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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

March 16 Events in Iraq

Back in Iraq, we respected the Arabs and vice-versa. They knew that we didn't get sloppy. Lt. Punenko, repatriated Ukrainian forces.

It's their problem...we'll let them decide what to do. Since they had no problem making war in unison, let's see if they can make peace in unison. Italian opposition leader Romano Prodi, commenting on Berlusconi's verbal jousting with Britain and the US over the pullout of the Italian contingent.

Baghdad. Ibrahim Jaafari says approximately two more weeks of negotiations with the Kurds are necessary before forming a government. He denies that talks are at an impasse.

Baghdad. One person was killed and 12 wounded when a carbomb detonated as a US military convoy passed by.

Mosul. Four persons were killed in Mosul in violent incidents.

Shorgat. An Iraqi soldier was killed by a booby-trapped bicycle.

Baghdad. A civilian was killed by a mortar round which fell inside an Iraqi military camp 70 km north of the capital.

Hilla. Body recovered.

21:03 Kirkuk. Police general assassinated. A Christian police general was assassinated when a car pulled alongside the general's vehicle and opened fire.

19:37 Baghdad. US soldier killed by roadside bomb. The victim was a member of the 1st Logistical Support Corps. 1,512 US military personnel have been killed in Iraq since March 2003.

17:47 Kirkuk. Common grave found. A common grave with 81 bodies was found outside Kirkuk. The victims were Kurds; 36 have been identified.

16:32 Washington. Bush, "The Coalition is not breaking up". In a Presidential news conference following a telephone call to Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi, President George W. Bush says Coalition remains solid.

13:26 London. Blair: "Berlusconi's words have been misinterpreted". Tony Blair tells Parliament that no date has been established for troop withdrawal from Iraq, including for the Italian contingent.

12:00 Rome. Italian Speaker of the House Pier Ferdinando Casini says Premier Berlusconi's decision to pull out Italian troops is a "trend line", not a final decision.

11:31 Baghdad. First sitting of Iraqi National Assembly concludes. 275 MPs met for one and a half hours and took the oath of office. No date has been set for the next sitting.

11:02 Washington: Deaths of 26 detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan are homicides. New York Times cites US military sources as saying 18 prisoners were killed while in US Army or Marine Corps custody; the other cases are under investigation.

10:37 Washington. Rice, "Withdrawal of Italian soldiers to be coordinated." Condoleezza Rice says pullout with be "totally coordinated" so as not to threaten the mission.

09:39 Baghdad. Mortar rounds fired at Green Zone as National Assembly meets.

08:27 Baquba. Car bombing kills 5, wounds 10. Rebel car bomb targets Iraqi Army checkpoint. Victims are all Iraqi soldiers.

05:50 Tokyo: Koizumi vows not to reduce Japanese contingent. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi tells reporters: Italy is Italy; Japan is Japan.

00:58 Washington. Reports of anthrax in Pentagon postal centers are false. Sensors are said to have malfunctioned.


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