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Thursday, July 07, 2005

People news

Everyone working at AIG (58 Fenchurch Street) is fine. AC

I work at the London Opera in Convent Garden and heard the blasts as I was walking to work. I thought of 9-11! C

I work in Dulwich south of the Thames between Brixton and Greenwich. People north of the Thames didn't come in today. I heard that collective walks are being organized to get people to the edges of the city.

I heard that Kensington Station was closed. We rushed to the internet to get news and found out what happened. They have closed the Northern Line from Camden to Euston Station.

I was in the Underground when all passengers were evacuated. We started walking towards the center of Londer when we heard the blast a Russel Square. The police immediately closed it off.

I took a bus to London Bridge and the train to Dulwich. People are excited in the office. Parents, friends...everyone was calling and sending SMS messages. It's now 17:30 and a flotilla of taxis is being organized to help people get home. Helicopters continue to fly overhead. Our heads are flooded with all sorts of thoughts. We did no work today.

The damned paper which prints these messages is a leftist rag! LV


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