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Saturday, April 16, 2005

16 April 2005 Events in Iraq

Baquba. Seven Iraqis including 3 police were killed at at least five wounded in an explosion at a restaurant in Baquba, 60 km north of Baghdad.

Baghdad. A suicide carbomb directed at a military convoy killed one civilian and wounded three others.

Baghdad. Two Philippino airport workers, a man and a woman, were wounded when insurgents opened fire on their minibus.

Baïji. A Turkish truck driver was killed and his rig destroyed by a roadside bomb.

Kirkuk. A pipeline security guard was killed by rebels.

Touz. One policeman was killed by by a bomb placed outside his home.

Samarra. One Iraqi soldier was killed and another wounded by a bomb in Samarra.

Moatassem. Four civilians were wounded by a booby-trapped car.

Mosul. A suicide carbomber drove his vehicle into a US military convoy in Mosul, wounding one civiliann.

Taji. A US soldier is wounded in Taji died on Saturday while another was killed in Tikrit on Friday.

Latifiyah. Iraqi security forces claim they have killed Abu Bakr Mohammed Nayef al-Janabi, a leader of Ansar al-Sunna in Latifiyah.

Beirut. Shi'ite notable Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah has called on Iraqi kidnappers to release Romanian hostages Marie-Jeanne Ion, Sorin Miscoci and Edward Ohanesian.

Strasbourg. The European Council President Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed an international conference on Iraq to meet at the beginning of June.

Canberra. Australia to send an extra contingent. Australia will send an advance contingent of 43 men, part of an additional 450-man deployment. The troops were requested by Japan and London to replace the Dutch contingent, which is departing.

22:24 Ramadi. Mortar fire and rockets directed a US base near Ramadi.

21:58 Baghdad. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says neighboring countries are not doing enough to stop the insurgency in Iraq.

21:25 A group of Sunni insurgents are holding 150 hostages, most of them Shi'a, in the town of Madaïen, 30 km southwest of Bagdad. Official sources say that US and Iraqi troops are preparing a rescue operation tonight. The hostages include women and children. Meanwhile armed men are being driven around town with loudspeakers, ordering Shi'ites to leave or face death. Dozens of families have fled the town and are heading for al-Kut, 200 km south of Baghdad. The incident was set off after Shi'ites kidnapped some members of the Dlimi tribe.

21:21 Dubai. Al-Arabiya reports that Iraqi and US troops have entered Madaïen.

18:00 Kurdish television reporter Shamal Abdallah Assad was shot dead by unknown gunmen.

17:45 Baghdad. A member of a Ministry of the Interior commando team was shot dead behind the wheel of his car in the Doura district of Baghdad.

17:15 Doha. Al-Jazeera reports that three Arabs were killed, several dozen injured and 250 arrested after riots in the majority Arab city of Avhaz in southern Iran. A false document was in circulation claiming that the ethnic makeup in the province of Khuzistan would be "adjusted". Rioters set fire to banks, police stations and police cars. Government spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh said that those reponsible for the counterfeit would be punished and that no Iranian official has the power to change the ethnic makeup of a province.

17:08 Camp Bucca. Eleven prisoners tunnel out of US detention center but are later caught and returned.

09:30 Kirkuk. One Iraqi policeman and one soldier were shot dead in south Kirkuk. The two were part of an escort for an army general and were en route to join him.

08:15 Kirkuk. A policeman was shot dead by unknown gunmen as he left work to return home.


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