiya TV interviewed captured Sudanese, Egyptian and Iraqi insurgents who said they had been trained in the city of Latakia on the Syria coast. The group claims to belong to "The Liberation Army." Sudanese Adam Doum Omar, 41, presented as the group's leader, claimed he had been trained by a Syrian intelligence agent named Abu Bakr.

19:31 London. 18 British servicemen to be charged in prisoner torture scandal. Charges will be brought up against 18 British servicemen for torture of Iraqi civilians. Seven belong to a airborne regiment.

18:01 Baghdad. Residents capture four rebels. Residents near a mosque in the Hirriya District of Baghdad captured four persons accused of attacking Iraqi security forces.

17:42 Mosul. Nineveh Provincial Governor escapes assassination. A rebel commando squad attempted to assassinate the provincial governor, wounding two of his bodyguards.

16:57 Kiev. Ukraine to pull out troops before the end of 2005. Ukrainian Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko says President Viktor Yushenko will determine the date.

16:42 Milan. Giant posters with photos of hostages Giuliana Sgrena, Florence Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun have been hung from the Isimbardi Building in Milan.

12:58 Paris. Reporters sans Frontieres says hostage Florence Aubenas and her guide Hussein Hanoun are alive. RSF Director Robert Menard says the organization has had "contacts" and that the pair are being held outside Baghdad.

12:34 Baghdad. Al-Sharqiya denies reporting hostage release. The Iraqi Tv network Al-Sharqiya denies it reported the release of Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena

11:57 Iskandariyah. Three US soldiers killed by bomb. Carbomb south of Baghdad kills three US soldiers, two police and a little girl. Eight others, including 5 police, were wounded.

11:25 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed and two others wounded in separate bombings north of the capital. Meanwhile, west of Baghdad four Iraqi soldiers were killed and four wounded in a bombing in the town of Qaïm on the border with Syria.

11:17 Erbil. Raida Al Wazan is alive. A northern Iraqi TV network, Niniveh TV, says kidnapped reporter Raida Al Wazan is still alive and that the decapitated corpse found outside Erbil is not hers.

11:02 Rome. Il Manifesto: False alarm. News of release of reporter Giuliana Sgrena is a hoax.

10:49 Mosul. Raida Al Wazan is alive. Al Wazan's supervisor, Razi Feisal, says the reporter is still alive.

10:32 Baghdad. Al-Sharqia TV reports Giuliana Sgrena is about to be released.

09:20 Washington. Marine cleared of homicide charge. The Marine caught on film by an NBC cameraman in the act of executing a disarmed Iraqi rebel in a Fallujah mosque will not be charged, reports CBS.

08:03 Tikrit. Carbomb kills 10. Ten are dead and twenty-five wounded in Tikrit. A carbomb exploded in the parking lot of police headquarters as officers were assembling for review, setting eight vehicles on fire causing numerous casualties.

08:01 Al-Anbar. US launches airstrike on rebels using warplanes and C-130 gunships

08:00 Kirkuk. Assassination attempt on colonel kills two officers and wounds four. Police Col Khattab Omar Aref survived an assassination attempt in which killed two members of his escort.


Blogger Traveller said...

Think there'll be the slightest protest if they hang Benon Sevan out to dry for 160K while letting the entire Security Council and the program monitors go scot free over the children who died from lack of care?

One "lousy little" Cypriot?

We turn our eyes away in confusion.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Joshua Landis said...

Dear Umm hmm, thanks for your kind comment on and for your link. I like the photos on Alta Moda. Best to you. Joshua

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