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Thursday, June 02, 2005

2 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Jerusalem. Dov Weisglass, advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, says that any effort to shut down illegal settlements in "Judea-Samaria" must wait until after the pullout from the Gaza Strip.

Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinian security personnel demonstrated in the streets of Gaza, firing in the air to protest the reform of their agencies by Mahmood Abbas. The protesters, members of the intelligence paramilitary, demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Nasr Yussef and his replacement by Mussa Arafat, forced into retirement in April by Mr. Abbas.

Damascus. The state newspaper Teshrine,says the "criminals" reponsible for the kidnapping and execution of the Syrian-Kurd ulema Sheikh Mohammed Maashook Khaznawi are Yassin Matar Hindi, 43, an electric company employee, and Mohammed Matar Abdallah, 36, imam of a mosque in Hassaké.

Baghdad. A suicide carbomb detonated and killed the driver as security forces approached the vehicle. Three other men in a nearby parked car were arrested.

Baghdad. Abdallah Wahid al-Issawi, a member of Iyad Allawi's Party, Iraqi National Accord, was wounded when his car was ambushed as he drove to Najaf yesterday.

Kirkuk. A suicide bombing killed a 4 year-old child and wounded 11 civilians at the entrance to the Northern Oil Company in the north of the city.

18:26 London. Amnesty International has demanded that Lebanon order an independent inquest into the death of journalist Samir Kassir. A bomb was place under his car at his resident in Ashrafieh in east Beirut.

17:56 Damascus. A Syrian official has denied his country's involvement in the death of Lebanese journalist Samir Kassir in Beirut.

15:23 Mosul. Five persons, including a policeman, were killed and sixteen others wounded in a double motorcycle bombing in front of a café known to be frequented by police. There motorcycles were parked in a crowded lot close to the café.

14:52 Ramadi. Two US soldiers were killed by enemy fire and a bomb near Ramadi.

13:25 Baghdad. Ansar al-Sunni claims credit in a suicide bombings. Ansar al-Sunna claims credit in three suicide carbombings: Two in Kurdistan and the third in Baquba. Total death toll is 18, including a 4 year-old child and the Vice Chairman of the Provincial Council of Diyala. Total number of wounded is 56. The most devastating bombing was in Tuz Khormato, 70 km south of Kirkuk when a suicide carbomber drove his vehicle into a restaurant where the escort for Vice Premier Rowsh Shways was eating breakfast.

11:00 Mishada. A suicide bombing killed one and wounded another in Mishada, north of Baghdad. A second suicide bomber attacked a US military convoy.

10:33 Lebanon. Journalist is killed. A famous Lebanese journalist, Samir Kassir, who wrote for the Lebanese daily An Nahar, was killed by a bomb placed under his white Alfa Romeo, parked in front of a supermarket in Beirut. The blast destroyed Kassir's car, blew out the supermarket's windows and set off a neighborhood panic as parents rushed to remove their children from a nearby grade school. Kassir was known for his anti-Syrian stance.

10:12 Rome. An autopsy on the bodies 4 Italian airmen who perished in a helicopter crash show no sign of being struck by weapons fire.

08:25 Ramadi. Roadside bomb kills US soldier.

08:09 Baquba. Carbomb kills 8, including the Vice Chairman of the Provincial Council of Diyala Hussein Alwan al-Tamimi, three of his escort and a woman.

06:56 Kirkuk: Carbombing kills 12 and wounds 30. A carbombing this morning in Tuz Khormato targeting the "Baghdad" restaurant killed the bodyguards of Iraqi Vice Premier Rowsch Nouri Shaways, a Kurd, and wounded another six in his escort. Twelve burned bodies were pulled from the wreckage.


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