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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

15 June 2005 Events in Iraq (and Elsewhere)

Beirut. Lebanese Premier Nagib Miqati met with US Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman, returning from a conference in Paris on financial aid to Lebanon. Ambassador Feltman also traveled to the Shoof Mountains to inspect a project managed by USAid. The project includes a cancer center at Aïn Wa Zaïn Hospital, three sewage treatment plants, a computer center, a municipal conference center and a forestry project in the cedar grove of Barouk. .

Beirut. Hundreds of Lebanese Armenians protested the visit of Turkish Premier Racip Tayyap Erdogan in Beirut's Bourj-Hammoud Square. The protest was organized by the Armenian political party, Tashnag.

Paktia Province (Afghanistan). The Police Chief of the Jani Khalil district was wounded by a roadside bomb. One of his bodyguards was killed and the driver and another bodyguard were wounded. Meanwhile, Afghani forces say they killed seven suspected Taliban in Kandahar Province.

Washington. US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld again accused Syria of playing a role in the Iraqi insurgency.

Paris. The French weekly news magazine Le Point reveals in its 16 June issue the identity of two men known as "J" and "K" working for French MP Didier Julia and likely to have been involved in negotiations to free Florence Aubenas. "K" is Karim Guellaty, a Franco-Tunisian co-author of a Que sais-je text on Islamic law. Khaled Jassem, known as "J" , runs a fruit and vegetable stand in France and played an unknown role.

Baghdad. Five civilians were killed and six wounded in a mortar attack on a Baghdad residential neighborhood.

Warsaw. Poland says its next 1700 man contingent will be reduced to 1450 during the next troop rotation, to take place in July.

Paris. Florence Aubenas is "incredibly pleased" with welcome reserved for her in France after her release. Her guide and interpreter, decorated former Iraqi Air Force Colonel Hussein Hanoun, arrived in Paris today with his family.

Baghdad. The Iraqi Special Tribunal released a video showing the interrogation of Saddam Hussein's half brother, Sebawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, who is suspected of financing the insurgency.

Mahabad (Iran). Hundreds of Kurds celebrating the swearing in of Massoud Barzani as President of Autonomous Region of Kurdistan clashed with police in northwest Iran, according to the IRNA press agency. Crowds burned tires, destroyed campaign posters, and threw rocks at police. Several shops and cars were damaged and the main arteries of Mahabad are strewn with debris. Massoud Barzani is the son of Mullah Moustafa Barzani, head of the ephemeral Kurdish Republic of Mahabad founded in 1946 by Stalin and destroyed a year later by the Iranian army.

22:34 Netzarim. The Israeli Army has begun removing mobile homes from their base adjacent to the settlement of Netzarim in the southern Gaza Strip. The base shelters hundreds of Israeli soldiers charged with protecting the settlers.

22:29 Jerusalem. The Israeli secret police, Shin Beth, have announced the arrest of four adolescents belong to the militant wing of Fatah who were preparing to carry out suicide attacks. Shin Beth say the group was supported and financed by Lebanese Hezbollah. [Probably a grotesque lie. This is the same bullshit that used to circulate about Saddam Hussein--Nur].

22:24 Baghdad. Iraq may pardon rebels willing to throw down their arms and rejoin the political process. Iraqi Secretary of State for Security Affairs Abdel Karim al-Anzi says rebels who have not killed members of the US or Iraqi military or civilians may be able to apply for amnesty. [And just who would fit that description, I wonder? Grannies?--Nur]

21:31 Washington. US officials say they are in possession of creditable information on acts of revenge perpetrated by Kurdish forces on Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk. Spokesman Scott McCormack says Arab and Turkman hostages have been sent to prison in Erbil and Suleimanyah but denies the involvement of US troops.

21:22 Teheran. Conservative candidate pulls out of presidential race. Mohsen Rezaie, one of the founding members of the Pasdaran, quit the race the day before elections in the national interests of the Islamic Republic.

21:05 Cairo. Some 150 men and women waved brooms and chanted "Down with Mubarak" in front of a historic shrine Wednesday in the latest in a string of pro-reform demonstrations, fueled by an assault on protesters by government agents last month. The protesters, mostly young people, sang songs and called for the end of President Hosni Mubarak's rule in front of lines of black-uniformed security forces. Others held up posters of Interior Minister Habib el-Adly, demanding his resignation over the May 25 assault. Across the street, about two dozen government supporters waved pictures of Mubarak in a counter-demonstration. The protest was held at the shrine in Cairo of Sayeda Zeinab, the granddaughter of Islam's prophet Muhammad. It was a gesture to Egyptian folklore which says that a penitent who sweeps the shrine will see her prayers answered. Many of the protesters, about a third of whom were women, held brooms.

20:38 Paris. in a interview with the French daily, Le Figaro, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says he will not resign despite new allegations against him in the Oil for Food scandal.

20:19 Washington. Zalmay Khalilzad confirmed as US Ambassador to Baghdad.

19:23 Tall Afar. Seven Iraqis were killed and 15 wounded in a mortar barrage and subsequent clashes near Tall Afar police headquarters. Rebels fired 15 mortar rounds at the fortified headquarters. Police units gave chase to the guerrillas and fought them in the Nida quarter of the town. Among the dead are two police and a woman.

18:29 Jerusalem. Israel and Egypt have come to "an agreement in principle" on the deployment of an Egyptian force on the frontier between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. [It appears such a force is in violation of the Camp David Accords--Nur]

17:18 Baghdad. Iraqi forces accidentally discover Australian hostage Douglas Wood during a raid in west Baghdad. Soldiers of the Iraqi 2nd Battalion, First Brigade, discovered Wood and an Iraqi hostage in the al-Adel quarter of northwest Baghdad as they were looking for arms caches. Three people were arrested.

16:47 Khost (Afghanistan). Seven Afghani doctors were killed in a Taliban raid on the Moghulgay hospital in Khost Province. The raid cost the life of seventeen staff members, including Dr. Abdul Hanan and his colleagues. In Sabari, outside Khost, a civilian vehicle hit a landmine, which killed two. On June 2, 2004, five physicians working for Doctors without Borders were massacred in Badghis in the north of the country.

15:47 Baghdad. The remains of Salvatore Santoro, an Italian resident of the UK, were handed over the Red Cross director Maurizio Scelli, who flew to Baghdad to receive them.

15:47 Baghdad. Iraqi police arrest an ex-general thought to be military advisor to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. General Abdel Dawood Suleiman and his son, ex-Captain Raed Abed Dawood, were taken from their home in Khalidiya by Iraqi forces this morning.

15:34 Baghdad. Suicide bombing kills eight police. Eight Baghdad policemen on patrol were rammed by a suicide carbomb in the Zaafaraniyah quarter of south Baghdad. Two police vehicles were destroyed.

14:53 Pakistan. A Taliban spokesman in Pakistan, Mullah Akhtar Usmani, says Bin Laden is in good health and that Mullah Omar continues to lead the Taliban and issue orders.

13:32 Baquba. Death toll climbs in mess hall bombing. 23 are dead and 29 wounded.

12:22 Baquba. Military mess hall bombed; 16 are dead. At least sixteen are dead and a number of people are wounded after a suicide bombing of an Iraqi army mess hall in Khalis, 70 km northeast of Baghdad. The bomber blew himself up on the premises.

12:07 Baghdad. British soldiers wounded in bombing. Several British soldiers were wounded, one seriously, after a bombing in west Baghdad. A passing British convoy set off the bomb. It was not clear where the convoy was heading because the UK contingent is normally in the south of the country, near Basrah.

11:06 Baghdad. Douglas Wood, a Australian taken hostage six weeks ago in Iraq, has been released.

09:43 Kirkuk. Hundreds of Arabs and Turkmen held prisoner of the Kurds. The Washington Post reports that Kurdish forces have kidnapped hundreds of Arabs and Turkmen off the streets of Kirkuk or in raids, and have secretly imprisoned them in detention centers in Kurdistan with the cooperation of US forces. The paper reports that it is in possession of a secret cable sent by the Department of State to the White House, the Pentagon and to the US Embassy in Baghdad which blames the illegal detentions on Kurdish political parties.

07:44 Fallujah. US marine killed by bomb in Fallujah.


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