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Thursday, May 12, 2005

12 May 2005 Events in Iraq (Mostly)

Baghdad. Security forces announced the arrest of Zarqawi's financier in Mosul, Ammar Farid Abel Qader Ashour, alias Abu Fateh. The arrest took place in April.

Baghdad. Final casualty toll in marketplace bombing of a Shi'ite quarter of Baghdad is 15 dead and 84 wounded. The blast occurred 50 meters from a mosque surrounded by vendor stalls. At least eight vehicles, including a bus, were completely demolished and an apartment house nearly destroyed. The roof caved in and the injured were trapped inside. Storefront windows were blasted out. Bodies were taken away by donkey cart and the wounded were driven in private cars to the hospital.

Samarra. Seven decomposing corpses were recovered near Lake Tharthar

Washington. Col Thomas Pappas will be reprimanded and fined for his authorization of the use of dogs in interrogations at Abu Ghraib prison. It is not know if he will be discharged.

London. George Galloway, a British MP accused by the US Congress of taking bribes in the Oil for Food Scandal, will travel to Washington on 17 May to answer charges before the body.

Ankara. Turkey authorizes the UK and South Korea to use its airbase at Incirlik for their activities in Iraq.

23:50 Washington. A Lebanese and a Libyan national were arrested in Worcester Massachusetts on charges of financing "jihad" and of income tax evasion. [Why does this seem, um, untrue?--Nur]

23:42 Orange. Japanese hostage Akihito Saito, 44, was a former member of the French Foreign Legion. However, the Legion cannot do anything to obtain his release, says Commandant Christian Rascle.

23:28 Riyadh. Armed gunmen carried out a drive-by shooting of a police patrol in the northwest region of Al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia.

22:43 Beirut. Explosion reported on Israeli border. Yesterday a Katuschka rocket launched from Lebanon damaged a bakery near the Israeli town of Shlomi, 5 km from the Lebanese border along the Mediterranean.

22:13 Washington. Condoleeza Rice says the US will not tolerate profanation of the Koran. An investigation into charges that desecration took place in the Guantanamo detention center will be opened.

22:03 Teheran. Iran delays uranium enrichment program, says the Chairman of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Gholamreza Aghazadeh. Today France, Britain and Germany delivered a letter to Iran outlining the consequences if Iran resumes its uranium enrichment program.

20:11 Rio de Janiero. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani says US troops will stay in Iraq for at least two more years.

19:51 Samarra. Fourth US soldier is killed, this time by a roadside bomb.

19:05 Baghdad. Bomb kills two US soldiers. Two US soldiers were killed and a third wounded by a roadside bomb near Musayyib, west of Baghdad.

17:33 Kabul. A candidate for Parliament, Aktar Mohammad Tolwak, was ambushed and shot dead by guerrillas in the southern province of Ghazni. His driver was also killed, along with two of the attackers.

15:41 Paris. French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier urges Iran not to commit an "act for which the consequences are unknown" and to renounce its uranium enrichment activities.

15:38 Paris. France said it would respond to any request from the US government to investigate French persons or firms involved in the Oil for Food scandal. In the meantime, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Cécile Pozzo di Borgo says that France is unprepared at the moment to respond to charges levelled by the US Congress at ex-Interior Minister Charles Pasqua. France objects to the way in which the charges were formulated denying the defendants their right to answer them.

15:37 Kirkuk. Two civilians and a policeman were killed and 5 civilians wounded. A carbomb exploded 20 meters from a police station in Azadi north of Kirkuk, killing one civilian and wounding two others, one fatally. A second carbomb explosed near a checkpoint on the highway to Suleimaniyah, fatally injuring a policeman. Two kilometers to the south, a homemade bomb exploded close to a bridge, wounding two civilians.

15:19 London. Tony Blair says Iraq is the theater of "battle between democrats and terrorists".

15:09 Kfar Darom. Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip inaugurated a new synagogue on during independence day celebrations. Tens of thousands of right-wing West Bank and Golan Heights settlers travelled to Kfar Darom to demonstrate against the mid-August Israeli pullout.

15:08 Iraqi authorities announced the nth arrest of a Zarqawi lieutenant. Saïfeddine Moustafa Naïmi, alias Abu Hareth was arrested in a security operation. Iraqi forces also arrested his father.

14:58 The UN published a report today in Baghdad which describes in alarming detail the daily conditions of Iraqi life, plagued by unemployment on the grand scale, lack of housing, healthcare, electricity and potable water. The report contrasts Iraqi potential in a country with plentiful natural and human resources with the current conditions of life in 2004. The 370-page report was the result of a survey of 22,000 homes representing 150,000 people across Iraq’s 18 provinces.

14:15 Baghdad. 17 dead and 65 wounded in carbombing of a marketplace in the Shi'ite-dominated neighborhood of New Baghdad.

13:27 Baghdad. Iraqi has become a transit point for the shipment of heroin produced in Afghanistan. Jordanian authorities have observed a big increase in drug confiscations on their border with Iraq. Meanwhile 325 kg of hashish was confiscated in Basrah.

10:03 Baghdad. Ten killed in carbombing. A carbomb detonated near a mosque and a market square in the Jadida district of east Baghdad.

09:39 Al Qaim. Two US soldiers killed. A mine detonated under a US armored vehicle, killed two soldiers and wounding another 14.

09:30 Baghdad. Carbombing in the Jadida district of east Baghdad. Several deaths are reported.

09:07 Kirkuk. Two dead. At least two persons are dead and four wounded in two carbombings, one of which targeted a Shi'ite mosque.

08:16 Samarra. Four dead. Two Iraqi soldiers and two civilians were killed last night in Samarra. The soldiers were killed by a homemade bomb at a checkpoint; the two civilians, both bakery workers, were shot dead.

07:19 Baghdad. Two high-ranking officers killed. General Iyad Imad Mehdi was attacked as he left his home and died later in the hospital. Police Colonel Fadel Mohammad Mubarak was shot down as he left his residence.

06:17 Baghdad. Ultimatum extended for Australian hostage. Meanwhile Australian mufti' Taj El Din Al Hilaly, we attempt to negotiate the release of Douglas Wood.

04:19 New York. Sailor found guilty. A 23 year-old member of the US Navy refused to join his ship deployed to the Perian Gulf to protest the war on Iraq. He faces one year in prison, withholding of his pay, demotion and dishonorable discharge.

00:56 Washington. US Army Col Thomas Pappas will not be court-martialed for his role in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.


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