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Saturday, July 16, 2005

16 July 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Mosul. Carbomb at police barracks kills 4 police and wounds another 18.

Baghdad. Two suicide bombs killed a total of 11 persons, including 7 police and four civilians.

Balad. US Army clashes with insurgents.

Dhoulouiyah. A foreign truck driver was killed by a roadside bomb in a convoy under US escort.

23:57 London. One of the four suicide bombers responsible for the 7 July London bombings, Mohammad Sidique Khan, was under surveillance by MI5 in 2004.

23:45 London. Former minister Clare Short says there is no doubt that the London bombings are linked to the war in Iraq.

23:36 Washington. US Deputy Secretary of State for the Middle East David Welch says he hopes that Israel will withdraw "entirely" from the Gaza Strip.

23:22 Mussayib. At least 60 are dead and 85 wounded following a bombing near a Shi'ite mosque. A suicide bomber blew himself up next to a fuel truck outside a Shi'ite mosque. An immense fireball ensued, ravaging nearby homes and businesse and seriously damaging a mosque. Parents were seen throwing their children out the window to save them from the flames. The blast was followed by a mortar attack.

23:10 Jerusalem. 11 Palestinians killed and six Israelis killed in four days of violence.

22:01 Kingston (Jamaica). Nationality of fourth London suicide bomber confirmed. A spokesman for Jamaican Premier PJ Patterson says Germaine Lindsay was born in Jamaica.

21:11 Mussayib. Death toll ries to 58 dead in a suicide bombing near a Shi'ite mosque.

20:26 Mussayib. Death toll rises in attack on Shi'ite mosque in Baghdad. 54 are dead and 82 wounded.

19:54 Iskandariya. Fifth carbombing of the day. 10 dead and 20 wounded. A suicide bomber rammed a roadblock manned by Iraqi police and soldiers.

18:48 London. British security forces conduct new raids in north Leeds.

17:27 Kusadasi (Turkey). British tourist dies in aftermath of suicide bombing.

17:18 Teheran. Ibrahim Jaafari in in the Iranian capital for talks.

17:10 Moscow. Al-Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri, was trained by the ex-KGM in 1998, says former agent Alexander Litvinenko, in an interview with the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita. [Now who's gonna believe a lie like that?--Nur]

16:37 Al-Iskandria . A suicide bomber kills 9--6 police and 3 civilians--south of Baghdad.

16:13 Warsaw. Poland exploring for oil in northern Iraq, reports financial daily, Varsavia Parkiet.

16:21 London. Three of the four suicide bombers responsible for the London bombings had been banished from the Leeds mosque, acccording to Razaq Raj, an academic at Metropolitan University of Leeds.

15:15 Kusadasi (Turkey). A suicide bombing gravely wounded 7 British tourists in northwest Turkey.

15:03 Teheran. Iran says it has arrested and expelled 3,000 suspected al-Qaeda members.

14:03 London. Oil under $60 per barrel.

14:26 London. It will soon be a crime to call a suicide bomber a "martyr" in a new series of anti-terrorism laws proposed by Labour.

14:07 Samarra. Two Iraqi soldiers killed by mortar rounds.

12:54 Jabalya. Third suicide bombing wounds 2 police and 4 civilians.

12:42 Kusadasi. Five British tourists were wounded in a suicide bombing targeting a minibus.

12:38 Kusadasi (Turkey). Two British nationals were among 14 wounded in a bombing at a coastal town on the Aegean.

12:28 Baghdad. A suicide bombing occured in a busy commerical district near Baghdad Airport.

11:49 Baghdad. Father and son shot dead. Akram Ahmed Rasul al-Bayati, one of Saddam Hussein's generals and one of his sons were shot dead in front of their home after their release from jail. Al-Bayati and his two sons were arrested last Sunday.

11:25 Leeds. Investigators concentrate efforts on a youth club in Beeston, a Leeds suburb, where three of the four suicide bombers were recruited.

11:15 London. The parents of Mohammed Sidique Khan believe their son was "brainwashed."

10:50 Kirkuk. Three Iraqis were killed and two US soldiers were wounded by a bomb blast

09:04 Al-Amarra. Three British troops were killed in a rebel offensive in southern Iraq. The victims were part of Task Force Maysan within the First Battalion, Staffordshire regiment. The bomb exploded in the Al-Rissala quarter, a fief of Moqtada Sadr, who is hostile to the presence of foreign troops in Iraq. The Imam Husseïn Brigades claimed credit for the blast.

08:33 Baghdad. 11 US soldiers accused of violating the Military Code of Conduct. 11 Marines were relieved from duty for violating the US miltiary code during Operation Lighting pending an inquest.


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