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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I live near King's Cross, I'm okay. The telephones aren't working and news is not getting around. I read in the foreign papers that the death toll is 70 but here they tell us 2.

I feel like I'm a kid during the Blitz and that all I can do is react to what I see going on around me. No one is in the streets and there is a clear sensation of of panic and anguish.

There is a surreal climate where I am but no panic. Some of my office buddies were evacuated from the Underground at at Baker Street station. It is not true that there is no bus service. The cellular service is down. We're all using email to communicate. We're worried about our friends who use the Underground.

Britain is not on it's knees and stop exaggerating! Go watch the BBC and learn some serenity and understatement.

Wow, somebody thinks there should be no celebrating in London. I finally contacted my friends who are usually near Edgware Road, Liverpool St. and Bloomsbury in the morning. Ambulance sirens are breaking the silence. The busses have stopped. I'm in Holborn and have walked over to Tavistock square. It is a white double-decker tour bus. I've gone into a pub and it is jammed. Everyone's watching BBC. I heard there was an explosion in Leicester Sq. G8, Olympic games-too much.

Here in my office in the financial district some people are working. We're now starting to have problems with the phone lines. The atmosphere here inside is relaxed.


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