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Saturday, June 18, 2005

18 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Karabila. US troops destroy city sending its 60,000 residents fleeing.

Buhriz. Two marines die while transporting an Iraqi prisoner.

22:47 Kuwait. Iraqi Premier Ibrahim al-Jaafari arrived in Kuwait for an official visit. Al Jaafari is joined by Oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ouloum to discuss the supply of oil to Iraq by Kuwait and the export of natural gas to Kuwait by Iraq. Also along on the trip are Electricity Minister Mohsen Shlash, Health Minister Abdel Mouttaleb Mohammed Ali and Transport Minister Salam al-Maliqi. Kuwait is expected to donate $60 in aid destined for the Iraqi health sector and to rebuild hospitals destroyed in Qaim and Haditha.

22:37 Riyadh. Saudi Arabia says it will act to halt departures of Saudi nationals to fight in Iraq and patrol the border between the two countries.

19:29 Baghdad. Nine bodies recovered. Seven bodies were found in a field in east Baghdad. The victims had their hands bound behind their backs. All were shot in the back of the head. In south Baghdad, a man's body was found in the same condition. Near Mahmoudiya, Sunni tribal leader Sheikh Arkan Shaalan Jassim al-Edwan was found executed.

17:02 Baghdad. Jawak Kadhem, a journalist for al Arabiya was wounded in an attempted kidnapping.

16:09 Washington. George W. Bush says the US went to war with Iraq because the US was attacked on September 11, 2001 and that Iraq is now the central front in the War on Terror.

12:13 Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and six wounded in today's third carbombing in Baghdad. A carbomb detonated at an airport checkpoint killing two Iraqi soldiers and wounding six.

11:25 Qaim. US forces claim they killed 50 rebels and arrested 100 foreign fighters.

10:44 Baghdad. Two bombings, one 10 year-old child is killed. A roadside bomb detonated in the Jihad quarter of Baghdad, missing a military convoy and killing a 10 year-old child. In the Radwaniya quarter, a roadside bombing wounded two Iraqi civilians.

08:53 Fallujah. Suicide carbomber rams Iraqi military convoy, killing 5 troops and wounding 10. Earlier in Baquba, a joint US-Iraq military convoy was attacked, wounding four police. 15 suspects were arrested.

04:34 Teheran. Former parliamentary speaker Mehdi Karroubi, considered a moderate, leads in the first round of Iran's presidential election. After counting 12.2 million ballots, or 40% of ballots expected to be cast, Karroubi leads with 21.5% vs 21.3% for former president Akbar Hashémi Rafsandjani. Because the victor needs more than 50% of the vote to win, a second round may be organized for next Friday.


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