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Sunday, June 05, 2005

5 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Jerusalem. Israel celebrates its conquest of Jerusalem during the 6-day war of June 1967. A 30 June 1980 "fundamental" law passed by the Knesset says Jerusalem is the "reunified and eternal capital of Israel".

Baghdad. An Egyptian entrepreneur is shot dead in an ambush in northern Iraq.

Dour. Three Iraqi civilians including one child were killed by stray bullets in a clash between Iraqi forces and rebels.

Baghdad. Committee responsible for drafting the Constitution adds 13 Sunni representative including a member of the Sabean, a pre-Islamic monotheistic cult.

Paris. French continue to mobilize for the release of Florence Aubenas.

Erbil. Kurdish Parliament begins it work. Kurdish parliament met under a giant portrait of Mullah Moustapha Barzani, the father of Kurdish national aspirations. The Iraqi flag on display was that prior to the régime of Saddam Hussein.

Babylon. Local police chief escapes assassination attempt. Colonel Salam al-Maamouri survived a roadside bombing near Latifiyah. A firefight followed in which three rebels were killed and two police injured.

23:00 The Iraqi government says it is going to double the salaries of university professors as part of a bid to stem the brain drain in the country. Doctors, teachers and businessmen have left Iraq because they feel unsafe.University teachers will now see their salaries doubled to try to keep them in the country, however the problem is not confined to the campus. Doctors are fleeing, too, with worrying consequences for a health service already struggling with shortages of equipment and with the number of casualties they are treating.

18:37 Teheran. Former Iranian President Akbar Hashémi Rafsanjani, running again for president, said that Iran, while not prepared to give up nuclear research, was prepared to offer more guarantees that its civilian nuclear program would not be put to military uses.

18:31 Beirut. Voters in southern Lebanon gave a convincing victory to the Islamic Amal-Hezbollah coalition. Voter turnout was between 35 and 40 percent. Conservative European MP José Ignacio Salafranca of Spain, observing the elections, said the vote was conducted in a satisfactory manner.

18:01 Baghdad. Another 216 suspects arrested in Operation Lighting.

17:58 Baghdad. A spokesman for Premier Ibrahim Jaafari says that the Iraqi economy is over-dependent on petroleum.

17:52 Baghdad. Only 12 charges out of 550 are to be laid against Saddam Hussein in his upcoming trial in Baghdad. The twelve charges are sufficient to obtain a conviction with maximum sentence. Meanwhile, the Special Iraqi Tribunal received a dossier from Iran detaling Saddam's war crimes.

14:16 Karkah. US Marines say they discovered an abandoned rebel lair near Karkah, including munitions, mortars, rockets, artillery shells, uniforms, cellphones and machine guns.

12:01 Buhruz. Assassination attempt on Police Chief. Police Commandant Mohammed al-Azzawi escaped an assassination attempt which killed one of his bodyguards and wounded three others, including two civilians. A vehicle approached his convoy and opened fire.

10:54 Mosul. Al-Zarqawi lieutenant arrested. Iraqi forces say they captured Mullah Mehdi, his brother and four others. Mosul. Also, Motlek Mahmoud Motlek Abdallah, aka Abu Raad, was arrested 28 May.


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