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Sunday, July 10, 2005

10 July Events in Iraq and in the Region

London. A leaked confidential document from the British Defence Ministry indicates that the US and British governments plan to withdraw more than half their troops between now and summer of 2006. The leak, reported in the newspaper Mail on Sunday, has not been denied. In the note, the British say they have agreed to turn over control of the Al-Muthanná and Maysān provinces in October 2005 and Dhî Qār and al-Başra in April 2006.

Baghdad. Four persons, including two police, were wounded by mortar fire..

Baghdad. Nine members of a Shi'ite family were killed in their sleep in a Shi'ite neighborhood in the capital. The victims were mostly women and children.

Kirkuk. Three civilians were killed and ten wounded when a suicide carbomb detonated in front of a municipal building.

Mosul. Four police were killed and three wounded by a suicide carbomb targeting the police chief of Nimrod. Brigadier Saleh Mishaal, who was being escorted to work, survived unscathed.

Bohrounz. An Iraqi soldier was shot dead by gunmen.

Touz. A booby-trapped tractor wounded three Iraqi soldiers.

Latifiyah. The slashed body of the Director of the Iraqi Taekwondo Association, Ali Shaker, was found dead along a riverbank three days after his kidnapping.

Doujail. The bodies of three truck drivers were found.

Baghdad. US forces released an American documentary maker after having held him and his cameraman for 54 days. Iraqi troops found 35 washing machine timers -- a common component in bombs -- in a taxi Kar was being driven in.

Baghdad. Moqtada Sadr has started a petition for the pullout of foreign troops from Iraq. Sadr expects to collect one million signatures.

Najaf. Moqtada Sadr ends quarrel with the UN. Sadr said he appreciates the work of the UN in Iraq following a meeting with UN representative Ashraf Qazi. Qazi also met with Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

Basrah. Secular Shi'ites led by Bakr al-Tamimi demand autonomy for southern Iraq.

Riyadh. Saudi Interior Ministery Prince Nayef ben Abdel Aziz says Saudi fighters in Iraq are worse than those who fought with the Taleban.

Baghdad. Saddam Hussein enjoys Cuban cigars in prison. The Red Cross delivers them every month with a messages from his daughter, Raghad.

Fallujah. Three Iraqi civilian was killed and a U.S. Marine wounded when a suicide car bomber hit a U.S. patrol in northeast Fallujah.

Ramadi. A suicide car bomber attacked a U.S. military checkpoint in the western city of Ramadi.

Mosul. An official at the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was assassinated in Mosul. Ahmed al-Sanifani was shot dead by gunmen in the east of the city. Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sunna claimed responsibility.

Baghdad. Eleven Iraqis suspected of belonging to the radical Ansar al-Sunna militant group were arrested in Baghdad. The statement also said several insurgents were arrested in connection with a twin suicide bombing against police targets in the city of Hilla on July 2.

Baghdad. Four mortar rounds were fired at a police station in the northern Baghdad district of Aadhamiya. Two people were wounded.

Baghdad. Five U.S. soldiers were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion in the south of the capital.

Basrah. About 3,000 protesters demonstrated, demanding the authorities stop trying to arrest a Shi'ite cleric loyal to radical Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr.

19:55 Baghdad. A group linked to Abu Moussab al-Zarqawi said in two communiqués that it assassinated three members of the Badr Brigades, a Shi'ite militia. Qassem Mariouche Al-Amiri was assinated area of Dura south of Baghdad on Sunday morning. Near Al-Amiriyah, west of the capital, two Badr Brigade members were shot dead.

19:53 Baghdad. Iraqi security forces arrested a former officer loyal to Saddam Hussein, Mizher Taha Ahmed al-Ghannam al-Juburi, accused by the Special Iraqi Tribunal of expelling Marsh Arabs from their ancestral lands. Marsh Arabs now live in shantytowns outside Basrah, Nassiriyah and Karbala.

18:50 Waleed. Seven Iraqi customs inspectors were killed in a double suicide carbombing at border crossing with Syria. The vehicles exploded 5 seconds apart.

18:42 Cairo. Egypt has denied that its head of mission, diplomat Ihab al-Sharif, had been in contact with guerrillas before his death. Laïth Kouba, a spokesman for Iraqi Premier Ibrahim al-Jaafari, announced on Friday that his government was investigatating possible Egyptian contacts with the rebels. Responding to the accusation, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said Mr. Kouba's statements lead us to believe that the Iraqi government is trying to escape its responsibilities. Meanwhile Egypt also denied the statement by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari that al-Sharif held the rank of Ambassador: There was no Egyptian embassy in Baghdad, only a representative diplomatic mission led by a chargé d'affaires. The mission has been evacuated to Jordan.

18:38 Baghdad. Residents of the Iraqi capital, enduring yet another day of bloodshed of their own, condemned last week's London bombings but said U.S. and British policy was to blame. I don't justify the attacks in London. But I believe it's a reaction against U.S.-British policy towards our countries in the Third World, said Mawel Ahmed, 38, a computer salesman. The British government must be held responsible for the attack against its people, said Salman al-Qudsi, a supermarket owner. Many Iraqis, even those glad to be rid of Saddam Hussein, blame the United States for the violence and some harbour suspicions that instability and potential sectarian warfare in Iraq are in fact policy goals for Washington and its allies. They accuse U.S. President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair of turning their country into a haven for militants like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaeda's leader in Iraq. Many Iraqis have not forgiven the United States and Britain for pressing the United Nations to keep sanctions on Iraq for 12 years, and some say the London blasts were proof that tough economic penalties and the war that followed had backfired. Do you not think that economic pressure and sanctions on countries is terror?" said Qudsi, the shopkeeper. They are responsible for all this and they have to accept its results.

18:22 Jerusalem. More that 55,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem will be cut of from their workplace, schools and hospitals by a new barrier approved by the Israeli government. Half wall and half fence, the Israelis claim be barrier will prevent the entry of suicide bombers into Israel. Palestinians say it is a land grab. Israel says schools and hospitals should be constructed in the Shouafat refugee camp and the village of Aqab. Palestinian Planning Minister Ghassan Khatib says the negative effects of the barrier will be irreversible. [Israeli SOB's--Nur.]

18:06 Baghdad. A suicide bomber strapped with explosives killed at least 16 and wounded 42 at the Muthanna airfield army recruitment centre in western Baghdad, hospital and police sources said. An Interior Ministry source put the death toll at 22. Al-Qaeda's Iraq wing claimed responsibility. The base had been the scene of rebel attacks in the past.

17:43 Ramallah. The Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is now 3.8 million, an increase of 3.4 percent in the last 12 months.

17:15 Alexandria. Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip could reactivate the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Sunday after meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Solana also said he hoped the Gaza withdrawal would be a beginning and not the end of a process leading to the establishment of independent Israeli and Palestinian states living side by side.

16:58 Baghdad. A security guard and driver contracted by Iraqna, an Iraqi mobile telephone company, were shot dead.


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