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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

11 May 2005 Events in Iraq

23:59 Washington. President Bush signs into law the $81 billion supplemental to finance military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The budget included $92 million in aid to Sudan. Congress also unblocked $200 in aid to the Palestinian Authority.

23:46 Washington. US Congress divulged the name of former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua and British MP George Galloway as having taken bribes from the regime of Saddam Hussein in the Oil for Food scandal. Iraqi ex-Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan told Senate investigators in April that Galloway received the coupons because of his anti-war stance and his desire to remove international sanctions on the country.

23:29 Ft. Hood. Sabrina Harman pleads "not guilty" in Abu Ghraib torture trial.

23:02 Moscow. Russia will deliver nuclear fuel to Iran for the Bouchehr nuclear power plant before the end of 2005.

21:40 Brasilia. Israeli Ambassador to Brazil expresses disappintment at the omission of any mention of Israeli peace efforts in the Brasilia Declaration issued at the end of the first Arab-South America Summit. Tzipora Rimon tells AFP that the omission will encourage terrorism.

17:31 Jerusalem. Israeli Defense Minister Shaoul Mofaz says he is doubtful that France, Germany and Great Britian will resolve the Iran nuclear crisis.

17:14 Kuwait City. Kuwait announced that it has completed its judicial dossier against Saddam Hussein and former members of his regime. They are accused of crimes against humanity for the use of force in the invasion of Kuwait in August 1990

17:05 Basrah. Forty-five persons wounded in a blast inside a chemical fertilizer plant. The installation was near a pipeline transporting heavy diesel fuel. 60% of the plant is destroyed.

16:58 Damascus. Syrian opposition leaders are in disagreement on the majority of reforms proposed by the government but insist that reforms must be inspired from within the country. Politician Hassan Abdul-Azim, representing radical and leftist political movements, says change cannot be imposed by a foreign power. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the national state of emergency, which has lasted 42 years, will be lifted.

16:40 Baghdad. Four persons were killed and 25 wounded in three car bomb blasts. A mortar shell hit the Oil Ministry. One of the blasts injured a number of persons, all members of a US military patrol. Four persons are dead and 14 are wounded. Meanwhile, two Iraqi soldiers were killed in Baghdad. North of the capital, a policeman and a rebel were killed.

16:35 Hawija. Army recruits targeted by suicide bomber. A bomber wearing a suicide vest blew himself up at a police recruiting center and his accomplice escaped in a car. 32 recruits were killed. Local resident Hassan Khalaf al-Obaïdi, 60, complained of unnecessary military patrols day and night as he sought family members at a local hospital.

16:13 Baghdad. Oil ministry denies mortar hit.

16:12 Jalalabab. Four people were killed and 71 wounded in anti-American riots in Afghanistan.

15:22 Baghdad. Three carbombs and one mortar attack.

15:18 Tikrit. More than 38 people perished in the explosion of a carbomb at the bus station in downtown Tikrit. "A German-make automobile manufactured in Brazil was the cause of the explosion", say police. A curfew was imposed on the city and traffic was limited to passenger cars. Cellphone seller Zeid Hamad, whose shop was destroyed in the explosion, remarked that, The majority of victims were day laborers looking for work to put food on the table.

14:48 Rome. Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino said in a report to the Italian Senate that depleted uranium is harmless.

14:06 Baghdad. Mortar round hits Oil Ministry

12:29 Baghdad. 77 persons are dead and more than 150 wounded in a series of attacks across Iraq.

11:04 Rome. Pope Benedict XVI issues a stern warning to nations. Within History there is the sign of God; humanity is not in the grasp of obscure forces nor a victim of fate. Nations must learn to read God's message in history.

09:39 Baghdad. Third carbomb wounds 2 in attack in the New Baghdad quarter in the eastern part of the capital.

09:21 Tblisi. FBI and local authorities investigate grenade found near the site of Bush's address to the nation. The explosive device did not go off.

07:40 Hawija. Death toll rises to 30 in a blast at a police recruiting center.

07:34 Tikrit. Death toll climbs to 27 in carbombing. 60 are wounded.

07:12 Baghdad. Blast targets police station.

07:09 Hawija. 19 reported dead in car bombing.

06:46 Tikrit. Explosion near police station; 63 are wounded.

06:17 Tikrit. Carbomb kills 24 and wounds 70.

03:38 Washington. Congress passes $82 billion supplemental war budget.

02:07 Tblisi. Security cordon compromised as genade is found near the site of President Bush's address.


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