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Thursday, July 07, 2005

People News continued

The Italian paper La Repubblica did an excellent job today posting any and all messages from Italians living and working in London this summer and their reaction to the tragedy. I've posted several below. They are more interesting than the palace reports. Wrapping up, here are a few more messages.

The radio in our school was on all day, the volume turned up so we could here the news over the ambulance sirens. The Underground and busses are not running. We are planning on going home this evening. I live 300 meters from Euston Square and I heard the blast this morning. But really we didn't hear anything about the bombings until around noon. People are arguing loudly, they are tired of the fear. FC

Like a typical Italian, I travel by scooter. I was pissed off by the swarm of people coming out of the Underground, trying to get on busses, getting in my way. I was at in front of Buckingham Palace about 9.45 and didn't notice a thing. When I got to Piccadilly, I began to realize something was wrong--then I got a cellphone call from Italy asking if I was okay. Luckily I had my own transportation and could get back home. I saw streams of people heading out of Zone 1. The sight was unreal. I never thought I saw such a thing. L.

I work for one of the biggest European banks in Liverpool St and I am the Business Continuity coordinator for our information systems. We are in a maximum state of alert and ready to implement our evacuation and disaster recovery plans, hoping it won't be necessary. All hotels within walking distance are booked solid. All the banks are keeping critical staff on site. AG

The national railways have restarted, busses began their routes at 4:00 pm. The Undergound is closed and will remain so through tomorrow morning. MV

I am comforted because the tragedy spared my loved ones. I am anxious and sad for all the people in the city less fortunate than I. I'm angry with the press and for the repetition of all the casualty numbers and to see them literally running after ambulances and with Blair and his "principled" statements for wanting this war but not fighting it. That's left to the British troops in Iraq and the poor folks going to work by bus and rail... LD

They told us to get out of the office at 4:00 pm and to look for a cab (mission impossible). The atmosphere is ugly. I'm very nervous and I can't work. Okay the busses are running now but I'm too scared to ride one. SM

17.15. The busses are running again, the rail stations have reopened except for Kings Cross and the suburban rail lines seem to be working. The Underground is closed until tomorrow. SZ

London has suspended the Congestion Charge. I drove back home to North London through streets deserted of traffic. But there is literally a river of people in the streets trying to get home the only way they can. On foot. BG


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