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Monday, June 27, 2005

27 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Four civilians were killed and 33 wounded in the explosion of a booby-trapped car near a market.

Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed in a rebel attack. A third Iraq was killed and his wife wounded in an explosion near their car.

Baghdad. Seven Iraqis were killed when mortar fire struck a restaurant.

Baïji. Three Iraqi petroleum workers were killed in a bomb blast.

Baghdad. The Committee of Iraqi Ulema announced the arrest by Iraqi forces of its Information Officer, Omar Raghab.

Erbil. Kurdistan Prime Minister Nichirvan Barzani says there has been a massive roundup of alleged "terrrorists" across Kurdistan.

Abu Ghraib. The Americans will expand the capacity of Abu Ghraib prison by 25%. Two annexes, each holding 400 prisoners, will be finished by July 2005.

Baghdad. Tarek Aziz says that Saddam Hussein alone decided to crush the Shi'a insurrection in March 1991.

22:40 Washington. Halliburton has overcharged the Defense Department by more than $1 billion.

22:29 Baghdad. The Unified Mujahedeen Leadership, with which 15 rebel groups are affiliated, said they would never negotiate with the Americans and denied having had contacts with them.

Baghdad. There is massive corruption in most Iraqi government ministries as a legacy of Saddam Hussein's era, the Iraqi anti-corruption commission has said. Arrest warrants on fraud charges have been issued for two former ministers in the Iraqi interim government. Former Labour minister, Layla Abdul Lateef, has denied wrongdoing. The former transport minister, Louay Hatem al-Eris, is out of the country.

18:36 Baghdad. Iraq's new constitution must set equality between men and women, said Iraqi MP Mariem Al-Raes on Monday, as a U.S.-based group warned that it was a «critical» time to ensure that women's rights are upheld.

18:51 Baghdad. A car bomb blew up in eastern Baghdad Monday killing at least four people people and injuring another 16, police and government officials said. The bomb exploded between the al-Bida'a cinema and the Sunni Arab al-Samarraie mosque in the eastern district of New Baghdad. The area is packed with small shops and markets The bomber was thought to have targeted a U.S. convoy.

19:29 Beirut. The new Lebanese parliament will meet for the first time tomorrow. Nabih Berri, leader of the Shi'ite Amal militia and an opponent of the disarmament of Hezbollah, is expected to be elected Speaker.

19:42 Washington. Recent US statements on Iraq are contradictory. Although insurgency is declared in the "last throes" by Vice President Dick Cheney, the United States is unwilling to specificy a schedule for troop pullout.

19:30 Washington. George W. Bush will try to convince Americans of the necessity of keeping troops in Iraq. Bush will travel to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to give a speech to the nation on Tuesday.

19:28 Golan Heights. Israeli military unit comes under mortar fire from Syrian territory in the Qouneitra sector, under UN observation.

19:26 Washington. Victory of ultraconservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad raises US skepticism over negotiations between the EU and Iran on the nuclear issue. EU Foreign Minister Javier Solana says the EU has adopted a "wait and see" mode.

19:23 Washington. US keeps its distance from Iraq government. President George W. Bush tells Premier al-Jaafari that It's your country, not ours.

19:15 London. Premier al-Jaafari says two years are more than sufficient to establish security in Iraq.

15:38 Istanbul. The World Tribunal on Iraq accused the USA and Great Britain of war crimes and of reconstruction profiteering in Iraq.

15:27 Baghdad. A US Apache AH-64 combat helicopter was shot down not far from Taji, northwest of Baghdad. The two crewmembers perished.
15:16 London. Prime Minister Tony Blair says Britain supports the inclusion of the largest number of persons in the Iraqi political process.

14:22 Jerusalem. Israeli soldier found guity on manslaughter in the deat of British activist Tom Hurndall, 22. Relatives of Hurndall were forbidden entry to the court-martial, which took place in Kastina in southern Israel

12:41 New York. Oil hits $60.64 per barrel.

10:52 Baghdad. US military helicopter crashes. A Task Force Baghdad helicopter crashed in al-Mishahda, 40 km north of Baghdad.

10:48 Washington. The US has prepared a plan to freeze funds on deposit in the United States of firms and individuals connected to Iran, North Korea and Syria.

10:38 New York. Oil hits $60.50 per barrel following the election of ultra-conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran.

10:13 Baghdad. Baghdad Airport reopened to traffic on Monday. Paul Simington, head of Middle Eastern operations for Global Strategies Group, says his company had suspended work due to non-payment of contractual fees for several months. Iraqi Transportation Minister Salam al-Maliki says the situation has been resolved.

09:59 Baghdad. Firemen achieve hero status. Fire Chief Col. Abdel Karim Zayer says that firemen are often caught in crossfire between rebels and Iraqi forces. Zayer says firemen have been warned by guerrillas not to intervene in attacks targeting American troops.

09:04 Gaza. Israeli settlers erect an illegal settlement overnight. Settlers erect tents and call the settlement Tal Yam.

08:25 Baghdad is like Chicago in the times of Al Capone. Rebels attacked a barber shop, killing a policeman, in the al-Jadidah quarter, a multienthnic district. The barber and an 11 year-old child were also killed. Before leaving, rebels placed an explosive charge and set it off as they left the premises.


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