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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

22 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Madaïen. Two policeman killed.

Baghdad. A Sunni lawyer and his son were shot dead. The lawyer had declined an offer to participate in the drafting of the Iraqi Consitution as a representative of the Sunni community.

Kirkuk. The President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Saadeddin Arjej, escaped an assassination attempt.

Baghdad. US forces say they arrested 19 "suspected terrorists" north of the capital.

20:25 Tel-Aviv. Israeli and Palestinian security officials meet to discuss Gaza pullout.

20:22 Baghdad. A fourth carbomb detonates in Palestine Street in central Baghdad targeting an Interior Ministry convoy.

20:13 Brussels. The USA and Iraqi authorities pledged to investigate the disappearance of French reporter Fred Nérac in March 2003.

19:50 Baghdad. 18 persons were killed and 46 wounded in three simultaneous carbombs in northwest Baghdad. One carbomb detonated in front of the offices of Moqtada Sadr's movement. A second carbomb exploded in a parking lot while the third detonated in a street in the Shi'ite quarter of Shula.

19:34 Beirut. An FBI forensic team inspected the scene of the assassination of Georges Hawi.

19:31 Ottawa. The current Canadian Ambassador to Jordan, John Holmes, will double as non-resident Ambassador to Iraq while fulfilling his current function, said Canadian Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew.

19:00 Brussels. France insisted that it is the responsibility of the Iraqis themselves to rebuild their country and define their priorities.

18:49 Mosul. Three Iraqi civilians were killed and seven wounded in a carbombing is west Mosul. The carbomb was meant to strike a US military convoy.

18:42 New York. Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Israel of superfically investigating the deaths of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli troops, who operate in a climate of impunity.

18:41 Paris. French MP Didier Julia in an interview on TV5 said the Iraqi insurgency is in need of cash and that it was likely that a ransom was paid for the release of French reporter Florence Aubenas.

18:35 Brussels. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called upon Damascus to assume its responsibilities in controlling the frontier with Iraq.

18:33 Brussels. Here are the main points of a declaration following the international conference on Iraq held in Brussels. 1) Support for the transitional government; 2) Support for a pluralistic, federal, unified and democratic Iraq; 3) A plea to all Iraqis to participate in the political process; 4) A plea to neighboring states to cooperate on border security; 5) Support for socio-economic progress; 6) A commitment to reduce Iraq's foreign debt and 7) The necessity of of obtaining the permission of a sovereign Iraq for a foreign military presence.

18:11 Baghdad. French correspondent Anne-Sophie Le Mauff says Iraqi officials have given her two days to leave the country. Le Mauff says the French Embassy is behind the order.

15:18 Brussels. The United States and the European Union urged Baghdad to involve the Sunni populace in reconstruction. Iraqi Premier Ibrahim al Jaafari issued a plea for international assistance to reconstruct his country and to fight the insurrection as a battle between "good and evil". Meanwhile, parliamentary Speaker Hadjem al Hassani, said Iraqis must cling to their national identity to overcome confessional strife.

15:17 Brussels. Egypt and Jordan have decided to post ambassadors in Baghdad.

14:51 Baghdad. A Sunni university professor and Islamic Party member was assassinated in front of his residence. Armed gunmen fired four shots at Abdel Sattar al-Khazraji, Professor of Engineering at the private Mesopotamia University, in a drive-by shooting.

14:49 Damascus. Syrian state radio denounces the rhetoric of Condoleezza Rice, who accused Damascus of being indirectly involved in the assassination of Lebanese communist Georges Hawi.

14h45 Brussels. Condoleezza Rice said she wants Saudia Arabia and Egypt to join the Quartet according to a report in the Saudi daily al-Watan.

14:41 Brussels. International community adopts a united front and put its support behind Iraq. The international community calls for an independent and democratic Iraq during a conference on Iraq in Brussels sponsored by the EU and the United States. Condoleezza Rice told Baghdad that it must beef up security and open its economic and political sysstem.

13:45 Ramadi. US soldier dies in combat.


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