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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thousands of Dutch Protest Bush in Amsterdam

ANTI-BUSH PROTESTS IN HOLLAND - After his meeting with the heads of the Baltic Republics in Riga, Bush flew to Holland to visit the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten where 8,203 US soldiers are buried (US 9th Army). In Amsterdam thousands of Dutch protested the first official visit of Bush to their country with signs and slogans reading Bush, International Terrorist, Bush, Enemy No. 1 of the Environment and Stop Bush! Most of the banners carried anti-war statements.

BUSH'S STATEMENTS IN RIGA. I don't know where Bush gets the gall to make statement like this: The Soviet domination of eastern Europe one of the greatest wrongs of history. No, the attempted genocide by the Nazis of all Slavs in a war of aggression which killed 20 million of them was one of the greatest wrongs of history. This man needs a history lesson in a therapeutic setting. The division of Europe was agreed at Yalta and there wasn't one damn thing anyone could have done about it. It was the fallout of a global, all-out conflict.

These Baltic lands were under the Teutonic Order, or Sweden, or Poland or Russia or Germany since 1500. They had a very short-lived existence between WWI and WW2 as a result of the dismantling the German Empire in 1918 when they lost no time in installing their own home-grown fascist dictators: Estonia: Constantin Päts (1934); Latvia: K. Ulmanis (1934); Lithuania: Smetona/Voldemaras (1928)[and as to Voldemaras--it is likely that Rowling riffs on this for her character Voldemort]). And now they want billions in reparations from the Russians.

Former Estonian Foreign Minister Toomas Hendrik Ilves, now a European Parliament MP, gets it right: The Baltic republics "discredit" themselves in demanding terroritorial and financial reparations which "no one in Europe would support." Now that they are part of the European Union, they should chill out and enjoy their new-found status. Their attitude, high-fived by Bush, is "unrealistic and plays into the hands of Moscow."

Oh yes, and we have a historically-challenged goofball for a President.

Update: I now regret that my close to null capacity for cursing, blasphemy and colorful expletives 'cause I'd roll them all out after reading this from our nincompoop of a president...
The agreement among the great victors of WWII [Yalta], says Bush, can be compared to the injustice of the Munich Agreement and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
What a piece of horseshit.


Blogger Traveller said...

I think this will also interest you if you haven't seen it.

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Blogger Traveller said...

And this too.

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Blogger Gaianne said...

Not only does Dubya believe in ignoring reality in the present.

He believes in ignoring it in the past too.

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