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Monday, March 07, 2005

March 7 Events in Iraq

Baquba. Police arrest three persons suspected in the assassination of a nuclear scientist in December.

Touz. An interpreter for the US military was assassinated near Touz, 180 km north of Baghdad.

Baiji. Oil refinery sabotaged [By my count, at least 18 times in the last six months--Nur]

Doura. An operation deploying 500 US troops has resulted in the arrest of 52 people, including 39 women and children.

Moussayeb. US marines and Iraqi troops raid the al-Mutaqeen mosque, arresting a number of presumed rebels.

Mossul. The US military says it has arrested 9 persons and killed one other suspected of aiding the insurgency.

Baghdad. Iyad Allawi rejects possible collaboration with the Shi'ite majority, which is attemping to form a governmental alliance with the Kurds. We have not offered [Allawi] a specific post but have instead proposed a principle of participation, affirms Jawad al-Maliki of the Dawa party. A spokesman for Mr. Allawi says that the Premier was interested only in retaining his current position. One of the Kurdish negotiators, Roj Shawis, reiterated the Kurdish demand for redress of the effects of forced Arabization on the city of Kirkuk under the rule of Saddam Hussein. [i.e. The Kurds are gambling everything on keeping Kirkuk in a Kurdish superprovince--Nur]

22:20 Baghdad. Jordanian businessman released. Ibrahim Maharmeh was released by his kidnappers after the family paid a $100,000 ransom, says his brother in Amman.

18:35 Rome. Sgrena: Accusations and insults on US military blogs. Accusations and insults have been heaped on Giuliana Sgrena for her comments concerning the actions of members of the US military after the incident in analyses of the shootout at the Baghdad checkpoint. Conspiracy theories abound claiming Sgrena was never kidnapped. Comments are pouring in at blogs where US soldiers may post anonymously on the Sgrena-Calipari incident. I am thinking that she is pissed that her driver fucked up and her vehicle got lit up, writes American Soldier, one of the most popular bloggers on Iraq who maintains an anonymous identity. She is lucky if anything. Yes it would have been more of a tragedy if she was killed but even then the bottom line is her vehicle was making an aggressive move towards that US Patrol. PERIOD!... We are trained to make sound judgments and follow the ROE...However we could ‘what if’ all day. That is a war zone and people die...I would have done the same thing if faced with the same scenario. I would have done exactly what I was trained to do. Several other soldiers both in service in Iraq or rotated home have commented on the blogs on how dangerous the airport road is and don't hide their anger at Sgrena. A few, like the author of the The Jawa Report, continue to report that she either faked her own abduction or became an accomplice after the fact with her jihadi captors.

16:32 Baghdad. Rebels say al Zarqawi is alive. The most wanted man in Iraq, Jordanian terrorist Musab al-Zarqawi, is in excellent health and remains active in the resistant. An Islamic website has posted this communique: May God protect our sheik, Abu Musab, who is in good health. He is preparing himself for the next battles in Iraq as he commands operations in Iraq. You will soon hear one of his speeches.

15.27 Hilla. Polish soldier wounded. A roadside bomb targeted a Polish convoy near Hilla, wounding a Polish soldier in the hand.

14:05 Baquba. Death toll rises to 25. Attacks targeting the Iraqi military in Balad and Baquba kill 25. The more costly attack occurred in Balad when a suicide carbomb exploded outside a residence belonging to an Army officer, killing 15. In Baquba, a rebel raid by 20 armed commandos opened fire on an Iraqi military checkpoint in Al-Muradiyah which killed five soldiers. In another district in the city, two soldiers and two civilians were killed by a roadside bomb.

14:03 Baquba. Zarqawi claims credit for attack. The al-Qaeda Campaign for Jihad in the land of Mespotamia headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has claimed credit for a rebel raid which killed a number of government soldiers.

11:45 Balad. Carbomb kills 15. Fifteen people were killed and 23 wounded in the carbombing of the residence of Iraq army officer Moudhar Mohammad al-Baddawi. Two of the dead are soldiers.

11:07 Balad. Six reported killed in carbombing.

10:07 Baghdad. Friendly fire incidents. Since December 2004, US troops have opened fire six times on vehicles transporting Westerners on the access road to Baghdad Airport, according to a New York Times report.

10:03 Baquba. At least 8 dead in clashes. Guerrillas armed with automatic weapons and RPGs attacked Iraqi regulars in the western suburb of al-Mouradiyah, killing five soldiers. Six commando members were wounded. Rebels also detonated a carbomb in the al-Moualimeen quarter as a police convoy passed nearby. One bystander and two police were killed and eleven others wounded, including five civilians.

09:37 Diwaniyah. Bulgarian soldier killed by US troops. A member of the Bulgarian military was killed by US troops last Friday 50 km from the city of Diwaniyah.

08:54 Baghdad. Jordanian businessman kidnapped. Kidnappers demand $250,000 in ransom money

08:52 Baquba. Six die in clashes. Five Iraqi soldiers were killed in clashes with rebels near Baquba, north of Baghdad. Meanwhile, two police heading to the scene were killed by a suicide carbomb.


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