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Friday, June 03, 2005

3 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Washington. Five cases of Koran mishandling were found. US guards at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre kicked, threw water and splashed urine on copies of Koran. The Pentagon has released details of five incidents in which the Koran was mishandled by US personnel at the camp, in violation of military rules. In another incident a two-word English obscenity was written in a Koran.

Beirut. A 4-man FBI team arrived in Lebanon to participate in an investigation of Lebanese opposition journalist Samir Qassir, killed in an explosion on Thursday. Beirut police said three forensics experts and an officer in plainclothes took samples of Qassim's car. A five-man French forensics team is expected today. The opposition accuses Syria of involvement in the murder.

Baalbek. Clans battle in Lebanon. Members of the Jaafar and Zeaïter clans fought with anti-tank rockets in the Sherwana quarter of Baalbek. Two bystanders were wounded.

Baghdad. Carbomb wounds four in west Baghdad. Meanwhile, two mortar rounds were fired at the Medical Center in downtown Baghdad near the Lebanese embassy without causing injuries.

Baghdad. Sawan Ali al-Qaïssi, a SCIRI official wounded earlier in the week in Baghdad, has succombed to his wounds and died.

Baghdad. Sunni imams speak out against Operation Lighting. Meanwhile, Sheikh Iyad al-Ezzi of the Islamic Party condemned Operation Lighting during prayers at Abu Hanifa mosque.

Teheran. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is jealous of the successful visit of an Iranian delegation to Baghdad, said Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeman Hamid Reza Assefi.

New York. Manhattan Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein orders US military to release additional photos and videos shot at Abu Ghraib prison.

23:26 Tikrit. Carbomb kills 5, wounds 7. The explosion took place in front of a US base. The victims are Iraqi.

21:52 New York. Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told UN Secretary General Kofi Annan that rearmament programs in Syria and Iran are "unacceptable." Shalom claims an Middle Eastern arms race would result.

21:05 Tal Afar. Two Iraqi civilians were killed by mortar fire and three were wounded.

21:00 New York. Israel demands seat on UN Security Council. Israel Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said, We must start to visualize ourselves as members of the Security Council, even if it is not going to happen tomorrow. Shalom blated Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad as extremists intent on destroying the calm, peace and tranquility of the region. [Calm? Tranquility?--Nur] When asked about Israel's nuclear arms capability, Shalom responded, An Israeli missile could only damage the Muslim world but an Iranian missile fired at Israel would destroy the Jewish state. [The smaller you are, the more you need nukes. Liechtenstein, get with your nuclear program!--Nur]

20:30 Beirut. The leader of Lebanese Hezbollah predicted that US pressure on Lebanon would lead to chaos and urged all Lebanese to unite. The Americans are going to push the country into civil war if we do not serve their priorities, their plans and their arrangements, said Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in his remarks at a ceremony commemorating the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the Iranian revolution.

18:14 Rafah. An Egyptian border guard was wounded by gunfire of uncertain origin. Hassan Hafez Hassan, 21, was wounded and taken to Rafah Hospital.

17:41 Jerusalem. Ariel Sharon and Mahmood Abbas will meet in Jerusalem on June 21.

17:23 Beirut. Fifty Syrian intellectuals denounce the campaign of assassination and terror which led to the death of Lebanese academic and journalist Samir Qassir and Syrian ulema Mohammad Maachook Khaznaouwi.

17:19 Das es-Salaam. Several thousands protesters assembled in the financial capital of Tanzania near the US Embassy to denounce desecration of the Koran by US soldiers.

17:01 Tikrit. Nine persons, including seven Iraqi soldiers and a child were wounded in a suicide carbombing near an Iraqi army checkpoint in the eastern party of the city.

17:01 Kirkuk. Provincial police official assassinated. A Taamin Province official, General Sabah Bahloul Goralton, a Turkman, was assassinated in Kirkuk.

16:49 New York. Price of petroleum rises. A malfunction at the third largest refinery in North America led to its shutdown, pushing the price of light crude in New York to $54.30

16:48 Baghdad. Oil exports from Northern Iraq to Ceyhan, Turkey, suspended. Officials of the Northern Oil Company say there was no sabotage but that pumping would be sporadic due to quota restrictions.

15:11 Baghdad. Anti-American demonstration in capital. Hundreds of Sunnis protested against the United States after Friday prayers in the courtyard of the Abu Hanifa mosque. A source of discontent was the arrest by US troops of Mohsen Abdel Hamid, leader of the Islamic Party, on Monday.

14:36 Samarra. At least two civliians were killed, including a child, in a furious shootout between Iraqi government commandos and insurgents.

14:16 Kirkuk. Dual bombing wounds several US troops. A US patrol was the target of two roadside bombs. Several soldiers were injured, none seriously, and a Humvee was destroyed.

13:47 Washington. A new Deep Throat inside the administration of George W. Bush is needed to finally inform US public opinion on how it was hoodwinked by the government over Iraq and US military intervention against Saddam Hussein, said George McGovern this morning on Fox radio. We need someone to reveal the government's secrets just as in 1972 with the Watergate scandal. We need some well-place person at a high level within the Adminstration to tell us what really happened. Concerning Iraq, we were duped.

13:15 Rome. Former hostage Giuliana Sgrena says she will not feel free until the truth is told concerning the death of Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari. We have to mobilize to get the truth out, said Sgrena.

11:34 Basrah. Shi'ite imam assassinated. Imam Ali Abdul Hussein was shot dead by a two-man commando team waiting for him outside his home, where he arrived in late evening.

11:44 Jerualem. Palestinian and Israel pacifists march against the "Apartheid" wall. Al Jazeera broadcast a report on the march of several hundred Palestinian and Israeli pacifists from the village of Balin, near Ramallah, to Jerusalem

10:06 Balad. Explosion inside mosque kills ten. Ten are dead and 13 wounded as a suicide bomber blows himself up during a Sufi prayer session. Meanwhile six people, including a child an a female interpreter for the US military were killed in a series of attacks in the area.

05:17 New York. The New York Times reports that Syria test fired three Scud rockets, one of which landed in Turkey.

03:48 Tashkent. US Department of State warns that the risk of terrorism inside Uzbekistan is high. A number of US Embassy employees and family members have been evacuated.

01:45 Washington. Italian Premier Silvio Berusconi was been invited by US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to address both houses of Congress.

01:14 Washington. Iran to be invited to the 22 June conference on Iraq, says Condoleezza Rice.


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