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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

13 April 2005 Events in Iraq.

Fallujah. Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick toured the destruction of Fallujah from a fast-moving Humvee and announced that he would find third parties to clean up the mess: What I hope to do in coming weeks is try to lay the groundwork for some more in-depth cooperation, particularly with our European partners, on the reconstruction and economic support we can kind of share the load here. ["We bomb, you foot the bill for reconstruction". Looks like the lure will be UN Security Council membership for Japan and Germany, if they "bite"--Nur]

Washington. US troops were exonerated in a probe of the killing of Italian intelligence officer Nicola Calipari and the wounding of reporter Giuliana Sgrena on the access road to Baghdad Airport. The shooting is considered a "military accident" and not a "mistake". [Huh?--Nur] Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini was in Washington today for talks with Dick Cheney and Stephen Hadley to work out a synthesis of reconstruction of the incident agreeable to both sides before the publication of a report within a few days. Meanwhile, the car in which Calipari and Sgrena were travelling will remain in Baghdad.

Bucharest. Romanian President Trajan Basescu says Bucharest is in contact with the kidnappers of the Romanian reporters held hostage.

Paris. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani tells the French daily Libération that an independent Kurdish state would not be viable. Talabani also stated that the annexation of the city of Kirkuk would be examined when the situation in Iraq returns to stability.

Hawija. Police arrest one on the leaders of Ansar al-islam, Saman Abdallah.

Paris. Reporter Florence Aubenas and her guide Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi enter their 100th day in captivity.

Baghdad. A booby-trapped car detonated as a US convoy passed nearby. Four Iraqi civilians were seriously wounded. The bombing took place in the Al-Amiriya district of west Baghdad. A US Army Humvee was demolished as were several civilian vehicles.

Baghdad. US miltary vehicle was damaged after a bombing in Baghdad-Jadida in southeast Baghdad.

23:01 Riyadh. During a banquet honoring Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah ben Abdel Aziz, President Jacques Chirac called for free and fair elections in Lebanon as scheduled in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1559.

22:35 Washington. The US now believes that Iran requires at least five years to develop a nuclear weapons capability, according to State Dept. Spokesman Richard Boucher. Iran was discussed on Monday between President George W. Bush and Premier Ariel Sharon. President Bush stated that Mr. Sharon supports a diplomatic resolution to the crisis with Iran. However, the NY Times reported that Sharon presented Bush with surveillance photographs of Iranian installations showing that Teheran had reached "the point of no return".

17:52 Doha. US hostage pleads for life. Al-Jazeera broadcasts a video showing US hostage Jeffrey Ake of Indiana. Ake was kidnapped on Monday by 8 men travelling in two vehicles at a construction site in Taji, north of Baghdad. He is an employee of Alpine Drinks, which was constructing a commercial water purification plan.

17:25 Nassiriya. A mass grave dating from the epoch of Saddam Hussein containing dozens of bodies was discovered. Twenty-five bodies have been exhumed. As of March 1994 the US Army had discovered 259 mass graves containing the remains at least 300,000 people executed by Saddam Hussein's regime since 1979.

16:16 Baghdad. Five civilians were killed and four Americans wounded in an attack on a US Dept. of Defense convoy.

15:17 Dubai. Al-Arabiya reports that twenty-two Iraqis were killed in clashes between US troops and rebels.

14:08 Baghdad. Iraqi journalist decapitated. Ahmed al-Rubai, a correspondent for the Iraqi daily al-Sabah, was found decapited in the Dora quarter of Baghdad.

10:42 Baghdad. Three civilians die in attacks targeting the US military. A roadside bomb detonated along the airport highway triggered by an SUV typically used by American contractors to the US military. Nearby, a second carbomb detonated wounding three civilians and demolishing five automobiles in the Al-Amiriya neighborhood of west Baghdad where several ministries are located, near a police academy. The wounded were evacuated by helicopter. In a third attack in east Baghdad, a car bomb targeted a US Dept. of Defense convoy in Baghdad-Jadida District. A Humvee caught fire in the blast. Last, a US military tanker truck was hit by a roadside bomb in the capital and caught fire in east Baghdad.

09:10 Kirkuk. Ten Iraqi soldiers including 2 pipeline securty officers were were killed as they attempted to defuse a bomb attached to an oil pipeline. Three others were wounded. Among the dead is Colonel Nadem Abdallah, chief of pipeline security operations.


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