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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

7 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Beirut. Israeli warplanes overfly southern Lebanon near the city of Tyre drawing fire from Lebanese Army anti-aircraft batteries. Meanwhile, Israeli troops fired mortar rounds into southern Lebanon.

Abu Ghraib. Ten injured in prison riot. Ten inmates were injured following the attempted escape of a prisoner during Monday night's sandstorm. Inmates threw stones at electric generators and at guards.

Erbil. Barzani says links to Israel not a crime. Massoud Barzani is quoted in al-Hayat as saying relations between Kurds and Israel are not a crime.

Washington. The Kurdish question figured prominently in talks between George W. Bush and Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Paris. Libération editor-in-chief Serge July says "things are moving" towards the release of kidnapped reporter Florence Aubenas.

Dubai. Arab media reporters that kidnappers of a Turkish businessman and two of his assistants threaten to kill their hostages if Ankara does not comply with their demands to cease commercial activities in Iraq.

Kut. Tribunal sentences two Iraqis to death for their links to terrorism. The court has sentenced nine Iraqis to death since its first sitting on May 22.

Baghdad. Interconfessional violence. There has been an increase in collective punishments and assassination targeting religious groups, including a Sunni dignitary kidnapped from his home in Basrah.

Toun Koubri. A policeman was killed by a mortar round between Kirkuk and Erbil.

Mosul. A manager for PUK Television was wounded in an ambush.

20:47 Rome. Premier Berlusconi will have a telephone conversation with President Bush.

20:47 New York. The United States has quietly dropped plans to seek an international investigation into the assassination of a prominent anti-Syria journalist in Lebanon, U.N. diplomats said on Tuesday. Washington had announced last Friday that it wanted the U.N. Security Council to expand an existing independent inquiry into the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri to include the murder of columnist Samir Kassir. But it reversed course after Beirut signaled it would conduct an aggressive probe of Kassir's death and invited FBI agents and French police to help it, the diplomats said. Expanding the Hariri inquiry would have required U.N. Security Council approval in the form of a resolution.

20:22 Baghdad. Iraqi government spokesman Leith Kubba admits struggle with rebels to continue for years.

20:30 Fallujah. Three Iraqis were killed by mortar fire directed at a US military base between Baghdad and Fallujah.

19:56 Washington. Ambassador-designate Zalmay Khalilzad testified before the US Senate that he would make a major effort to "explain" US objectives to the Iraqi people in order to "give them confidence."

19:44 Mosul. Seven persons, three students and four Kurdish fighters, were killed in separate attacked in northern Iraq. Four Peshmergas were killed by friendly fire in Mosul's Mouthanna district. Three University of Mosul students were shot dead by unknown gunmen who entered their apartment.

19:08 Washington. Condoleezza Rice askes El Salvador to keep its contingent in Iraq.

18:50 Amman. Saudi national Fahd Nomane al-Fouhayki denies involvement in a 2004 attack on the Jordanian-Iraqi border. Al-Zarqawi and Palestinian Darrar Ismaïl Abu Awdeh, aka Abu Abdel Rahman al-Afghani, are being tried for the same crime in abstentia.

18:18 Madrid. Spanish judge requests to interview US soliders. A Spanish judge investigating the death of Spanish cameraman José Couso, killed when the US military directed cannon fire at the Hotel Palestine, wants to question US soldiers involved.

17:44 London. British diplomats met with Hamas officials on two occasions, admitted Foreign Minister Jack Straw. The statement was immediately attacked by the Israeli Embassy in London and the World Jewish Congress.

16:49 Baghdad. Housing Ministry official Imad Eddin Abdel Fattah was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt when two gunmen fired from an Opel and an Audi, killing his chauffeur, Karim Hamid.

16:43 Beirut. Christian candidates in the Mt. Lebanon area are divided due to the maverick candidacy of former Maronite general Michel Aoun.

16:33 Ganei Tal (Gaza Strip). Three laborers, two Palestinians and a Chinese, were killed in a mortar barrage targeting a Jewish colony.

16:07 Baghdad. An employee of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Marhoune Ismaïl Riyad, was shot dead by gunmen in a Honda near the Dura refinery. Meanwhile one policeman was shot dead in the Aamel district in the south of the capital and the bullet-ridden body of a second policeman was recovered near Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad.

15:44 Teheran. Ultra-conservative Mohsen Rezaïe wants to see an Iranian women at the head of the foreign ministry to counter Condoleezza Rice.

12:37 Rawa. US conducts airstrikes on town, killing seven. Four homes were destroyed.

12:06 Fallujah. Two US marines killed in Fallujah.

11:05 Baghdad. Carbomb targets police; nine wounded. A carbombing in the Shula district of north Baghdad targets a police patrol

10:49 Hawijah. Triple carbombing kills 14 and wounds 20, including civilians.

10:00 Kirkuk. 18 people dead and 39 wounded in four carbombings in Hawijah, Bagara, Dibi and Abassi.

09:38 Baghdad. Suicide carbomb targets police. A suicide carbomb exploded as an Iraqi police convoy passed by. Several dead reported.

09:04 Hawijah. Three soldiers die and several wounded in four simultaneous suicide bombings near Kirkuk. Rebels bomb checkpoints in Hawijah, a Sunni town in Kurdistan, striking the northern, western and eastern parts of the city. One carbomb detonated in front of a US military base, a second at a checkpoint and a third near a marketplace. A fourth carbomb targeted a checkpoint in Abassi, not far from Hawijah.

08:47 Kirkuk. Four carbombs explode within seven minutes, killing 6 and wounding 10.

08:13 Baghdad. Special tribunal says no date has been set for the trial of Saddam Hussein.

00:32 Mauritania. Algerian Islamists attack military base and kill 18 soldiers.


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Dubai. The kidnappers of a Turkish businessman and two of his assistants threaten to kill thier hostages if Ankara does not comply with their demands to cease commercial activities in Iraq.

So is that Dubai, UAE? (Is that just where the correspondent reported in from? Was he kidnapped in Dubai? Or is there a Dubai, Iraq?)

- Tom Scudder

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