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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

14 June 2005 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Eight Iraqis were killed in separate attacks north of the capital

Baghdad. Iraqi authorities announce the arrest of Jassem Hassan Hammadi al-Bazi, alias Abu Ahmad, considered to be an al-Qaeda terrorist accused of manufacturing bombs.

Erbil. Barzani sworn in as the first President of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan.

Baghdad. The Iraqi Special Tribunal says it will release more videos showing interrogations of Saddam Hussein.

Baghdad. Hussein Hanoun: I never stopped thinking of my wife and children. Hussein Hanoun, interpreter and guide for French reporter Florence Aubenas, says the most difficult part of his ordeal as a hostage was separation from his family.

Bucharest. Historian Armand Gosu says he his doubtful that Ceausescu secret police had anything to do with the release of the Romanian reporters held hostage.

Baghdad. Syrians among suspected kidnappers. Several men, including Syrians are said to be involved in the kidnapping of three Romanian reporters.

London. UK to reduce troop presence in Iraq. The Daily Telegraph reports that British Air Marshal Glenn Torpy says that the UK will begin to pull out its troops from Iraq and redeploy some brigades to Afghanistan.

London. The British magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly says Turkey will train 30 or so Iraqi officers at the rank of colonel and lieutenant colonel. Moreover, Turkey is negotiating with the United States to increase its military presence at the Habur crossing into Iraq and to open a second crossing in the near future.

New York. Oil for Food. Despite denials, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was aware of actions on the part of Cotecna in the Oil for Food scandal. A memo written by Cotecna director Michael Wilson at the time mentions contacts with Mr. Annan.

23:51 New York. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan asks the Multinational Force to help the Iraqi goverment recover property stolen from Kuwait by Saddam Hussein's regime. Russian representative Youli Vorontsov has been named coordinator of the effort. Iraqi troops stole documents and aircraft spare parts.

23:32 Kirkuk. Death toll in bombing rises to 22.

23:30. Washington. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told BBC that Iraq is not "statistically" better off today than under Saddam Hussein.

23:20 Sanour. 2,500 Israelis celebrated the installation of 13 new Jewish families in this settlement scheduled for evacuation. The families were housed in tents. Hundreds of young colonists are expected to arrive to protest the evacuation of the settlement. Last year, only 15 familities inhabited Sanour. Today there are 58.

23:10 Jerusalem. The Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip could be "reversible" if Egyptians fail to put an end to arms smuggling into the Palestinian territories, says Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Shalom Cohen.

21:26 Ramadi. Shooting kills five Iraqis. Five Iraqi civilians were killed in a shooting involving US troops, who opened fire on two cars approaching the checkpoint which they were manning following a car bombing.

20:09 Washington. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the Guantanamo prison camp remains "necessary" in the War on Terror. Former President Jimmy Carter recommended that the camp be closed.

20:08 Teheran. Presidential candidate Akbar Hashemi Rafsandjani says that if elected, he will attempt to begin a new chapter of relations with the United States

20:07 Rome. DNA tests reveal that remains thought to be those of Enzo Baldoni are actually those of Italian maverick Salvatore Santoro, executed in Iraq on December 16th.

20:07 Amman. Jordan wants to see Iraq rebuild its military and political system to defeat the insurgency and restore stability, King Abdullah II told the chief of the Iraqi army Tuesday. Few details emerged from Abdullah's meeting with Gen. Babaker Shawkat Zebari at an Amman hilltop palace. The official Petra news agency quoted the king as saying Jordan was keen to see the political process succeed in Iraq. The king said he hoped Iraq will rebuild security and civil institutions which will lead to the emergence of a unified and strong country capable of confronting all attempts for spreading sedition and undermining Iraq's stability and security, Petra reported. Also, Abdullah discussed the training that is being provided to Iraqi police recruits at a U.S.-run camp in Jordan's eastern desert with General Zebari, Petra reported. More than 16,000 Iraqi recruits have been trained at the camp.

19:43 Baghdad. A US solider killed in the capital by a rocket-propelled grenade while on patrol. Two other soldiers were wounded in the attack. Meanwhile two other soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb near Ramadi.

19:41 Teheran. Iranian President Mohammed Khatami hoped to make icebreaking diplomatic overtures to the United States but was blocked by Iran's ruling clerics, his former vice president said Tuesday, suggesting any such attempts by Khatami's successor would meet the same fate. Mohammad Ali Abtahi told The Associated Press that Khatami saw opportunities to reopen dialogue during the 1990s, but was overruled by the powerful non-elected theocracy that had ruled Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

19:38 Baghdad. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani says the autonomous province of Kurdistan is a model to be included in the future Constitution.

19:35 Rome. DNA tests on the remains thought to be those of slain Il Diario reporter Enzo Baldoni are not his.

19:34 Paris. Didier Julia is involved in the Florence Aubenas affair. Former hostage relates that her kidnappers told her that Mr. Julia said he been humiliated when he attempted to negotiate the release of reporters Chesnot and Malbrunot and that he wanted to "get even" by securing her release.

19:42 Paris. French MP Didier Julia refused to comment on statements by Florence Aubenas that her kidnappers had spoken with him by telephone in March.

15:21 Kirkuk. Al Zarqawi claims credit in bombing.

15:02 Baghdad. Premier Jaafari receives vote of confidence.

14:11 Bucharest. Arabs trained by former Romanian ruler Nicolae Ceausescu's Securitat were involved in the release of kidnapped hostages. Several persons were identified, including Abu Sahar, the go-between for the kidnappers of three Romanian reporters. The kidnappers claim to be members of the Mouadh Ibn Jabal Brigades.

13:44 Kirkuk. At least 20 are dead in a suicide bombing in Kirkuk. 10 others died in a bombing south of the city. Twenty are dead and 81 wounded in a suicide bombing in front of a Kirkuk bank where soldiers, police and municipal employees were waiting to cash their paychecks. South of the city, ten people were killed and seven wounded by a suicide carbomb in Kan'an near Baquba.

13:37 Jerusalem. Israel will suspend its pullout from the Gaza Strip if Israelis are fired upon during the withdrawal, said Chief of Staff General Dan Haloutz.

13:24 New York. IAEA chief Mohammed El Baradei demands complementary information from Iran concerning its centrifuges for uranium enrichment.

13:19 Paris. Meeting held in French capital to examine economic assistance to Lebanon. Participants call for political reforms and an anti-corruption program, reports the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar. The ambassadors of France and the United States, the head of the EU delegation to Beirut and representatives of the World Bank and the UN held a technical meeting in Paris. $2.6 billion dollars will be disbursed if the demands are met, including privatization of state industries.

12:46 Afghanistan. Roadside bomb targeting a US convoy wounds 4 US soldiers and their interpreter in southeast Afghanistan.

10:24 Kirkuk. Bombing kills 18 and wounds 53 in Kirkuk marketplace.

10:03 Canberra. Pervez Musharraf, on an official visit to Australia, says bin Laden is alive and hiding in the mountains dividing Pakistan and Afghanistan.

07:58 Kan'an. Carbomb detonates in marketplace; 2 children among the victims. Six Iraqis including two children were killed by a carbomb targeting a police convoy near a marketplace in Kan'an. Security officials report two police and four civilians, including two children, were killed and four wounded. The dead soldiers were among reinforcements ordered to the town after mortar rounds struck a police station.

07:41 Kan'an. Carbomb kills two Iraqi soliders.

07:20 Khaldiyah. Bodies of 13 Iraqis kidnapped Thursday found. Thirteen bodies, some decapitated, some shot in the head, were found in Khaldiyah, 120 km west of the capital. The group was kidnapped last Thursday after delivering supplies to a US mlitary base.


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