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Friday, March 11, 2005

March 10 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Fouad Maassoum of the PUK announces that an initial accord has been reaced with the Shi'ite UIA on a number of "important topics. He indicated that negotiators had reached a deal on multiethnic city of Kirkuk without suppying details. An advisor to Ibrahim Jaafari said that the negotiators had drafted an "accord in principle" to be signed on Sunday. Adnane Ali says an agreement has been also reached on the "fundament of law" on which the Constitution would be based.

Baghdad. Insurgents infiltrating police. Rebels have unlimited access to police and army intelligence due to infiltration.

21:29 Mosul. Shi'ite moque bombing death toll rises to 46.

19:31 Washington. Rumsfeld tells Martino, "In-depth inquiry". US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld calls Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino to assure him of Rumsfeld's personal availability to ensure that in-depth inquiry is completed as soon as possible.

18:43 Rome. Ciampi: Solid friendship between USA and Italy. Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi replies to Bush's letter.

17:24 Mosul. Suicide bombing kills 30, wounds 100. Shi'ite mosque in Mosul is bombed during funeral. A bomb blast went off at Mosul's Sadraïn moque during the funeral for Sayyed Hicham Sayyed Mahmoud al-Araji, a supporter of radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

16:51 Mosul. Explosion at mosque. An explosion is reported inside a mosque in Mosul. 19 are reported dead.

16:46 Bari. Hostage inquiry archived. Bari Public Prosecutor Giuseppe De Benedictis archives inquiry into four Italian mercenaries formerly held hostage in Iraq.

15:50 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi claims credit in police official assassination. A group lead by Abu Musab al Zarqawi has claimed credit for the assassination of police official Lt. Col. Ahmed Obaiss this morning in Baghdad. The group set up a sham checkpoint and requested the Interior Ministry official to step out of this car. The "mujaheddeen" then shot him.

15:47 Rome. Sgrena claims no ransom was paid. Giuliana Sgrena tells MP Erminio Amelio that US military action against group was unjustified, that there was no "fourth man" and that she was not aware of a ransom payment.

15:08 Rome. Il Manifesto editor says Justice Minister Calderoli was making a personal interpretation of events. Il Manifest Editor in Chief Gabriele Polo says Calderoli statement that "Sgrena was asking for it." was a personal interpretation.

14:57 Rome. Sgrena. There was no fourth man.

14:32 Rome. The Italian Speaker of the House, Pier Ferdinando Casini, received a delegation led by the brother and sister of slain journalist Enzo Baldoni demanding the remains of the reporter.

14:24 Warsaw. Polish Army officers arrested in charges of corruption. Five officers serving the the Polish contingent in Iraq have been charged with skimming funds from reconstruction money, says Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski.

14:02 Al Anbar Province. Four bodies recovered. The bodies of another four Iraqis were recovered along the highway to Jordan in western al-Anbar Province. All were government soldiers, slain about five days ago.

13:21 Rome. Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate presence of "the fourth man."

12:27 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib prison to be turned over to Iraqis. After talks between Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin and US General William Brandenburg, four prisons, including Abu Ghraib, will be turned over to Iraq control.

12:12 Rome. Members of Parliament question Giuliana Sgrena.

09:57 Amman. Iraqi Premier Allawi arrives in Jordan for talks. [He's probably checking on his bank account balance--Nur]

09:23 Baghdad. Foreign security personnel nearly assassinate Iraqi minister. The assassination attempt on Planning Minister Mehdi al-Hafedh was carried out by foreign security personnel by mistake. The foreign security detail opened fire on the minister's convoy. An inquest has been opened.

07:59 Washington. Ex marine says Saddam's capture was staged. Marine Sgt. Nadim Abou Rabeh says Saddam was captured in a modest home, not in a hole in the groud.

07:57 Baghdad. Police station chief assassinated. Rebels in Iraqi army uniforms manning a sham checkpoint assassinated Lt. Col. Ahmed Obaiss.

07:53 Washington. Pentagon absolves self of torture allegations. Navy Vice Admiral and Inspector General Albert Church and others say procedures set in place by Pentagon did not lead to prisoner abuse.


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