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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Neocon unchained: Wolfowitz Goes to The World Bank

Le Temps of Geneva, Swizterland, editorializes on the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank. The promotion confirms Bush's intention to unfetter the United States from its international commitments and to destroy multilateral institutions from within.

Unleashing the Hawks of Washington

Paul is a good man with a heart, said George W. Bush in announcing his choice of Paul Wolfowitz as World Bank President. The US President is not mistaken in his choice. Wolfowitz has more than enough heart when it comes to managing enterprises as radically ambitious as dismembering international law by trampling its basic principles.

The brains behind the murderous Iraq operation, the Pentagon’s Number 2 has next to no experience in development. Yet that doesn’t appear to be a sufficient handicap in the eyes of the White House. The promotion of Wolfowitz follows the nomination of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton is well known to the UN community—not for his ability as a diplomat (the man is no diplomat)—but for having repeated called for the abolishment of the institution.

Bush has thus placed two convinced unilateralists at the heart of the international multilateral system. More than a provocation, it is an act of aggression against the international community, proof that the Neocons, who lead the jig in Washington, are reawakening. They were the instigators behind the sorry Iraqi adventure. They had been very reserved recently not only because things are going poorly in Baghdad but to get Bush reelected. Now that Bush has been returned to office for another four years, Bush has unleashed the hawks and has opened the doors of the cage. As insiders, the marauders will now pursue their methodical destruction of international commitments binding the US so hated by today’s Americans.

For Europeans and all those who believed they saw the true nature of Bush revealed in recent events (the “democratic” openings in the Middle East), they will be sorely deceived. Bush has not changed. No, we weren’t mistaken about him. There has been no change of heart after listening to some of our criticism of his administration. For Bush and the Neocons, a good ally is a partner who obeys the command to sit and down. [Serge Enderlin]


Blogger Traveller said...

This is yet further evidence that Bush and many of his administration stopped social development during their adolescence. Seem like an exaggeration? Look at their habit of "acting out" when dealing with people who challenge them or stand in their way. I'm surprised Enderlin didn't point to that.

Under other circumstances, we might be laughing at Bush.

2:52 PM  

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